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Author Topic: The Forbidden Temple (mis)Adventure  (Read 917 times)


Offline Journey Menelwen

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The Forbidden Temple (mis)Adventure
« on: Jul 04, 15, 04:13:30 AM »

The Priestesshood of Dea al Mon
    Ever since the noble sacrifice of the majority of the most senior members of the order to secure the future for the whole of Dea al Mon when they buried the insane Spirit of Loku, they have been a fractured and broken order who have struggled to make themselves worthy of the honorable sacrifice of their Sisters.

    All of them dedicated to the service of others, and all seeking for the lost knowledge of their former Sisters in order to reclaim that past nobility as well as hoping to locate a cure for the Waster along with the rest. They down all the details and possible leads that will enable them to locate this knowledge, even as they seek out all the available options to make the Waste easier to bear & also stem the spread of the disease.


Journey Menelwen - High Priestess of Dea al Mon
Nemsis Sigurd - Nominal Guide for the Adventure

Deluge Vapeiros
Sorrow Tanithil
Alusair Sigurd
Larrikin Elisven


Still..." He paused, seeming to consider something. "There is a place, I believe. It is a set of caverns beneath the northern woods -- near the borders with the closed Territories where the Tigrelan still reign. A dangerous area, no doubt, filled with angry spirits and vengeful animals that gleam with some higher intellect. It is a place still wild, forever untamed. I know that there was an old Temple there, a place that was lost before even my arrival a thousand years ago. From what the High Priestess of Devinos told me at the time, it was once their highest place of learning, before it was beset upon by a vengeful spirit that they bound into the Earth.

The wards are still there. A Priestess would be required to disarm them, but I know not how. It is a dangerous journey, no doubt, but perhaps we can organize an expedition to the site? If you'd be willing to risk someone of your small Caste for the chance of the knowledge that may be there?"


Suck the marrow from the bones
Elleth alfirin edhelhael

Out of Character!
This would be a fantastic opportunity to either take one of Journey's sisters OR make a new character - a Priestess would would be fantastic!

There is the real possibility for your characters to be at risk.
They may be maimed/damaged & there is definitely the risk of death (with permission) and that should be borne in mind when deciding to volunteer for this (mis)adventure!

Do you want to spend time in the woods? Come join the family!
Are you looking for an open thread? Check this out!
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Offline Dash

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Re: The Forbidden Temple (mis)Adventure
« Reply #1 on: Jul 04, 15, 03:19:25 PM »
Pretty sure Alusair will be there
Email:   Discord: Dash#6159


Offline Caryn

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Re: The Forbidden Temple (mis)Adventure
« Reply #2 on: Aug 13, 15, 05:53:19 AM »
Count in Larrikin now that she's approved!

Offline Astarte

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Re: The Forbidden Temple (mis)Adventure
« Reply #3 on: Sep 21, 15, 02:55:55 PM »
Contact me at: -email/gchat-

Are you looking for an open thread? Check this out!
Do you want me to start a thread? Please come on over & just ask!