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Author Topic: Innocent Galasrinion  (Read 1602 times)

Description: Healer. Yellow to Summer Sky. Played by Idariel.

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Innocent Galasrinion
« on: Nov 21, 18, 05:22:56 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Innocent Galasrinion
Nicknames: Cena (a play on her name and the real-world healing herb Senna); Lucky (she is the luckiest girl in the world, because her family is so blessed.)
Age & Birth year: 39 (relative age 24 or so) as of 193 AP (born 154 AP)
Race: Dea al Mon
Caste: Healer
Birth Territory: Dea al Mon
Home Territory: Dea al Mon

Birthright Jewel: uncut Yellow
Offering Jewel: cut Summer Sky

Role: volunteer worker/charity organizer.
Faction: Glory Glade


Play By: Camila Morrone

Innocent loves to be doing and this is reflected in her appearance. Her nails are short, and often less than perfect, her face sun-kissed. She has full lips, a regal nose (which she hates), and strong chin (fair warning). While her hair always starts the day properly arranged in braids or a bun, it doesn't take long before it is adorned with flowers or leaves. She avoids slippers in favor of soft-soled boots, equally suited to a walk in the forest or working her rounds.

Spoiler: extended description (click to show/hide)

Distinguishing Features:
Innocent has started a tattoo upon her left front, starting an inch below her collar bone. There, she memorializes her patients who have died in a bouquet of flowers and vines (the color reflects their jewels). Using both Craft and ink, she attempts to capture a reflection of their psychic scent. Every person is precious, and she keeps what is best from each of them alive in her heart and mind.

She has a tiny hummingbird painted on the nail of the ring finger on her left hand.


Innocent is a happy person by nature, with a profound faith both in Mother Night and the Ebon Wood. She is confident in her skills as a Healer, and in her place in society. Perhaps overconfident, but then she counts amongst her full siblings a Black Widow, a Warlord Prince and a Queen. She was also raised with half siblings numbering a Prince and a Healer, and a cousin as Priestess. A different personality might be awkward or jealous, but she simply feels safe. Her family can handle anything!

Innocent's father Polo Galasrinion was a Warlord and her mother Infinity Galasrinion is a Hearth-witch. This means Innocent has had intimate, longterm association with every Caste almost from birth. As such, she has internalized Protocol to the point where it is instinctive. Manners, courtesy and a yielding respect for each Caste come naturally to her. (Feel free to PM me if I mess up Protocol in a post, as the writer is NOT an expert :) )

She has high expectations, looking for the best from people: honor, courage, hard work, and empathy. This expectation has led her to be too trusting, despite her wise mother's best efforts to prepare the entire brood for Court life. (As a note, she has natural empathy; it is Craft Empathy where she struggles. She would be hard pressed to read your character's emotions through Craft, but that doesn't mean she can't deduce them through body language and tonal inflection.) Innocent's centered and stable home life have left her remarkably unscarred and with a great internal strength which allows her to support her patients (even the terminal ones).

She loves her family and will stand with them against all comers. Woe betide anyone who tries to hurt or bully her younger Queen sister!  It is worth noting that she makes no distinction between full sibling, half and cousin. She refers to all as brothers and sisters, and expects the same loyalty in turn. Innocent has especially nurtured (some claim spoiled) Apple, as they are of the same Caste. Her Black Widow sister Hero however was most in need of Innocent's skills - to patch up her Warlord-Prince twin, Heron. Despite the age difference, the two ladies bonded powerfully over the trials of being close to such a man, and she understands all the subtle ways a Healer can assist a Warlord - Prince. She makes a special effort not to overlook Lynx, the youngest child. His Prince Caste makes him milder mannered and less trouble than the rest of her siblings, so he can sometimes get lost in the mix.

Deeply spiritual by nature, Innocent felt closest to her cousin Journey, and just a touch in awe that one of her own was High Priestess. The death of that wonderful friend in such a horrific manner hurt Innocent deeply. It has taken years, to be able to return to Temples and Dark Altars, and even now melancholy can remain from such a visit. She will never willingly miss a spiritual ceremony, though since the Priestesses gruesome soul-death, a grief follows her home from such events.

