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Gale Galoneth, Queen of Dea al Mon is desperate. 11 of her 12 daughters have fallen ill to the mysterious Waste. While the Brood of the True Born try to conquer her Territory she has opened its borders to call for aid.
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Author Topic: Cypress Tanithil  (Read 1490 times)

Description: Prince. Yellow to Rose. Played by Kellee.

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Cypress Tanithil
« on: Jan 05, 17, 03:43:52 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Cypress Tanithil
Nicknames: Cy
Age:  127, born 67 PP
Race:  Dea al Mon (Medium Lived)
Caste:  Prince
Birth Territory: Dea al Mon, Kaleer
Home Territory: Dea al Mon, Kaleer

Birthright Jewel: Cut Yellow
Offering Jewel:  Cut Rose

Play By: Benedict Cumberbatch
Distinguishing Features:


Cypress sees the world mostly in shades of grey. With him, there isn’t a sense of black and white, right and wrong, or fixed and unfixed. Everything is changeable, nothing set in stone.  One might think this would be an odd thing for a Prince who is Steward of the Territory to view the world as, given his job. However because Cy sees the world not in absolutes, it gives him more leeway in his dealings, and in his moral compass. 

He’s not afraid to admit he is wrong under most circumstances, and only to the First Escort, will  his apologies be grudgingly given. Even though he knows its petty and could be seen as a weakness, Cy has a hard time admitting he's been wrong to someone he sees as a rival.  Others will think of him as an easy mark, not seeing the steel that lies beneath the polished Court exterior.  Underneath the trappings of civility, lies a man who isn’t afraid to act on the information his informants find, even if some would find it messy or untasteful. Anything to keep Gale and his children safe is his first priority, even before the needs of the Territory.

Even as someone who sees life in shades of grey, Cypress likes his life orderly.  He keeps his office and his home neat, with everything in its place.  Obsessive to a fault, Cy can walk into his office and know at once if something has been taken, or moved an inch.  He holds his children, his informants, and anyone who works for him to a high standard, with little regard for their opinions on this matter.  How can anyone report to him if they don’t have their information organized?  The Territory records are always organized down to the littlest detail, and he can find any report or reference anyone in the Court might need in little to no time. 

If a Black Widow were to look into Cypress’ mind, they would find everything compartmentalized into boxes.  He’s not very in though with his emotions, often pushing them to the side until he can logically go through them at a later date or time.  Not prone to overt displays of affection, a quiet “well done”, or “I’m proud of you”, were all the praise his children received growing up.  Cy simply assumes that they know he cares for them, and doesn’t feel the need to tell them constantly.  The only exception to this is Gale, who receives affection in private, and the occasional smile or touch in public.  Gale is the guiding star that he is fixed on, the only person who he allows to draw out his affections.

