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Gale Galoneth, Queen of Dea al Mon is desperate. 11 of her 12 daughters have fallen ill to the mysterious Waste. While the Brood of the True Born try to conquer her Territory she has opened its borders to call for aid.
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Author Topic: Charisma Rilindisil-Larethis  (Read 1902 times)

Description: Queen. Purple Dusk to Sapphire. Played by Haloriel.

Offline Charisma Larethis

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Charisma Rilindisil-Larethis
« on: Jul 15, 16, 05:26:07 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Charisma Rilindisil-Larethis
Nicknames: Karis, Risi, Enduring Star, Hell-child (Flair).
Age & Birthyear: 65 | 128 AP
Race: Dea al Mon
Caste: Queen
Birth Territory: Esgarth, Dea al Mon
Home Territory: Esgarth, Dea al Mon

Birthright Jewel: Uncut Purple Dusk
Offering Jewel:  Cut Sapphire
Jewels from Thorn's Family Rolls


Play By: Marilyn Monroe

Distinguishing Features: Soft silvery curls with the faintest hint of the hue of morning sunlight, make up Charisma's hair. It rests upswept, held in place by ancient, tree-shaped combs that were a gift from her mother. Soft blue-violet eyes paired with a ring of pure violet on the outer rim of her irises are filled with an ache that reminds of deepest winter. Lashes are a pale silver, in a match to her brows without cosmetics. Soft dimples frame her lips clearly formed for the purpose of being devoured wholly.

Charisma is petite for one of the Dea al Mon, not very much taller than five foot; a few inches at best, while her body is absolute rounded grace. Tiny thing, while possessing a wealth of pleasant form. A dramatic contralto, rich in tone, as if the Darkness and Mother Night have fused together with a blessing for her alone. Agile and aristocratic is her posture, paired with sophisticated movements. These are gathered with a tender, delighted demeanour fused with respectful melancholia.

A scar on the left side of her face in a faint silver and sensitive to all touch trails from hairline through her refined beauty to her chin gained in an accident in climbing a tree many years previous. When she smiles in lopsided fashion with wistful longing, said scar is pulled at ever so slightly. As evidence in being born to a Paternal family that has turned in upon itself for thousands of years, the woman's eyeteeth are very faintly pointed. From shoulders down, she is covered in the markings of a pure silver tattoo formed of irises, roses, thorns and wicked vines. It trails her soft skin, over arms and down her back, curling around breasts, thighs and through to her calves and dainty feet.


Personality: Optimistic and cynical outlook upon life is harmonised with the hope the woman carries like a flame to her heart for her people. Aristocratic upbringing lies truly in every motion, even the smallest, most delicate movement of Lady Charisma's fingertips. Beneath graceful, poised mourning that she has been held in her entire life, she remains a joyful woman that is wild in her sweetness, with ghostly wisps of a maternal grace. 

Loyalty, akin to the rest of her family is of grave importance. That her father, Shore, was born to Bitter Rilindisil, late in the man's life, making her the great-granddaughter of one of the previous Lord Obsidian has always coloured her choices, feelings and reasoning in a fascinating method. With her familial respect to the Queens of the Dea al Mon, from her paternal heritage comes a long line of lifetime service to the Ebon Guard.

Benevolent while undeviating, she luxuriates in her station as a Queen and it displayed from the inception of her life. With an immediate raw talent for land sense and a gift for nourishment, Charisma propels herself forth for those of kin left to her. Once, a woman that possessed a fair number of bonded males as well as a warm surround in children and now bereft of both, the Lady Rilindisil spends much of her time tending to any and all requests granted by her elegantly ageing mother, and a variety of others in her mother's Court. 

It leaves her with a distinct lack of time to think upon her myriad losses, but occupied and productive. While concerned about the borders of Dea al Mon being opened, it is a far greater threat to have the Brood rise and take all of what remains to her kind as a whole. Practical and passionate, Charisma takes pleasure in her service despite the fact that she has no court of her own. Tending the land and those few wounded hearts that pass her direction offer a source of small contentment to a woman that once was a grandmother, with love to spare.

Tenderness is offered without an extended query. The darkness of the Sapphire Jewel possessed only elevates her essential necessity for granting touch and to be touched. Presence of mind to aid with a caress, sensuality or the brightest smile remain the way she connects with others. Though her heart is broken by the last of her children and lovers being afflicted/taken by the Waste or having fallen heroically in battle, she remains strong of mind and body, enduring all that is sent her way without bowing her head.

