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Author Topic: Ardent Ancalima  (Read 2071 times)

Description: Prince. Blood Opal to Green. Played by Rated Em.

Offline Ardent Ancalima

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Ardent Ancalima
« on: May 13, 18, 12:03:24 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Ardent Ancalima
Nicknames: --
Age and Birth Year: 165 (b. 30AP)
Race: Medium Lived (Dea al Mon)
Caste: Prince
Birth Territory: Dea al Mon
Home Territory: Dea al Mon

Birthright Jewel: uncut Blood Opal
Offering Jewel: uncut Green

Role: First Consort
Faction: Court of Esgarth


Play By: Andreas von Tempelhoff
Distinguishing Features:
    Ardent wears his age with pride even if sometimes his hands tremble and weakness overcomes him.


    There are those that remember and know the man that Ardent Ancalima once was. Instead most encounter someone who is merely a shadow of that Prince, though they can never quite put their finger on what is not quite the same. He is still, like any truly good Prince, the analytical thinker, quick to put together a plan, and able to discern the paths needed to be followed with speed and alacrity that belay his years.

    It is in those moments where his eyes cloud over, that he looks to be lost, that things are clearly no longer the same. Such times it obvious - to the onlooker - that Ardent’s age is catching up with him. That for all that he has trained and pushed and never stopped, he has apparently reached the point where none of it matters. His mind is, some whisper, slipping and his body will follow soon after if that is the case.

    While Ardent steadfastly ignores such things, as if they are not a concern, he cannot ignore the way that his grip has weakened or that sometimes fine tremors go through his hands. That stops him in his tracks and creates an overwhelming sense of vulnerability that he has never known in his life until this past year.

    In most cases Ardent acts like the Prince that he has always been. His temper has always surged easily to the front, his father - a Warlord Prince - his guiding influence growing up. He taught him, from a young age, that his emotions were a tool to be used by him. Righteous fury and anger were things that could, and would, see enemies bowed before him (if not worse). Such things were reinforced by his time within the Ebon Guard, strengthening already strong beliefs and ensuring his capability to lead among his peers.

    He has no qualms putting people in their place, making it clear what they did wrong, how they did wrong, and what they might do to rectify the situation. Ardent has little to no patience for those that do not listen to him or will not take instruction, quickly filing them away as trouble cases to later deal with. These tendencies are enhanced, made that much stronger, when it comes to combat or dealing with the rising threat of the Brood. If someone must be cut down to protect others or for the better good, then he will be the one that will raise the blade if necessary.

    The times that he is most at ease, that those who know him best, can find him the most relaxed is within one of three situations: with his heart-bonded Queen, his beloved Queen daughter, or his best friend and brother-in-arms Quietus Dalaran. Any involvement with one of those individuals and Ardent is almost immediately at ease, not so high-keyed and focused upon ensuring nothing is amiss or wrong.

    With him or anything else.