Innocent has made an informal study of philosophy, from which she garners advice and comfort. She is unlikely to ask for help, feeling on some level that as a Healer it is her job to strengthen others, not weaken them by making emotional demands, thus her spiritualism and philosophical studies fill that need. This is part of what had a fatal effect on her ill-advised first love.

The combination of loosing not just one, but two deep attachments to Queens, witnessing her sister's death and the release of a terrible spirit into the world drove Innocent to find an unexpected well of strength within, but it also humbled her. Her deep friendship with the Queen Charimsa has more simply allowed her to learn to gracefully accept help from those who won't accept no for an answer, then to ask for help when she needs it.

  • 1 Movement. Innocent loves being active. Walking, singing, dancing even working, as long as it is physical, is fun. If you want to have a long talk with Innocent, expect to go on a walk, not sit on a couch. Even when reading or studying she does so while pacing, her nose in the book, trusting Craft and good reflexes to keep her out of trouble. Her need to move is not nervous energy or distress, she just thinks better when she is in motion. She also roams the halls at odd hours when she has trouble sleeping or is worrying about a difficult case.
  • 2 Philosophy is close to Innocent's heart. She has spent a long time pondering the nature of the Ebon Wood and the Dea Al Mon. She has read everything she can find on Witch, and even a bit here and there on legends like Unicorns, winged elves (Eyriens), and the Keep at Ebon Askavi. Dealing with the dead and the dying, she has had to face her own mortality a lot earlier than most, and this study allows her to do so with grace, not panic.
  • 3 Hard Work. Innocent volunteers extra shifts with the Red Cloaks, gifts her time to both Temples and Refugees, and helps run a charity for veterans (the Ladies Aid Society) with her mother. She also has written one book on utilizing surgical techniques to stretch the effectiveness of a Healer’s Jewels (When to use a Knife,) and is working on a second volume (The Field Surgeon’s Handbook). If she lets herself fall asleep with full Jewels, she knows she’s let someone die whom she could have saved.

  • 1 Hats. Sunhats especially irritate her, but she dislikes all hats. Wind, sun or rain doesn't matter, she wants to feel it! Sun on her head, wind in her hair, rain on her face are all a delight to her. Hats crush fresh flowers, limit her field of view, the hat pins give her headaches, they make her ears itch ... she has a never ending and creative set of excuses for avoiding hats. Even her time with the Red Cloaks was made harder than it had to be by the uniform hats.
  • 2 Apathy. Innocent dislikes despair and is unable to understand depressions, even in herself. She sees apathy and other forms of internal defeat as a reflection of a lack of understanding in how the world works, or even a lack of faith. She deeply, truly believes in the Caste system and Mother Night.
  • 3 Compulsions. She deeply dislikes the occasional need to use compulsions when healing (usually to hold a patient still during an emergency surgery, more rarely to ensure compliance when using dangerous or addictive medicines). Innocent finds other uses of compulsion and influence to border on the heretical. "The Queen Bond, honor and Protocol are the correct ways to control the Blood."

  • 1 Rakal Sigurd. Like all Dea al Mon, Innocent fears The Waste, fears the loss of the mature Priestesses, fears The Brood. But her greatest fear was born when she watched her sister fall, releasing a vicious demon into the world. Now she knows that their beloved dragon is behind the Waste and the Brood, both. She saw her sister not merely die but have her soul destroyed altogether. She saw the deamon creature Balmung possess an Ebon Grey Warlord Prince. Now, it is Rakal Sigurd she fears, that through hi Balmung shall destroy the world.
  • 2 The Conspiracy. Innocent was asked to look into and help dismantle the Sanitoriums and Sanctums scattered throughout Devinos Province. What she has found so far has her wary, and uneasy. That a these places are not what they were supposed to be is painfully clear; that they held those actually suffering from the Waste, as well as those unaffected cannot be denied. She fears how high this may go, and what she may find.
  • 3 Shattering a Chalice. Innocent fears shattering the Chalice (the mind) of her patient. They are so vulnerable and weak, while at the same time she is so desperate to heal them before it is too late. It is a delicate balancing act that no one talks about, but it drives her to extreme caution, making her much more likely to try herb and knife healing before Craft Healing.