  • 1 Information is Cypress' lifeblood. Information allows him to best manage his network of spies. Through their information, he can act accordingly to prevent "issues" both in an official and unofficial capacity.
  • 2 Gale is the one person he allows himself to truly feel around.  He's fiercely protective of her and of the bond they share.  His dedication borders on obsession, and the idea that another might take her away from him fills him with an icy fury.
  • 3 His Children are important to him, even if he doesn't smother them with any affection. They are his legacy that he will leave behind to further the future of the Dea al Mon. He does love them, and won't allow any harm, or disrespect come to them.  He just can't seem to give them the emotional attachment they need.  Instead, he drives them as hard as he drives himself to be better. To work twice as hard as the Aristo who takes things for granted.
  • 1 Blade. Cypress has a grudging respect for the man with whom he shares Gale’s affections.  While he’s able to respect what the First Escort has done for Gale and the Territory, and is civil when they interact on a Court level, he dislikes the rival for the Queen’s affections.
  • 2 Not being in control. Being in control allows Cypress to be able to set things up the way that he wants them to be. When he's not in control, he immediately seeks ways to get back in control of the situation. Cy isn't one who is able to sit back and let others do what he could do more efficiently, and therefore better. Being in control allows him to do everything from Court duties to simple tasks the way that he wants to do them.
  • 3 Excuses. Cypress doesn't suffer fools or excuses lightly. It doesn't matter if they're from his charges, his children, or himself. If you've made an mistake, can't finish you're assignment, or have otherwise failed, tell him. Don't sugar coat it or beat around the bush. Rise to the occasion and take care of business.
  • 1 More of his children falling to the Waste. Cy has already lost two of his children to the Waste, and the idea of loosing any of the rest, cements the idea that anyone can be lost. Even him.
  • 2 Someone using his network of spies against him. Cypress has spent time and money investing in his network to make sure that not only do his spies obtain the best information, but that they report to him immediately upon their return. It is a very real possibility that one of his spies could be bought, leaving him in a precarious position.
  • 3 Loosing Gale’s affection to Blade. Cypress knows that Gale holds Blade in high regard, and can't help but wonder if he will one day not even be able to share her. 
Craft Strengths:
  • 1 Preservation Spells. As Steward, Cy's knack for preservation spells have come in handy. They allow him to keep even the oldest records in good shape, allowing him and the rest of the Court to access them as needed.  This skill also allows him to hasten the decline of certain papers as needed.
  • 2 Sensing Spells. From a young age, he's been able to sense when others are shielding themselves, or masking their scent.  It's a skill that has served him well in Court, and during his time in the Ebon Guard.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1 Tracking Craft. Regardless of having a father who made a career of the Ebon Guard, Cy has never been good at Tracking anything. It doesn't matter if its landen or Blood, he couldn't find someone through Craft if his life depended on it.
  • 2 Show Craft. Everything that Cypress learned about Craft as a child was geared towards furthering his family and serving in Court. As such, Cy was taught to be as efficient as possible when using Craft. No showy spells, or anything that would draw the eye to him or what he was trying to accomplish.
Life Story

Mother: Lily Tanithil,  Yellow to Rose Healer
Father: Cedar Tanithil, Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Warlord
Siblings: Briar Tanithil, Summer Sky to Opal Black Widow
Wife: Solace Delsaran, Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Black Widow
With Gale:
Serene, Summer Sky to Purple Dusk Healer Afflicted by the Waste
Amber,  Opal to Sapphire Queen, Afflicted by the Waste d. 192

With Solace:
Orchid Tanithil, Summer Sky to Green Hearth Witch
Sorrow Tanithil, Purple Dusk to Sapphire Black Widow
Valor Tanithil, Purple Dusk to Sapphire Warlord Prince


 From an early age, Cypress knew to be seen and not heard. His mother ran a very organized home, and would stand no arguing from her children. Ideals such as duty and service where drummed into him from an early age, with little room for him to simply be a child.  Although born to an Aristo family, the Tanithils weren’t considered an old family, or even well connected. What they did have was wealth, and Lily Tanithil was determined to transition into the upper echelon of the Aristo.  Without a history of Dark Jewels, Queens, or Warlord Princes in the family, they had to rely on their wealth and making the right investments.  Some might scoff at them as being “new money”, but eventually the family would come out ahead.

The eldest, Cypress felt the burden of his mother’s social climbing more than his sister. All of his mother’s schemes for respect caused him to bear the brunt of her anger when they failed, or he didn’t meet her expectations. He learned quickly that perfection was the only thing that drew any sort of praise from the Healer, and that failure was punished swiftly. 

While his Caste was pleasing enough to his mother, she still had hopes for a Dark Jewel that would be sought after by the Courts, resulting in raising the family’s status.  When he came away from his Birthright with a Yellow Jewel, the only words his mother had for him was that he’d have to work that much harder to make up for where he stood in the Abyss.  Chastened, he stood by quietly as paternity was granted and the family made their way home from the Altar. 