  • Instruction - While Ardent does enjoy combat instruction he also enjoys teaching other things as well. Most often found within the training grounds, Ardent finds that the memories of the past as well as helping train others is something that soothes him. Having been part of the Ebon Guard, training others in kind, Ardent has also worked with those that are part of the Esgarth Court in expanding their combat expertise in not just physical combat but how to win without it. He is most proud of training his daughter Virtuosa, just as he has likewise ensured that each of her men meets his standards when it comes to protecting her.
  • Structure - Structure brings a sense of security and rightness to Ardent. There is a reason for all that they do, the ways that they carry it out, and without structure everything can fall apart. Ardent relies upon structure to ensure that everything runs smoothly, according to plan, and falls back upon it when the world attempts to crumble around him. As long as everything is planned out and organized, perfectly so, then Ardent is the very picture of a happy and pleased Prince.
  • His Queens & Quietus - There are only three people within Ardent’s life that he holds above all others. His first, and only, love is the Queen of his heart, Majesty Illion. For decades he has loved her and been her Consort but then - upon the birth of his Queen daughter - Ardent learned there was space within him for another as well. Despite the fact that he has other children, Virtuosa is the one he favors the most. Just as with Majesty, he is quite willing to turn a blind eye to several things as long as he can ensure they are both with him and him by their sides. There is also the matter of Quietus Dalaran, a younger Blood male that has been at his side since the Ebon Guard. No one else is as close to Ardent as Quietus is, nor knows exactly what he might be planning, and having the other male around is a boon.
  • Not Being Efficient - Having an eye for detail as well as being a Prince has ensured that Ardent is an extremely efficient individual. He finds it utterly mind-boggling when an individual chooses to carry out a task in a non-efficient manner and ends up consuming time that could have been alloted to other tasks. If he is truly irritated, Ardent will step in to show the individual just what they’re doing wrong and how to improve it. After he gets over that spike of annoyance, of course.
  • Those Afflicted with the Waste - While he has sympathies for those with the Waste, especially considering it is afflicting so many, Ardent struggles around those that actually carry it. It makes him think too much of what is wrong with him, how far he might fall, and all that he could lose. To that end he does his best to mitigate any and all potential interaction with even an individual thought to be afflicted. Simply put this means that there are some places he will just flat not travel through if there is talk of the Waste having spread to the location.
  • Rumors about Majesty - If one is going to talk, to speak of gossip and rumors, then they had best do it out of his earshot if it is about his Queen. As Ardent is no fool he is more than aware of what people say about Majesty behind her back (and his as well). Such incidents, when he has overheard them, have lead to him riding the edge of his patience. People are less likely to frustrate him on this matter if they would simply speak their mind openly. Even if they do not for good reason, as Majesty is neither kind nor forgiving to those that have sided against her.
  • Failing Memory - It can no longer be denied. Ardent is aware that there is something wrong with his memory but when pressed he will deny it. At times he struggles to remember details that were once crystal clear, often finding that everything becomes hazy and hard to pull from the tapestry of his mind. He fears a day when he wakes up and it is not just little things that he can no longer remember but full fledged memories or worse.
  • What Builds Between Majesty & Virtuosa - For years the rift between his beloved daughter and Queen has been building. Ardent fears the day that is in the future when Virtuosa will no longer stand idly by and instead lashes out at her mother. He does his best to mitigate what he believes is an undeniable fact of the future. There are only so many hours of the day and what he does undo is easily reversed by Majesty (or Virtuosa). This ensures that it will take even more time to smooth things over between the two Queens when another issue ignores between them.
  • Majesty Being Irredeemable - Despite the fact that he steadfastly believes this not to be the case, there is an insidious voice in his mind that says otherwise. Somewhere within his Queen, the love of his life, there is a spark of goodness and hope. Ardent is one of the few that can bring it out in Majesty, if not the only one, but it should not take his intervention to bring such out in her. The worst case scenario, one he blinds himself to, is that there’s nothing good left in Majesty except her ambition and desire to see her influence spread across Dea al Mon.
Craft Strengths:
  • Fine Telekinetic Craft (Cluster Bomb) - It is through years of training and refining that Ardent is able to use his jewels to control multiple objects through telekinesis. His true talent, however, is his ability to not only control multiple objects to hurl at an opponent but that he can create a spark of Craft that pulls them together. Once together as one singular group it can then be used to trigger a cluster bomb effect, creating a bigger damage radius and providing greater force than each item on it’s own.
  • Craft Pulse Location - Learned through trial and error over the years, Ardent has refined an ability that allows him to send out a pulse from his jewels in a radius around him. This pulse gives him tactical information about his surroundings, going through them and allowing him to pinpoint the location of potential attackers or hidden structures.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Combat Shielding - Quite capable of shielding his body, his jewels, and creating bubbles of shields around individuals, Ardent cannot create fine smaller shields on the fly to block daggers, blows, or otherwise. He simply lacks the speed needed to make use of such types of shields and is more likely to use telekinesis to block something than try and summon a shield that is only a fraction of his true strength and breaks easily.
  • Contracts - An issue of recent years, Ardent does not have the capability that he once did when it came to creating contracts. They lack the punch they once did, the clause effects weaker than they have any right to be, and he simply cannot focus enough of his jewel strength into creating what he should be able to easily.
Life Story

Mother: Acclaim Anacalima (100 - d. 30AP) - Broken witch - Rose to Blood Opal*
Father: Murmur Anacalima (145 - d. 55AP) - Warlord Prince - White to Rose*

Queen: Majesty Illion (121 - b. 74AP) - Queen - Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk
Daughter: Grace Illion (35 - b. 160AP) - Black Widow - Yellow to Rose**
Son: Regal Illion (34 - b. 161AP) - Warlord - Summer Sky to Green*
Daughter: Virtuosa Illion (27 - b. 168AP) - Queen - Rose to Purple Dusk

