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Title: A Journey To Remember
Post by: Selene on Jun 20, 17, 06:51:25 PM
Heyo everyone!
I am here to present an exciting adventure to those currently residing in Glacia and the North part of Dhemlan. Kyosti Sisco is planning to make a trading run mostly by boat from Glacia to Dhemlan. I expect the trip to last 1-2 months in the Spring of 192 AP. Now this is a legal trading mission, so everything at least has to look legitimate on the surface. That being said, I’m looking for people to join the trading group or team up with him. All manner of folk are welcome, safety in numbers after all. Heck the party might even make it into Dharo or Little Terrielle. Any PC interaction in between is more than welcome. Kyosti is always looking for new customers. The same offer is also for the return trip to Glacia as well, even if some don’t want to. >_> Mwahaha!
Ever wanted to RP a bandit attack or the fixing of a broken axel? Well this is the plot for you. If you have ever doubted your ability to RP dysentery on a closed ship environment, well it is your lucky day indeed.
So I ask you, who wants to go on a trip?
Title: Re: A Journey To Remember
Post by: Selene on Jun 25, 17, 11:53:34 PM
Bump for those who might have missed this being posted. :)