    Craft Strengths:
  • 1 Enhanced Sight She has perfected enhancing her senses with Craft, specializing in Enhanced Sight. This allows her to diagnose more accurately, as well as helping with her tonics. It also helps her when she wanders in the woods. She has practiced everything from seeing well in the dark, to magnifying her vision to aid with healing.
  • 2 Pass through objects has always fascinated her, and she is working on perfecting it to allow internal surgery without damaging healthy tissue, as well as to assist in removing arrow heads, tumors and to aide in childbirth. Combining knife healing with Craft healing results in maximum benefit to the maximum number of patients. It is not, however, fast.

    Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1 Empathy. All of this particular specialty is difficult for her. Innocent's instructors say it is because of how strong her family is. Due to their temperaments and Castes, even more than to their Jewel strength, she instinctively created very powerful shields in order to remain herself. Shields she cannot control or thin. When she does manage a bit of craft in this area, she does not usually read her patient, but her nearest blood relative. Psychic monitoring is her greatest trial, because it usually defaults to whichever family member is in a heightened emotional state. This can be embarrassing to all involved.
    NOTE: These are not combat shields, they are not defense against a direct, intentional attack. I would see them having some effect on an area attack of this sort, but more in the realm of it taking a bit more energy than anticipated, not in stopping the attack. They might cause trouble to a person who was specifically trying to target Innocent if the aggressor was very unskilled, or very much weaker than her (I don't know her strength yet, but I would say a difference of four gem ranks). It should not be read as a strength; it is there, and should be reacted to, but it is not a benefit. I hope to have her work on this in play, when she bumps into a PC who is gifted in this area. As an aside, it might be amusing if someone trying one of these tricks on her got her nearest relative instead, but that would be strictly up to the aggressors writer and her siblings writer.
  • 2 Whimsy Craft. Having sufficient energy at all times to save a life is a terrible burden, and one Innocent assumed quite young. Her brother Lynx almost died because she had been entertaining her siblings with dancing lights just before a crazed war party happened upon the children. Ever since then she does as much as she can without using Craft, and will normally ascertain if another Healer is on duty before making any medicines or tonics that require Craft. Since that crisis, she cannot bear to use Whimsy spells and is a touch uncomfortable around them.

    Life Story

    Mother: Infinity Galasrinion ❧ Hearth Witch ❧ White to Tiger Eye* (b. 102 AP)
    Mom's Former Lover: Clay Nalltaur ❧ Prince ❧ Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk
    Father (married): Polo Galasrinion ❧ Warlord ❧ Opal (deceased)

    Aunt: Temple Menelwen ❧ Priestess ❧ Purple Dusk (deceased)
    Uncle: Eland Galasrinion ❧ Warlord Prince ❧ Rose to Opal* (b. 96 AP)

    Polo's Children;
    Half siblings:
    Clay's Children;  (rolled on Clay's sheet)
    • Apple Galasrinion ❧ Healer ❧ Yellow Rose (b. 168 AP)
    • Lynx Galasrinion ❧ Prince ❧ Summer Sky to  Opal  (b. 170 AP)
    (serve in Ebon Guard 188 to 193).

    Aunt Temple's child with Uncle Eland;
    • Journey Menelwen, DECEASED. ❧ Was Territory High Priestess ❧ Rose  to Opal (b. 139 AP)
    *please note, asterisked jewels were picked Jewels as written on Journey's character sheet, and will be subject to rolls/change as/when applied to the character creation process.

    Spoiler: Timeline (click to show/hide)
    Innocent was a happy child, warm and optimistic. Few things in life truly challenged her, and nothing she really needed was ever denied to her. She flourished in the protective shade of her family, mastering her Craft, expecting to some day serve in her sister Requiem’s Court.

    Her early childhood was spent laughing and playing, her mother, a practical and wise Hearth-witch, did not deny her children a childhood simply because of their Castes. There would be time enough for deep study after the Birthright Ceremony. Innocence and her siblings spent as much time playing in the woods as they did making mischief indoors.

    All of Innocent's family attended her Birthright Ceremony, with Journey as the presiding Priestess. This first deep Communion with the Darkness filled a void in Innocent's soul, and sparked her interest in the mystical. She asked Journey a thousand questions and followed the Priestess everywhere during the celebratory meal afterward.