Brother-in-Arms: Quietus Dalaran (87 - b. 108AP) - Blood Male

Warlord Prince Shit List:
Strife Orunitia (29 - b. 166AP) - Warlord Prince - Opal to Sapphire** (lost to the waste; was hand picked to serve Virtuosa)
Brevity Elerbeck (23 - b. 172AP) - Warlord Prince - Summer Sky to Green** (got in a fight with his daughter)

*jewels selected
**jewels rolled

    Ardent was the first, and only, child born of the union between Acclaim and Murmur Anacalima. They had meant to have children years earlier but they had met later in life and then the witchstorm tore across all the lands of the realm. Acclaim broke herself, protecting her beloved husband, and was never quite the same afterward. It was nearly thirty years later that they had finally worked through enough to try and have the child they had so desperately hoped for. It would be their first and last child, the only one they could have because of Acclaim’s broken jewels.

    Acclaim’s belly swole with child and, for a time, they thought everything would go right. Then Acclaim went into early labor, her body taxed by the birth. Eventually, through the struggle of many hours, she gave birth to their son. Ardent’s Caste clung to him in those first few minutes and Acclaim died knowing that her son was a Prince. Murmur was grief stricken but did not let that stop him from doing what he knew Acclaim would want him to do: look after their son.

    Finding a wet nurse, Murmur pulled back from his courtly ties and stayed home to look after his son. Ardent’s earliest memories, the ones that are now faded, are of watching his father exhaust himself through drills and other physical labor. It kept the beast within the Warlord Prince at bay, eased so that he might look after his son. Ardent lacked nothing growing up, the Anacalima family well-respected and known among the aristocracy. He had the best lessons and teachers available, taking to his studies as a child.

    The need was within him, despite his young age, to prove himself. When his Birthright Ceremony came and he walked away with an uncut Blood Opal, he was ecstatic. Eagerly he clutched it in his hands and showed it to his father. Ardent was not prepared for the look that overcame his father, the bitter pain that showed in his eyes, as he rested his hand lightly against his son’s Blood Opal and remembered his wife’s. Murmur was still happy for his son and only encouraged him to push himself further.

    He began to learn the ins and outs of courtly politics and how to navigate such waters. Despite his young age he showed great promise, putting to use his Princely capabilities to do so. The only problems that ever arose were that he had, unlike many of his peers, a temper on him that could easily flare up and rival a Warlord Prince's. Yet he tempered it with reason, acted out harshly only when pushed, and as he approached his Offering, it made him someone well-known and respected within the upper crust of Dea al Mon. Ardent Anacalima was a Prince you wanted at your side, not against you.

    Though he only walked away from his Offering with an uncut Green, Ardent was still content with his new jewel of rank. It felt right in his hands, just as it felt right to immediately present himself to the Ebon Guard as opposed to giving himself time to adjust to his Green. Within the Ebon Guard Ardent found a new home, a place that he most certainly belonged. Skill and capability were the deciding factors of those who moved up within the ranks of the Ebon Guard and Ardent carried both qualities (as he was both skillful and capable).

    Before he realized it five years had passed within the Ebon Guard. It was as he was accepting his promotion, as well as continuing to enlist and stay within the Ebon Guard, that Ardent received word of his father’s death. While the Healer stated natural causes, Ardent had his own theories. One of which was that now that he was grown, well into his own life, his father no longer had to cling to life and could seek out his mother. In short: Ardent believed his father died of a broken heart.

    Only taking off enough time to make the necessary arrangements for the funeral, Ardent returned back to the Ebon Guard and continued his service. It was through his ability to manipulate the political scene around him, his capability in navigating such, that he was able to continue climbing through the ranks. While he had never set his eyes upon Lord Obsidian, he did intend to at least make it to Major, if not Colonel or General.

    His service with the Ebon Guard was long, broken up only by interesting missions and the occasional dalliance. Ardent was dedicated to the Ebon Guard in a way many others were not. It was during the later years of his service that eventually he met a young Blood male named Quietus Dalaran. Catching his eye as someone with promise, Ardent took Quietus under his wing and mentored him. He quickly became a trusted friend and ally, someone whom Ardent always knew would have his back.