The highlight of his childhood came during a chance meeting with Gale Galgoneth.  If you ask him now, he’ll tell you that he cannot remember the details of where they were when they met. What he does remember is that for the first time in his life, he felt whole and accepted, even at his young age.  From that point forward, Cy never had a moment of downtime. He was pushed from the moment he woke, til the moment he was sent to bed.  Craft and Protocol lessons became his life, as his mother looked at him in a new light.  His sister’s Caste and subsequent Birthright, removed some pressure from him, as Lily found ways to use her daughter’s Caste and possible Descent to find ways to advance the family reputation.  Still, the Queen that he would serve would likely Descend to a Dark Jewel, and if Cy could serve in her Court, would have a chance of furthering his family’s way of life.

At this point, Cypress was still seeking ways to gain his mother’s approval, and strove to be a model student.  An intelligent boy, he could often be found studying or working out the details in trickier bits of Craft. It was during this time that he began to experiment with spells, trying to alter them to be more effective.  Convinced that if he could only master this particular bit of the spell, that it would have the intended effect, Cy didn’t hesitate to pour a little bit more of his Craft than usual into the spell, resulting in a backlash of Craft that nearly killed his sister. It wasn’t his mother’s ranting or his sister’s wellbeing that caused him to feel guilty. Instead, it was the clear disappointment of his tutor who had been working through that particular bit of Craft.  Instead of apologizing, or withdrawing into himself, Cypress began to push himself harder to not let his tutor down.  Cy also began to make it a point to practice further away from the family home, along with stronger shields around his new workspace.

His decision to make his Offering had nothing to do with any sort of call from the Darkness, or desire to prove himself. It was simply something that needed doing to get to where he wanted to be. Which was to set things in motion that allowed him to serve in Gale’s Court.  Like most events in his life, receiving his Rose wasn’t an emotional time for him. It was appreciated, wanted, and he immediately set about mastering his new Jewel. 

Cypress’ time in the Ebon Guard was spent mostly in tactics and logistics, with little time in the trenches.  His logical mind and talents lent themselves well to the planning and organizing involved in the day to day activities of the Guard.  His want to not show emotion, and difficulty in forming bonds with the rest of the Guard, meant that he would always be a behind the scenes worker, and not a leader. While most Aristos would feel that it was their right to lead, Cy felt that he could best be of use behind the scenes.

After his stint in the Ebon Guard, Cypress joined a Province Court and served in the Third Circle.  It was during this time that he made a name for himself as a no nonsense male with a talent for getting results when least expected.  However, he made no close friends within the Court, even if none could call him anything but unfailing polite.  Cy continued gain more court polish, intent on making himself ready for serving in his Queen’s Court. The death of the Territory Queen, and Gale’s ascension saw him in the spotlight for the first time. As Steward, no longer was he afforded the opportunity to stay out of the limelight.  Cy took to his new position as a fish took to water, his skills and habits suited to his work.

Those who knew him were surprised when he sired not one, but two daughters with his Queen. The depth of affection he feels for Gale isn't apparent to others, but she's his first love. And while he's had other lovers, and now has a wife, she still holds his affections.  Serene, his firstborn, was met with quiet joy. Never one for overt displays of affection, the birth of his daughters managed to bring out affection in the usually dour man.  When alone, or with her mother, Cy would dote on the toddling Healer.  As she grew, there would be time for duty and lessons, but while she was young, Cypress could allow himself to unbend enough to be a doting father.  Serene was followed by Amber, who much to Cy’s surprise, was a Queen.  From the beginning, Amber saw more strictness from her father.  As a Queen, Amber would need to be stronger. To be ready and able to lead.  To be strong. To this effect, he made sure that Amber had the best instructors that money could buy.

