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Author Topic: Priestess wanted for Seeker  (Read 607 times)


Offline Eclipse Caranthir

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Priestess wanted for Seeker
« on: Jun 13, 16, 04:03:56 PM »
Hey guys! So Eclipse was originally scheduled to find a Priestess to bring back to DaM from Glacia, but that player hasn't been around for a while. Would anyone else like to volunteer one lucky woman for Eclipse to try and take? I love the idea of it still being a LJed Glacian Priestess, but I'm open to other badass ideas too!

Offline Caryn

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Re: Priestess wanted for Seeker
« Reply #1 on: Jun 13, 16, 05:58:58 PM »
Of course I'd bow out if anyone new wanted to get involved with this plot, but I could volunteer a LT Priestess for him if there are no other takers.