    They might have continued on through the Ebon Guard, Ardent slowly but surely making his way towards General (as he had achieved Major), if not for Majesty Illion, his Queen. Their romance was quick and, though Ardent was aware of how ambitious Majesty could be, he resigned his commission within the Ebon Guard and became Majesty's First Consort. With him at her side, his capability and skill put to her use, Majesty became even more of a political power player than before.

    What made the transition from Ebon Guard to First Consort easier was that eventually Quietus succumbed to Majesty’s charms as well. He recognized, just as Ardent did, the power and grace within the Purple Dusk Queen. Moreso: Ardent was aware that Majesty and Quietus had a relationship all their own and, in fact, encouraged it. Within Majesty’s heart, he knew that he would always come first.

    The years passed and Ardent has done his best to help navigate Majesty’s moods, desires, and possessiveness. He remembered well the look upon Quietus’s face when the letter from Emissary arrived, detailing the birth of his son and that he would not be named. Yet such things did not stop him from continuing to serve Majesty. Ardent loved her, with all his heart, even as it was clear that her ambition and machinations might see Quietus and himself dead.

    He has persevered over the years, always doing his best to mitigate and influence where he could. Ardent had thought that having children would have changed things but it did not. Not when she had her sights upon the being more than just the Queen of Esgarth. Eventually even that would not be enough for her. Yet something shifted in Ardent when their youngest daughter was born.

    Virtuosa was a Queen, just as her mother was, and it was clear - even from the earliest years - that there would be problems. As Virtuosa has grown up Ardent has found himself more and more having to work between the two Queens, each one beloved by the Prince. He knows Quietus does this as well, the both of them trying to ensure things do not come to an explosive head.

    Yet the threat of the Waste and the Brood is on the rise and - worse - Ardent has found that he is not always himself. The years are catching up to him, or so the whispers say. It is actually far worse than that, for all that he is unaware of it.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:
    The mind was a strange thing, not so easily tracked like time by the simple passage of light and shadow. Instead it was full of trickery and deceit, making one question things they had not questioned before. Ardent was not sure whether he should be concerned or not that such thoughts were more common of late. That they interrupted him when he was in the midst of duties and left him standing staring off in the distance until someone called him to attention.

    A First Escort having to be called to attention was very nearly shameful but then he heard the whispers. He was aging. Worse: he was showing his age. It had not been an issue five years ago; it had not even been an issue one year ago. It was an issue now but there was little to be done for it when his thoughts sometimes eluded him. Ardent wisely picked his battles and what he would do with his time, assuming that things were quiet as they often were, and that ensured that he did not have lapses.

    Real problems only cropped up when he did not expect them. Today, for example, he had been in the middle of working with Virtuosa. Encouraging her to stretch her senses out as far as possible and detect that which was hidden. His hand had been resting on the hilt of his blade, fingers squeezed around it. It was as he released his grip on the blade, to step forward and congratulate his daughter on another well done training exercise that he noticed it.

    His fingers were shaking, his hand as well, and he could not stop it. Instead he quickly closed his hand into a fist, hiding it quickly before Virtuosa noticed. It was best, he thought, that she not realize such things. Her focus was needed elsewhere, not upon her obviously aging father.

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Wanted Ad Link: Court of Esgarth
Wanted Ad Sponsor: Dash

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Re: Ardent Ancalima
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 18, 12:08:05 AM »
per this post can i have the cut/uncut of ardent's jewels as well as reduce them from BO-S to BO-G? thanks in advance!

oh! and five ally/fam rolls por favor <3

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Re: Ardent Ancalima
« Reply #2 on: May 14, 18, 09:39:13 AM »
Going forward, please link the sheet you're pulling Jewels from in addition to the shop purchase. Danke!

Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Blood Opal Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut Green Jewel at your Offering.



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Re: Ardent Ancalima
« Reply #3 on: May 26, 18, 08:12:21 AM »
this dad is ready for review, pending some dash approval as this is for his want ad!

(q__q i am sorry i took so long on him, life ate me.)

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Re: Ardent Ancalima
« Reply #4 on: May 26, 18, 08:59:25 AM »
Added to the queue.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Ardent Ancalima
« Reply #5 on: May 30, 18, 05:42:13 PM »
Email:   Discord: Dash#6159