The petite Queen revels in her dance upon the earth with blood given freely in a true, nearly blinding worship of her Caste and all that it means, preferring the outdoors and the wind in her hair, starlight under her gaze to any perfect ballroom, despite her capability for either. Head bent toward consolation, she often forgets to tend herself with none now to keep watch over her emotions and tatters of the bonds she once held. For Charisma, her life has been a series of blinding pain linked with pleasure, yet for the manner that it makes her feel alive -- she would not have it any other way, nor turn back the clock for her disciplined manner.

Better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.

  • 1 Growing Things: From the ripest tomato to enriched climbing jasmine flowers, a rare, heavy pumpkin or especially sweet smelling apple blossoms, Charisma loves all plants. While she is very much the lady, one can easily find her with hands thrust deeply into the soil, eyes half closed for the warmth it threads through her senses. One of the activities that bring the Queen pleasure, she uses own garden, and any land she is asked to place her personal touch upon to soothe the ghostly whispers of lingering grief. In particular, the greatest delight known to her is the manner in which many a flowering plant will open to the natural pull of sun or moonlight.

  • 2 Ritual Blades: The sharpness of a blade draws forth the gift of life, deeper passions, of blood as well as pain. Not only does she revel in the brushing of them along her skin and especially the Craft-touched tattooing that covers her body, but as well the way very fine ones are infused with Craft. All the better if they are finely smithed. Charisma keeps three daggers on her person at all times; one for throwing, and two for Queen’s rituals regarding her Caste and the tending of the land.

  • 3 Fletching: The draw of the bow is in her blood and bone. Her Rilindisil kin has long made use of a proper Blackened Wood Recurved Bow for a preferred weapon. Though she is a Queen and has seen no combat for the risks inherent in inflaming those around her and its prohibited status among the Dea al Mon, she knows how to shoot with reasonable competency. Beyond this, however, and perhaps because of it, Charisma learned how to bind Craft to arrows and their fletching in their creation as one hobby she enjoys. As a Queen that does not rule, she finds ways to make herself useful to ease the pressure. Due to holding a rare, beautiful Sapphire descent, she spends time creating small practical items that are not a heavy drain on her resources. Lady Rilindisil can often be found curled beneath the heavy roots of a tree, with delicate, tattooed hands diligent in their work.

  • 1 Disruptive People: Being interrupted is one action that will bring the rare display of temper to life in the passionate Queen. She has a dislike of it due to her Aristocratic upbringing tempered with her mother, Periwinkle’s influence. One does not speak over another, we graciously wait. The typical reaction is a fiery expression paired with the arrogant lift of her left brow, and piqued silence until the fool speaking has closed their lips. In repetition, it is not unheard of for her to depart a chamber with a slammed door in her wake with a noted chill in the air. It arises from having to speak over growing up with a number of brothers, some of them bonded to her in life. The idea that they were permitted to make her rest was a constant annoyance, but one now that she misses dreadfully.

  • 2 Small Spaces: Confinement. Charisma has always been the sort of woman who not only prefers to be in grand, open spaces but dislikes severely any smallness of room or corridor. Even the bed she sleeps in is larger than one might strictly be required, while the bathing chamber she prefers (and had built for her) is not only large but possesses a Craft-reinforced glass roof so that she does not feel hemmed in. It truly results from a burning need to be outdoors, and one time as a child getting lost in some of the older ruins around Linithor. Her pulse races if forced to be in a small room. Panic claws at her throat at the worst, while at a minimum, she will retreat to a more open area.

  • 3 Discordant Sounds: Music. It’s composition moves her, the compiling of notes into a string of sensible, beauteous sound causes a smile to ripple over Charisma’s face regardless of how sad. Possessing perfect pitch, the sound of notes that are either flat, sharp or simply wrong make the Queen’s skin crawl. With one mistake, one is like to receive very peevish regard from her. With further, Charisma’s passion has been known to alight in which she has thrown a book or two at the offending subject as a warning shot over the bow, so to speak. Whether she misses or not fully depends on the person, or whether it is deliberate. ‘If you must offer jubilation, do so correctly. I desire not ears that bleed.’

  • 1 Oration: Public Speaking. There are people that thrive in it; this Queen quails and shrinks. Charisma fears it perhaps even more than the Waste. An embarrassment of mistake, numerous eyes upon her not for the sake of desire, but in an overabundance of expectation. The Lady Rilindisil possesses a stammer which she has spent her entire life working upon. Addressing a crowd is one of those matters that she will run from. Charisma is Periwinkle's heir, stammer or not, though it has become a winding, ripping fear due to her dual bloodline and the expectations upon it. Speaking with a few people at a time is not troublesome. An adoring crowd reveals her wretched and shameful imperfection, offering abject disappointment and failure.

