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Author Topic: A Small Matter for a Queenling  (Read 632 times)

Description: Plotting for Westwood Court, Dharo

Offline Lindevi

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A Small Matter for a Queenling
« on: Jan 19, 16, 09:56:49 PM »
A week or two ago Dani and Kellee and I were discussing fun plot opportunities to involve the current and future characters in Tegwen's Westwood District Court: Carran, Angharad, Bleddyn, Kizzy, Colton, Waylend, Jorie, and of course Tegwen herself.

Kellee suggested that perhaps Angharad could be sent to oversee a simple situation in Westwood District, something that wouldn't be hard for her to rule on/convey back to Tegwen. But then things go awry and it becomes more dire and multiple characters are/get involved.

I had some pitches for possible scenarios that could be the pretense for getting new and old characters to interact with one another:

  • Land use/rights dispute with/among Landens of the district
  • Inheritance dispute among a low-ranking Blood family
  • A Landen or low-ranking Blood accused of murder or theft

What are your thoughts? Do any of the above scenarios jump out at you as having an interesting wrinkle or dangerous element that could come to the fore? What scenarios would you think would be fun to play through or appropriate to send a Queenling to for arbitration?

Offline Dani

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Re: A Small Matter for a Queenling
« Reply #1 on: Jan 19, 16, 10:01:04 PM »
I think I enjoy the idea of an Inheritance dispute. That said all the situations you've detailed Lindevi sound amazing and will go with whatever the consensus is. Bleddyn wants to talk his way out so whatever trouble comes will be distressing for sure. <3
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