    After that her studying began in earnest, with a friend of Heron's as her mentor and tutor. Her tutor was a kind soul, instilling a deep respect for her patients into Innocent, and carefully explaining the balance between Priestess, Healer, and Queen: soul, body and heart. This ensured Innocent was content with her Caste, not jealous of either Queen or Priestess. She was never intrigued by the Black Widow's craft. As the saying goes, "sufficient unto the day are the woes there of." Seeing how much extra grief a Widow borrows from the Tangled Web makes Innocent very gentle with the tortured souls burdened with the Widow's Craft.

    Fulcrum Nalltaur (69) is the brother of Clay Nalltaur, the man her mother turned to after the death of Innocent's father. Fulcrum is a solid, trustworthy and kind man. He served the Eddersea Court as Steward to Queen Dulcimer. Innocent has known him for most of her life, and he was the man her mother asked to assist with her Virgin Night, which he did in a graceful, sweet and honorable way. They have been close ever after, although Clay and her mother's decision to go separate ways strained the relationship.

    Innocent had put off her Offering to the Darkness for as long as possible, so as to be completely prepared. She was so nervous about her Offering being less mystical than her Birthright Ceremony that her loving family had to ambush her. Her brother Heron literally threw her on his horse and carried her to the Dark Altar, teasing her all the way about being improperly garbed. Despite its awkward beginning - and it was awkward, for The Darkness had been calling, tugging, yelling at Innocent for weeks - the Ceremony was a beautiful event. Lynx assisted her from the mount and had the role of Escort, his first formal duty. Apple, Nova and Hero put flowers in her hair, her mother had a new gown ready for her, and both Fulcrum and Clay managed to break away from their duties to attend, bringing Uncle Eland with them. Priestess Journey was there, centered and peaceful, faultlessly leading the nervous Innocent through this most vital of ceremonies. Mother Night called to Innocent, and she answered that calling with all of her heart. Without a doubt, her Offering is the happiest and most sacred event in her life, unlikely to be eclipsed by anything but the birth of a Queen daughter.

    For all her charmed life, Innocent is not a stranger to grief and loss. The worst blow to her heart during her childhood was the death of her father, but both Clay's defection and the death of her Aunt Temple have left their mark. She does not let the loss be ascendent, but the gain. She has taken to heart the adage she found in an old philosophy book, "it is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all." It is only after her time in the Red Cloaks, after experiencing her own broken heart, that she figured out why so many Blood avoid close personal ties. They aren't afraid of the pain, they are afraid of the rage.

    She had learned Heal Craft easily enough, but the lessons that matured her were learned more subtlety, during her years in the Red Cloaks. The need to husband her resources under battlefield conditions reinforced her natural inclinations to be frugal, and intensified her hatred of the smell of death. She was too busy trying to find her internal balance while isolated from the rest of her family to have much of a social life. A bit intimidated by The Sanguine, she found herself distant from the other members of the Red Cloaks. Thus began her fascination with philosophy. Studying new areas of Craft, learning philosophy and receiving letters from her family got her through her five years. She emerged kinder, and more sympathetic to others.  While she had been raised to an instinctive understanding of the Castes before her time in the Red Cloaks, now she had a parallel grasp of the human creatures that actually bring the power of those Castes to life.

    After her time in the Red Cloaks, Innocent visited each sibling where they were serving, traveling to all the great Courts, and no few of the smaller ones. She was unwilling to accept a position in any of these Courts, because she had no need of the wealthy, and she was expecting to receive a call to Service from her sister, Queen Requiem. Instead, she volunteered at Temples, Sanitariums, and the Front, wherever the need was greatest.

    During this time she met Cyclone Thrainsson and learned what it truly meant to be Blood. He was Innocent's disastrous first love and he broke her heart quite thoroughly. That was when all the hidden passion and recklessness of her heritage shattered a lifetime's control. She let her heart rule her head, and she is determined not to let it happen again. Cyclone Thrainsson was Consort and husband to the ruling Queen Aeonian at Devinos Court.

    Finally, long past the time when she needed it, the call to Service came. Only it wasn't to a Queen. Instead, the call she heeded was Journey's. And not just Journey's alone, but all of Dea al Mon.