  • 2 Emptiness: Some people fear loss or having no one. That is a place already known to this lady, and as it is known and experienced, she does not fear it. Charisma trembles in horror at being the last of her kind left with no one left to understand her. Being the sole person in a room for endless days with no one to offer a smile, none to gift her touch for the years that remain. She grows tremendously agitated at the turn in a room that goes on forever with no Blood at all that exists. Or more correctly, the lovely Queen fears emptiness. The vacuity of her heart, upon the numerous strands of bonds to her that was once connected to strong, loving men that twitch akin to the ache of a missing limb in repetition. She dreads the land going cold, empty and wrong, not responding to her gifts granted by the Darkness. There are days that she can indeed smile wide, yet there are others she will curl up in her favourite window seat and cry, sometimes for weeks on end.

  • 3 Heights: Tall heights, the top edges of tree branches. Sides of balconies that one may look over toward the horizon. Once, these were all beautiful and perfect. Pure. After Charisma’s accident in climbing one of the largest trees in the forest around Linithor from which she fell at such a height as to nearly causing herself real danger, this was her gain. Almost blinded in her left eye and with a well-healed scar that slices through her face from hairline to chin, she fears heights and especially falling from a great height. Still possessing a grave, tender and passionate respect for the trees in any and all parts of the forest, she will not set a toe up one in climbing it. Not anymore. Thought of it makes her nauseous more than any pregnancy ever did, and once begun the fear persists for days.

    Craft Strengths
  • 1 Land Sense: Each rolling hill and animal upon it, every person that brushes a foot or hand close contact with the land, she can sense it all when concentrating as well as what lies beneath. Raw gemstones, rock formations and fault lines, these are all as clear as looking at a map to Charisma. The potential for rock slides and other dangers, she can feel like a prickling along her flesh in warning so keen that it has often woken her from the deepest sleep. When she adds her blood in ritual, she is capable of recalling what she senses and can see it in her mind's eye, to the point that she may describe or request a Craft tutored artist to render it. The ability to sense the land comes in most useful for her in offering forth her land gifts and blood in just the right quantities for growth, no more, and no less.

  • 2 Queen's Gift: Connectedness to the earth. Charisma embraced her Queen’s Gift from a young age, learning from her mother to hone her natural talent into a precise purpose for the gain of the local lands. Through either casual working or typically preferred ritualistic offerings, she is able to cause greater and richer growth from the land chosen to be peacefully toiled upon. Typically, Charisma tends much of the produce, and especially the vineyards that Linithor have been known for with their quality for thousands of years. Charisma is particularly known for her gift with flowers, edible herbs and grapes. When she infuses her blood into the earth with waters and Craft touched fertilizers, she is capable of restoring lands very nearly eroded away by farming misuse into blooming.

    Craft Weaknesses
  • 1 Hiding Psychic Scent: Hiding the psychic scent is a skill that typically, comes naturally or relatively easily to most of Charisma’s relatives. However, for reasons she cannot fathom, her attempts to do so are not consistent. Either, she will manage to hide it and is unable to shift back out of hiding, or worse, it explodes out all over everyone and everything near her that hours to days are required for cleansing. Her remaining brothers (both full and half ones) tease that it is a blessing she was born a Queen, and naught else.

  • 2 Security Spells: As martial as her male siblings are and even considering the skill Charisma has in at least defending herself, security spells simply do not work. Times in which she has attempted to learn the use of these types of Craft have backfired in her face. The worst attempt was when trying to bind fire to a security spell, and the end result she managed to singe off her eyebrows. For a whole month, she was quite the laughing stock with her brothers Flair and Cedar in particular, until they grew back. Charisma has not since attempted.

    Life Story


    Spoiler: Deceased Kin (click to show/hide)

    Mother: Periwinkle Larethis; Queen. The Smiling Queen; Matriarch of the Larethis Clan - Age: 175 - Ruling Queen of Linithor, Near border of Devinos and Closed Territories. Aristo. Called also, The Happy Queen, Enduring One, Sweet Peri, by those that know her well. Tiger Eye - Purple Dusk (from Thorn's family rolls)

    Siblings: Charisma has a number of siblings, both within the Larethis line as well as a few in the Rilindisil. Only Rilindisil are listed.

