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Author Topic: Pre-Want Ads for Glacia  (Read 1970 times)

Description: I want to incorperate these characters into my history!

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Pre-Want Ads for Glacia
« on: Jan 25, 19, 02:59:23 PM »

These characters are very important to my new character, Mikaela Valdis, and I wanted to put these want ads up in conceptual plotting to see if anyone would want to take them before I finish crafting her. That way I can work their personality and plots more fully into her backstory. Keep in mind she is still subject to change obvi <3

Family Dramalamas

 Rafe Kristopher
Jewels: Opal to Red
Suggested PB: Ben Whishaw but up to you
Age range: 25+

Rafe is a dark jeweled male that showed up to obtain a position in the Salo Province Court when Meya Valdis sent out a call. He had just been offered a position in her First Circle when he laid eyes on Mikaela, Meya’s light jeweled sister. They Bonded and Meya grew jealous. She deserved the dark jeweled males. She blasted her sister across the room, causing the Queen to break her arm and a rib. Rafe was caught in the middle, between the Queen he had just signed a contract with and the light jeweled one he just Bonded, but was flawed in her very soul. Meya told him he had to choose between her and Mikaela, but before he did, Mikaela’s other Bonded, Anderson, stormed into the room and shielded Kaels, furious at Meya.

Rafe instead took his anger and confusion out on the light jeweled Warlord Prince and left the choice for another day.

As the years have gone on, his relationship with Mikaela has been complex. He had participated in disciplining her, but he feels conflicted about it. He knows she is flawed and she needs to learn the true path, but he struggles with seeing her in pain.

Plotlines: When the Dawn Court comes to Salo, Rafe will be imprisoned, but Mikaela will eventually set him free, believing there is good in him. He will join her court and have the opportunity to either help her or betray her to the Midnight Court.   

Anderson Boden
Warlord Prince
White to broken Tiger Eye.
Suggested PB: Paul Walker but up to you
Age range: 25+

Anderson first came to the Valdis estate when he was a young boy, intending to help his parents out with work. It was there that he met his Queen, Mikaela. It was brief though, Kaels parents separating them almost the moment they bonded. He wondered if he would ever see her again until one night, she snuck out to meet him. He was at once the happiest he had ever been and terrified. He was not wrong to be, because her family came to get her the next day, disciplining her severely. Somehow though, Mikaela convinced them to let him come to the estate.

This all but ended his time with his family, as the Valdis’ took control of overseeing the boy and dismissed the parents from their service. Life was very hard for Ander growing up. He had to often endure seeing and feeling his Queen in pain or in anguish and he could not always keep his temper. The Dark Religion was drilled into him and he believes it, but that did not stop him from trying to get his Queen out of Glacia.

He would rather Mother Night condemn his soul to Hell than let her stay with the Valdis’ forever. Unfortunately, he was caught and Mikaela and him were both sent to Markus Niskala for “reeducation.” During this time, his Offering was broken. Now, he seethes in silence, helpless and angry that he can’t protect his Queen.

Tips and Notes: The state of this character after his time with Markus is up to the player.

Meya Valdis
Opal to Red Queen. (These Jewels are not rolled.)
Suggested PB: Amber Heard but up to you
Age range: 27+

Meya is the current dark jeweled Queen of Salo. She has always been intensly jealous of her sister, even despite the fact that she stands so low in the Darkness. Not only does Mikaela have two castes, but she has two males bonded to her, while Meya has none. She has taken this jealousy to heart and used it to strictly guide Mikaela and her male in the ways of the Dark Religion. If one was to look closely, they would see a perversion of the religious edicts though. Meya enjoys the power over her sister and often punishes her arbitrarily or intentionally keeps her males away from her. She has begun bedding Mikaela’s male, Rafe, and ensured her other Bonded was broken.

Meya has taken this perverse view of the Dark Religion and spread it across Salo. It is one of the worst territories to live if one is light jeweled and she has never once found a light jeweled petitioner to have been mistreated by their family. One must be vigilante and exacting with them, she thinks, if they are to atone for their flaws.

Tips and Notes: Meya will be imprisoned when the Dawn Court comes to Salo, but will aid the Midnight Court in secret. She could eventually escape with the help of Rafe or through her connections and try and make Mikaela’s life hard once more.