    In 191, while she was in service both to the Territory Court via Journey, and to Eddersea as assistant to the Healer Lady Pearl, she met Allure, Baelfire and Storm. She was already acquainted with Ransuer, and well known to Ruse and Cyclone. Baelfire risked her heart, but was too loyal to those he loved to risk his own.

    The year of 192 was the darkest year of Innocent's life. Her sister Journey died when the Priestess was tricked into releasing an evil spirit by Nemesis Sigurd; this creature attacked Innocent and did damage to her Chalice. The Black Castle was attacked, costing the life of her childhood friend, the dual Caste Black Widow / Healer who had been High Seer. The Seekers were called forth: her friend Ruse, Baelfire and even the father who had raised her, Clay Nalture, set off through the open barriers to find help.

    A time of rebirth and Healing followed, not only for Innocent but for Dea al Mon. In 193, the Seekers were expected to return, and to bring trained, skilled Priestesses with them to deal with the Waste at last.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    Hell's Fury
    Innocent's shaking fingers crushed the wax seal of the Territory Court Steward instead of carefully lifting it off of the thick vellum. She scarcely noticed the quality of the handwriting, her eyes foolishly tearing up, threatening rain.

    She hadn't cried yet over him, and wasn't going to now. Tears were reserved for true grief. Her father. Loosing a patient. Not this selfish heartache.

    She flung herself to her feet and paced, an unexpected, slightly damp giggle escaping. Damn the man, but he could always make her laugh. He found - had found - her need to be in motion amusing, likening her to a summer storm. More fun than damaging. Her mirth faded back into the terrible rage that consumed her. The three vials of cough syrup, carefully decanted just moments before the page delivered the report on her desk, shattered abruptly. The smell of honey and ginger filled the small room. She dug her fingernails into the palms of her hands until they bled, fighting the raging monster within. Three long breaths later the room returned to its normal temperature. Three more and she could unclench her hands without releasing her power. By ten, her dangerous stillness had ended and she was pacing again.

    Oh, but she loved him. Loved his wicked laugh, his sword calloused hands. The way he made her feel like a Queen, as if he had never loved anyone the way he loved her.

    She slipped the honey-drenched chrysanthemums from her hair, not yet trusting herself to use Craft to clean them. Splatters of crystallized honey decorated her goldenrod-toned eyelashes, a beautiful and no doubt difficult to repeat effect. Still, she could keep it in mind in case Journey ever needed to really impress at a Court function.

    Which brought her back to the Darkness-delivered report.  Because she had to know. Did he love her, and was he only breaking if off because of his Queen ... his wife. The thought made her shudder, and deflate back into the chair.

    "What was I thinking?" Her hands danced through the air in counter point to her words. "Mother Night, why did I ever fall for him? Married. To a ruling Queen. He could have been killed for even looking at me!" Yet no amount of risk, of personal danger had made him hold back from his pursuit. How she wished she could pretend that she hadn't known, that she was the victim. But no, by Protocol she was held to be at fault in this, and the risk of punishment, even death, was quite, quite real. She was no Queen or Priestess to be forgiven such a terrible lapse of judgement.

    She wished desperately that her sister Nova were older, so she could ask about the Queen Bond. Was it anything like this mad urge to go after him, to beg his wife to release him to her?

    That thought reawakened the small, nagging fear that he would refuse to come with her, even if his wife the Queen chose to release him. Such fears had been breathed to life by overheard remarks from her patients, strengthened by the occasional out-of-place references he made. It was the rumors of previous indiscretions that tore her up inside. She risked death, being Broken or worse, exiled from her family, just to be with him. The idea that she might not have been his only illicit lover was intolerable.

    It couldn't be true. She couldn't be so wrong about him. Her instincts screamed at her to go after him, to claim what was hers, and face the consequences together. What they had felt so strong, so rare, that he hadto feel it too, right? They had never really talked about it, both shying away from topics that would wound or darken the mood. So in the end, she had only her own feelings and instinct to go on. But she had never been in love before, never lain with any but Fulcrum.

    There was one way to find out if he truly loved her. If she was his only one. Read the report. Her shaking hands, long fingered and strong, reached again for the folded vellum from the Steward.

