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Author Topic: Aoife Quinn -Mad Hatter Widow  (Read 614 times)

Description: I'd like to reactive her

Offline Lene

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Aoife Quinn -Mad Hatter Widow
« on: Mar 31, 16, 02:12:09 PM »
So have this little darling who is teasing at my muse and wants to come back out to play.   She's a W-R black widow who was the head of the coven in Scelt for a short period.   Her chalice was cracked by trama as a young woman and instead of walking the Twisted Kingdom, she skipps along its border like a happy little kid LOL....

I love the way her mind wonders all over the place and would love to find a place for her to play.   I can make any changes if needed to adapt her to a new setting (at least I think I can, if the rules allow).

Would anyone like her?