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Author Topic: Pirate Plots in Dhemlan  (Read 715 times)


Offline Rayen Sandoval

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Pirate Plots in Dhemlan
« on: Mar 17, 14, 07:36:02 AM »
Rayen is a Dhemlanese pirate captaining a ship called the Valiant. She, and her ship, are quite notorious.. a fact of which she is proud of. However she recognizes from time to time that her crew require shore leave and it's a bit challenging to issue that kind of order when it is likely that some form of navy would be hunting for her in the usual ports. Therefore she frequently flies the colors and name of other ships she knows won't be in the vicinity and makes port to allow her men their shore leave. Simples, right?

Looking for some plots in Dhemlan, Little Terreille, Dharo or Scelt for what might happen to pirates on shore leave flying fake colors and pretending to be legitimate navy types.

This is primarily for fun plots but if anyone wants to make it more I'm open to that. :)