    She had never been to the Steward's Office before requesting this report, and hadn't expected to see the man himself. He had agreed to her request in a quiet and professional manner. What disturbed her about the memory wasn't the man, but the speed with which her request had been answered, indicating that the report was already there, and he had merely duplicated it.

    She took a deep breath and dared to read the opening. Would she be discovered, condemned, ordered to stand before the wronged Queen? She couldn't help but quirk a wry smile at what she read. Clearly the idea of a powerful man like Cyclone having even a passing interest in a Healer had never crossed the Steward or the scribe's mind. They seemed to have assumed that she requested the report on Journey's behalf.

    She flipped to the next page and the world greyed out. There had been over a dozen requests and inquiries into the consequences of a sexual liaison with Cyclone, and hers hadn't even been the most recent. Tendrils of psychic threads tore the report apart letter by letter. The words still burned. 'It is accepted that he may behave how his Queen chooses.'

    A polite way to say that he can have lovers ... but that it ends at the Queen's will. And the Queen willed to have him return. He willed to be Court Consort at Devinos Court, not lover to a Temple Healer. It would have hurt less if the report indicated a passionate love between the two, but it did not. He was not choosing his Queen over Innocent, but his place. His status.

    She brushed what little remained of the report into a brazier and watched it burn.

    He had often said he was drawn to her serenity, her deeply rooted stability. And yet he had done his best to shake that center, learning what it took to rouse her wrath, or bring her to the brink of tears. He had sought the passion of the Blood in one who had never experienced it. Even when in the Red Cloaks, her hardest fought battles had been in the healer's tent; she had never suffered the pangs of jealousy and resentment that colored so many of the weaker Castes. Until she met him she had thought herself blessed by Mother Night with a sweet temperament rare amongst the blood.

    Now she knew better; she had simply never been driven as hard as they were. She was one of the Blood after all, and so she seriously considered a brief request to her brother, the Warlord-Prince. She paced, frustrated, considering Protocol and Court law, then shook her head in disgust. She neither wished the Queen to claim her brother for the death of the Queen's Consort, nor to order his death for the same reason. Which meant she couldn't ask Lynx or Fulcrum to slay him either. Hero, maybe? A Widow's poison was a more interesting touch, and being female she would be harder to claim.

    Yet as much as it hurt, Innocent couldn't quite justify destabilizing a ruling Queen. The Darkness placed them over the Blood in an attempt to limit feuds and warfare. She knew too much about the secret cost of feuds to want to be the cause of one.

    Fine! If Protocol and Faith both prohibited taking matters into her own hands there was still one way, one thing left. She knelt, heedless of the soft court gown growing damp with cough syrup, and slipped into the Darkness. Her blue and gold eyes glowed softly, but they gazed upon the greater depths of the Abyss, not the dim still room. She sank into the welcoming, warm embrace of Mother Night herself, and with all of her ardent soul she prayed.

    "Let him hurt, Mother, and may duty force him to endure it. Let his heart burn within him, and conscious silence his words. Let him see the wound to his soul coming, and be unable to stop it. Let him hurt as I hurt."

    She drifted there, in the warmth and wonder of the Night, and did not surface until peace settled within her and the ash had cooled.

    Wanted Ad?:  Innocent was a NPC adoption for Astarte.  I already sent her a copy of the sheet to approve. Astarte approved the roles of Journey, Fulcrum, and Cyclone.
    I reviewed all of the threads Innocent was mentioned in.

    Petitions (if any):
    Why did this character became inactive?
    I messed up and missed both Ruse and Innocent when I was buying Inactivity waivers.

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
    I have lots of plots set up for her for the next few years, including investigating the Sanitoriums in Devinos where those with the Waste were held.

    What are your plans for this character?
    Dash has approved the old plot of Innocent looking into and leading the team to dismantle the Sanitoriums in Devinos. This is a major plot line that will provide lots of play, entangling her with Brood, the Red Cloaks, and those whose family were or are in these places.

    Number of previous Reactivations: 0

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :

    Updated Personality, Paragraph five, to reflect the death of Journey and Innocent’s Chalice Healing after Balmug’s attack.
    Third Like updated to be more relevant.
    Second Fear updated to a pertinent fear.

    Player Name: Idariel

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Re: Innocent Galasrinion
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Re: Innocent Galasrinion
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