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Canon: © Anne Bishop
Board's Plot: Blood Rites
Points Scheme: Mother Night
Ratio System: Blood Rites

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Established February 2010
by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

* Plot Information for Dea al Mon

Gale Galoneth, Queen of Dea al Mon is desperate. 11 of her 12 daughters have fallen ill to the mysterious Waste. While the Brood of the True Born try to conquer her Territory she has opened its borders to call for aid.
Culture of Dea al Mon
Priestesses and Faith
The Black Castle
Ebon Guard and Red Cloaks

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  1. It Can Creep Up Inside You
  2. Escorting The Petals Of Flowers
  3. To Fall And Rewrite The Bitter End
  4. Holding On To Smoke
  5. The Trickster's Dice
  6. There's a Lurker Making Rounds
  7. this land is your land this land is my land
  8. Trick Or Treat!...Or Both? Both!
  9. should've known better than to cheat a friend
  10. Collecting Memory
  11. all the light that you possess
  12. You Can Never Have Too Many Buttons
  13. I don't believe in your institutions
  14. Across a Land of Blood and Dreams
  15. Without The Warmth Of A Good Heart
  16. familiar companions
  17. Stolen thunder, hear my cry
  18. Does The Lion Inside Of You Sleep?
  19. bundled up all these things inside
  20. find my way back
  21. Won't Say Sorry
  22. I believe in Reinvention
  23. I’ve got all I need
  24. Tenderness, Torment and Truth
  25. Makes No Sense to Fall
  26. Every Life has a Price
  27. It's Just a Delivery Quest
  28. Under The Pressure Of Walking In Your Shoes
  29. Home is Whenever I'm With You
  30. I'm Only In It For The Give And Take
  31. stepping forward out into the day
  32. look me in the eyes, tell me what you see
  33. Drink Your Doubts
  34. you can't hide from me
  35. Precious Divinity of Love
  36. you're a jackrabbit underneath
  37. A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Argument
  38. Our Lives Are Made In These Small Hours
  39. Caresses of a Wellspring
  40. Inquiry, With Pleasant Protocol
  41. Phoenix Ignition
  42. On This Hallowed Ground
  43. Cloak and Dagger, Mill and Stone
  44. like vines, we intertwined
  45. by the way my hands were shaking
  46. The things I do for love
  47. Never Wound a Snake
  48. our work is never done
  49. You Can Catch the Wind
  50. When the Sky Falls
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