    Cedar Rilindisil; 72. Warlord Prince. Bonded to Queen Periwinkle. Tiger Eye - Summer Sky. (from Flair's rolls)
    Flair Rilindisil; 61. Prince. Major. Served Served forty one years as of 191 AP. Summer Sky to Purple Dusk.

    Briar Rilindisil; Prince. Rose - Purple Dusk. (from Flair's rolls) Afflicted with Waste. 32 | 159 AP

    Vibrant Rilindisil; Born of Flair. Queen. Age Four as of 191 AP.
    Cherish Rilindisil; Born of Teak. Queen. Rose - Purple Dusk. (from Flair's rolls) 37 | 154 AP.

    Esteem Rilindisil; Born of Teak, Warlord. Summer Sky - Opal. (from Flair's rolls) 32 | 159 AP
    Deft Rilindisil; Born of Flair. Warlord Prince. Age Eleven as of 191 AP. Purple Dusk - Green [Will have after Offering]  (from Flair's rolls)


    One of many children born to Periwinkle Larethis, Charisma holds the distinction of being her heir. Not as a Queen to a village or a province as that is an appointment, yet as head of the entwined families of Rilindisil and Larethis. Traditional, focused and passionate, the woman has always spent her time tending all and any of the duties her mother has requested.

    While a very young woman, she bonded both a few of her half Rilindisil brothers as well as a few gentleman. One such was the Red descended Warlord Prince Silver Rilindisil, some fifty years Charisma's senior. He in turn while having been a fourth cousin at some remove as well as a long time friend to her father, Shore, tended to her Virgin Night. Bonding with her with greater weight than the rest of the males she possessed, fathered all her seven children, which resulted in the woman's eventual grandchild. With the stunning uncut Purple Dusk as her Birthright, and a rare cut Sapphire as her Offering, Charisma stands just a little less deeply in the Darkness than her darkest Jeweled sibling and half sister, Rose, whom is known as Thorn.

    A court, Charisma has never held, though she grew up among her countless half sisters and brothers learning Protocol along with them until she could practically breathe the rules. After all, they were for the benefit of her life as it was. Much akin to the remainder of her family, the Queen has known stark sadness from the beginnings of her life, with the loss of so many of her mothers siblings.

    The first of her bonded males was lost in battle, while more subsequently followed, even as she did what was expected of her wholly even in grief and continued to bear children between tending the lands. After all, so long as her true Prince lived and thrived, and so to did their offspring, all was worth it. Yet, that was not to be, as he proved to be not so fully a master of his own fate. Once aware that he had contracted the Waste, Silver chose to fall on his sword rather than permit his Queen to know him as anything beyond the ferocious Dea al Mon he was.

    As the Waste and Brood took an even greater and horrific victory for others of her exhausted yet fierce people, the Lady Rilindisil as she is usually called has tragically lost every child with the exception of one to the strange conjoined spiritual and physical disease. In her family the expectation, at least, on her father’s side of the Rilindisil, that the one having contracted the disease is put to death rather than placed in the Sanctums. A hard, prideful family, they do not believe in useless lingering, and to some extent, Charisma carries a few of those traits. The opening of the borders has Charisma both irritated and on pins and on needles while maintaining a delicate hope.

    With fine elegance and formal in her sorrow, Charisma has bowed her head to her elder kin having gently ended the lives of each of six of her seven children and her grandson, with the exception of her darling son, Prince Briar, once so named out of kindness to her half sister Thorn. With wrenching difficulty she has observed the efforts of two generations almost go up in smoke. While not broken, that she survives continues to test her resolve. If indeed it is better to have loved, perhaps it is as well better to try and save, Charisma has noted with quiet, taciturn grace.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    Musical Embellishment: Tzigane Tango

    Silver and Sapphire shimmering tattooed hands moved over the pages of the music book as the petite Queen leaned close, a half wild yet delicate smile uncurling upon a face typically held in a regal reticence. Delicate hands flexed; Charisma pressed down upon the keys of the piano just so, allowing the notes to fill her senses with what joy remained. Today, had been better; she did not again feel the urge to weep in private. As the lady bent her head toward aiding in tuning the ancient instrument, slowly playing each key, she smiled until reaching the third octave, and flinched. Her upper lip curled, revealing eyeteeth just too long enough to snare the interest.

