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Author Topic: WTB: Mind Healers in Terreille  (Read 2151 times)


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WTB: Mind Healers in Terreille
« on: Feb 28, 19, 05:22:40 PM »
Hi yall crazy kids, several of whom are older than me!!

Do YOU have a mind healer in Terreille? Not even necessarily a Black Widow but someone who's just Good With Other People? Need/looking for a PLOT? Well boy howdy do I have an opportunity for YOU!

Lyo's chalice is p much dust and while Jaenelle could heal Daemon on her own, she wore the Ebony and she was his Queen and a triple-caste with healer mixed in there. Arkadie can't run this shit alone! (She's also, you know, 23.) So if you have an experienced mind healer, or a mind healer with a Special Skill, or even just a BW who wants to try Subverting This Black Jewel, hmu and/or sign up in this signup document I made. This doesn't have to be the beginning and end of the plot! Your BW might meet someone there ;) maybe a character you've been looking to connect them to~

There's opportunities to play with me, Em, Sol, and Gavin so far. HMU/add your deets to the sheet and i'll Get In Touch!
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