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Author Topic: Road Trip!  (Read 733 times)

Description: Searching for a Priestess

Offline Raze Erendir

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Road Trip!
« on: Mar 17, 14, 11:40:00 AM »
I'm putting this here because I think in-play Priestesses could definitely work as well as new ones.

Raze will be one of the three men geas'd to go collect a priestess and return only when he's found one.  He could negotiate to bring one with him. He could kidnap her, he could cajole and even buy her willingness, but he does need one.

This could be someone you might want to keep in DaM or someone who will return to her territory.  It could be someone running away from something, or running towards adventure!

Please ping me as I have plenty of ideas and am super accommodating!