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Author Topic: Looking to Brainstorm Plots  (Read 551 times)

Description: Because I'm addicted to plot

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Looking to Brainstorm Plots
« on: Jul 22, 16, 09:31:22 AM »
Hey everyone!

Now that I've had some time to write a few characters, I'd like to brainstorm some long-term and short-term plots and subplots for you, for me, for evil, and FOR GREAT JUSTICE!

Of those four options, the last one is optional. :)

Below are a few of my characters looking for plots and what they're about.

Desmond Clery (Scelt) - Warlord naval officer who fell in love with Dhemlan's culture and way of getting things done. He has things to prove and will play dirty to do so.

Kain Eskola (Glacia) - Warlord Prince, hunter, and Midnight Keeper out to raise his profile in Glacia.

Valor Tanithil (Dea al Mon) - Hitman bound to the Territory Queen. I'd like to see him make connections with more characters in the Territory.

Kiersten Danielsen (Little Terreille) - Younger sister of Thyra Danielsen. She escaped Glacia, but with some memory gaps and a chip on her shoulder. Currently trapped in a gang with Machlan Rourke, a Warlord with more ambition than good sense.

Mari Calderon (Dhemlan, K) - Queen of Sitges District and sometime-moneylender. Mari likes to hear information from other provinces and Territories and has grown a number of contacts over her life thus far. Are you one of them?

Ricardo Dominguez (Dhemaln, K) - Landen Loanshark. He is caught between his dueling distaste and fascination with the Blood. He loves to cook, party, and help his fellow Landens make better lives for themselves.

If you'd like to brainstorm, feel free to reach out. Thanks!