Life settled in for Cypress, as he split his time between Court, family, and his burgeoning spy network. In the beginning, he was just trying to gain information on several Aristos who were, according to rumor, seeking to cause problems for the Court.  Quietly, he began to put out feelers to gain information on the trio of dissenters, hoping to figure out if it was a larger issue.  With each piece of information he gained, he was able to piece together the situation.  The question now was what to do with the information. Instead of taking it to his Queen, Cypress decided to take care of the issue himself.   Taking the information he gathered, Cypress wasn’t content to simply stop their plans, he wanted to ruin them. To make an example of those who plotted against his Queen. Their downfall was carefully planned out, as the last thing he wanted to do was have it come back on him.  To all appearances, their deaths were accidents, taking place over a period of time.  The success drove him to widen his network of informants, choosing people that he felt he could both trust and control.

In an attempt to both appease his mother and further his line, he agreed to a marriage with Solace, a Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Black Widow.  Her family’s connections would further boost his family’s status, and further his mother’s social climbing.  While their marriage was arranged, Cypress did come to appreciate Solace.  They complement each other, her ability to show her emotions building up and supporting their children, balancing against his more task oriented nature.  Over the years they had three children, each one instilled with their father’s sense of duty and work ethic. 

Losing his first born and his Queen daughter to the Waste has shaken Cypress more than he’d care to admit.  He has dealt with it by throwing himself headfirst into his work, burying himself in Court duties so that he can effectively ignore his feelings about the matter.  Feelings won’t fix the problem. Diving in and finding a way to control the disease will.  Of course this only works to a point, and he’s finding that it’s harder to hang on to his vaunted calm in regards to the Waste.  Still, he’s not too sure about opening their borders to the rest of the Realm.  Cy finds the idea of reaching out to other Territories a distasteful idea. While intellectually, he understands why Gale has decided to open the borders, he balks at the idea of showing their weakness to the entire Realm.  And so, Cypress stands behind his Queen and supports her, even if he does have his doubts.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

The silence in the air stretched into something uncomfortable as Cypress watched the young man in front of him.  The Warlord shifted slightly, unsure of what it was exactly that Cy wanted to hear.  Cypress was content to sit back in his chair and let the Warlord twist this way and that, not caring if he felt uncomfortable. Even from a seated position, it was clear who held the power in this room.  Cypress didn’t need to rant and rave to make his displeasure felt, nor did he need Darker Jewels than what he held.  He wore his authority like a mantle about his shoulders.

 Hands folded in his lap, the Prince finally decided to speak. “At what point did you realize that you were in over your head?” he asked in a clipped voice, eyes boring into the young man in front of him. Cypress didn’t suffer fools or ignorance, and those in his employ learned that quickly, or soon found themselves unemployed. And in some cases removed from the situation entirely.

“Let me make myself perfectly clear” he said softly each word enunciated with the clipped edges of his accent.  “I expect all of those in my employ to let me know when something is unclear.  When you blindly go through the motions thinking you know what you should do, and don’t, the operation is compromised.” Without breaking eye contact, Cypress leaned forward, a sense of command obvious in his movements.  “What you have done in your ignorance has caused me several problems that will take time to smooth over. Give me one reason why I should keep you in my employ?”

Petitions (if any): 
Why did this character became inactive?
RL difficulties on my part.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
He's got tons of family plot with his wife and daughters in play. Also upcoming plot revolving around Amber's health  will give him further plot.

What are your plans for this character?
Post more with him. He's got a ton of plots he'll be involved in. Borders opening, family drama, headbutting with Blade, Court stud.

Number of previous Reactivations:

Player Name: Kellee

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Re: Cypress Tanithil
« Reply #1 on: Jan 11, 17, 11:34:29 AM »
ready for review please

Discord: Kelsin#7334

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Re: Cypress Tanithil
« Reply #2 on: Jan 11, 17, 11:56:20 AM »
Hello again, Cypress.

*examines too-long nails* I hope you're willing to stay for dinner.

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Re: Cypress Tanithil
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