    "From the middle of the third octave it sounds akin to a cat being tortured with needles." She rose to the entirety of her very diminutive height, while the rich contralto of Charisma's voice snapped out in the room with the fullness of a dressage whip. "Tune the entire keyboard again," she murmured softly, with a steely hint resting in warning. Idly she toyed with the lace jabot at her throat and fluffed the silken layers of her sapphire gown, which was rigid in its beauty. The woman's gaze took in the fine elegance of the music room, which had been built for the purpose it was now being used.

    Upon the couch, her brother, with tousled hair akin to the colour of ice chips, flipped through a book.

    "My dearest sister, ever so serious when it comes to her music."

    Charisma's left brow lofted imperiously; she eyed Flair and the tiny smile that had begun to form earlier tentatively resurged. Blue-violet eyes riveted upon vivid ultramarine ones. Among her siblings, he had always been her favourite other than dearest prickly Thorn.

    "It was f-flat, Major Ironclad," she teased while maintaining a most deadpan tonality. "Have you any idea how vile a sound that is? I would sooner remove the instrument from my space than play."

    Undeterred, even if she did hurl the closest book at him, Flair continued.

    "That would be the second piano that you have vetoed and requested sent elsewhere if you do not approve this one. You are angry with me. I said, to think it over, that it was important to choose without haste. With the borders open, sister mine, Prince Briar--"

    "I do not desire to speak about my s-son," she said sharply, a thread of rage and loss echoing in her voice. A faint chill grew in the room.

    "You will need to speak of him. As well as the others. Have you even said their--"

    It flew, with the fine precision of a woman that had been well taught how to aim for her target, yet rather than hit Flair in the forehead, the sound of the heavy tome whistled past his ear to strike the wall, hard. It fell to the floor. A warning.

    "You are n-not Bonded, husband, father, nor elder. Do not presume you may order or tell me what I need to do, Major Flair Rilindisil."

    To the credit of the piano master, he continued to work in silence; Charisma resolved to pay the man double for his pains. As to her brother, he inclined his head, the Prince in him watching his sister keenly.  "I spoke in haste," he said slowly. "It is my opinion. I think only with the borders open ... perhaps we may save him. Prince Silver's last son. After all, that family line is ... decimated." He let her hear the sadness in his own voice, for once.

    It worked; the coolness of the room shifted back to normal.

    Charisma's shoulders bowed and her full lower lip trembled while her fingers brushed along the scar upon her face idly.

    "Very well," she said coolly, thoughtfully. "I shall wait. But I will not wait long.  If you cannot do it, I shall take matters into my own hands."

    Wisely, Flair held his tongue, taking a diplomatic manner for her sake.

    A clearing of an elder man's throat was apparent, and the Queen turned about to regard her former music teacher. Fondness slid through her gaze for the Jewelless Blood male; an ironic smile crossed his almost craggy face.

    "It is prepared, the instrument?"

    "Yes, my lady."

    "Very good.  Allow us to commence," she remarked, and moved with a fine exquisite motion that discounted not even the angle she placed each foot. With Craft she drew back the bench and settled herself upon it, silvered hair in its winding, wild and breathtaking curls sliding along the floor in her wake once she sat. Sapphire and white lace covered hands laid upon the keyboard with a passion and exacting tutelage, while Flair leaned back in his chair and watched his beloved sister, aware that disaster had been averted this time in regards to the woman's moods. The stirrings of the piano caused the male to begin to hum with each note Charisma played.

    "This will do, Master Nizaris. Take your payment in double from the house accounts, for your discretion." she said in response, taking a quiet exaltation in the rich darkness of her brother's voice.

    The piano master bowed low.  "Lady."

    Player Name: Haloriel

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Re: Charisma Larethis
« Reply #1 on: Jul 15, 16, 05:29:24 AM »
Seeking Cut/Uncut Rolls with Purple Dusk to Sapphire for Charisma, please.

Jewel roll from Thorn's family rolls.

Thank you kindly!

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Re: Charisma Larethis
« Reply #2 on: Jul 15, 16, 08:35:35 AM »
Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Purple Dusk birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Sapphire Jewel at your offering.


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Re: Charisma Rilindisil-Larethis
« Reply #3 on: Jul 27, 16, 03:29:37 PM »
Ready for Review.

Thank you, ever so kindly.

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Re: Charisma Rilindisil-Larethis
« Reply #4 on: Jul 29, 16, 07:54:30 PM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Charisma Rilindisil-Larethis
« Reply #5 on: Dec 04, 18, 08:31:50 PM »
Per 2018 Thanksgiving Shop Adoptable Dark Ally Roll:

Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Red Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut Ebon Gray Jewel at your Offering.



Edit: this has been used here.
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