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Author Topic: Winter of Writers Guide for Newbies  (Read 1355 times)

Description: ...and Maybe Some Oldbies

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Winter of Writers Guide for Newbies
« on: Dec 08, 17, 07:28:21 PM »
Winter of Writers is a seasonal event at the end of the year that encompasses a lot of ways to get extra points and items. You really don't want to miss out on this. Many writers plan all year for it and you should too! Last year was my first Winter of Writers. I learned some things you might find useful.

The Science
  • You can give away items that are purchased or won via the auctions and raffles. You can't do that with shop items (except in v. rare cases, I believe.)
  • People will snipe auction items at the last minute. Don't take for granted that you haven't noticed anyone showing interest in any particular item.
  • People will buy items for others. For instance, someone not having room in their ratio for another Ebon Gray or Black descent doesn't mean they won't be interested in picking it up for a friend. Don't count anyone out on any item.
  • You can't combine Winsol items with Shop items. This means you can't purchase a Discard a Roll for a character and then later apply a Winsol item to it or some such combination. (FYI it was done in the past, so don't let old apps confuse you. The kibosh was put on. It is pining for the fjords. It is no more. It has ceased to be.)
  • Newbie Raffles. If you joined the site within the last 12 months, you are a "newbie" and eligible for the special newbies only raffles. The only way to earn entries into the Newbie Raffles is via IC/OOC posts to the board. (Points vary. Refer to official threads.) The Rub: Someone who joined at the end of November this year will probably have fewer entries than someone who joined in December of the year prior. Nevertheless, both writers will only have access to the Newbie Raffles in the current year and never again thereafter. At least next Winter of Writers you'll have a lot more points to work with.
  • Charity Raffles. Everyone (Newbie or not) can participate in the Charity Raffles. The only way to earn entries to the Charity Raffles is to donate real cashmoney to one of the approved charities.
  • Things change. Always refer to the official posts for current information on this stuff.

General Recommendations:
  • Newbies: Make friends early and don't hesitate to show interest in plots and characters.
    It can be a drag to have a snowball's chance in hell of winning anything because you're new. But folks who have faith that you'll stick around and interact with them might be more inclined to hook you up. There were a couple writers last year who gave out quite a few items. Now I ain't suggesting that you take advantage of this or beg for folks to buy you stuff, I'm just saying it might be useful to be less shy and get into the game sooner rather than later.
  • Budget and/or Research.
    How much are you willing to spend on an item? If you get it, can you afford other items you want or that Discard a Roll from the shop for your new app? A little foresight might save you a headache.

Auction Recommendations:
  • Check who's around.
    Even if the Users Online shows no one around, believe me, some folks are lurking without being signed in. HBC has access to a "hidden" status, but it will still say "X Hidden Users" or some such. You might not know which one of them it is, but at least you'll know how many of them are about. (If they're not lurking while not signed in, same as anyone.) So what you see isn't exactly indicative. However, you can find out where users are by clicking "# Guests, # Users (X Buddies)" immediately underneath the "Users Online" heading (Bottom of the front page). Try it. (Must be logged in for it to work.) This way if someone's camping a page because they intend to snipe, you may be able to see that you will be fighting with at least X amount of people for it. Related: You can load up a more recent tab to fool folks about where you are. My understanding is that the most recent page you loaded is the one that shows on the list of who's where. Either way, if anyone didn't know about this before, they do now, and you shouldn't trust what you see no matter what! ;)
  • If you really want to win an item, you really need to be there when the auction ends.
    There's a ton of last-minute action on the fancier items. Don't take for granted that your high bid will win. This ain't eBay, someone can bid one point higher than you and nab it.
  • Prioritize items during the Silent Auctions.
    I'm not telling you what to do, but do this. You don't have an amazing chance at winning more than one of the more coveted items since those will probably come down to the last few seconds. As far as timing, bid on the items you want the least first. (This is if you're waiting until the last minute to bid.) If you want these items least, other people might feel the same way. Those other people might not be refreshing any windows except their favorite item so you have a better chance of getting less valuable items without following the auction down to the last seconds. You want your favorite item to be last as you want to be the closest to the time the auction closes with your bid. Might not be as difficult to get a Double Random Birthright Roll as a more valuable item so you may be able to sacrifice some time there. The Flash Auctions happen one at a time so you don't have to worry about this during those.
  • Consider waiting til the last minute to show interest in an item.
    My thinking is that it's better to let folks get comfortable with the idea that they might be one of few people interested in an item. If they're smart, they won't take anything for granted as I've said, but hey, if it's an easy effort, why not?
  • Don't be too last minute if you can't afford to.
    Use your best judgment here. Whether or not you have slower internet speeds, sometimes pages take longer to load. If your post data doesn't make it to the server in time, you might find that your bid in the last few seconds was too late anyhow. (Last year some folks did put in bids after the auction ended so it does happen.) If you want to be super prepared (and probably overdo it) you can stop all streaming and porn downloads to ensure your internet is prepared to send that post quick-like.
  • Don't get goaded into a point battle early on.
    If someone seems dead set on one-upping you, consider not responding right away. You'll just be raising the cost of the item for the both of you. You may be able to get it cheaper if you ignore their aggressive posturing, let their last bid stand, and save your own efforts for the last hurrah. They're unlikely to continue to outbid only themselves. (Not saying they won't, bc trollers gonna troll!) There's at least one active player who admits to bidding for the sole purpose of making you spend more money so that you have less money to bid against them on other items. (Dick move, sure, but can't lie and say it's not a good strategy!)
  • Disable post warnings. (MOST Important tip, IMO)
    Go to your profile. Click "Modify Profile" and select "Look and Layout." Scroll down, check the box that says "Don't warn on new replies made while posting." Long story short: If you camp an item in order to snipe it at the last second, the board will not register your post if any other post has been added to the thread since you clicked reply. (Basically, if someone else waits until the last 30 seconds to post but you wait until the last 10, your post won't get added and you may not have time to post again before the auction is over.) If this doesn't make sense to you, do this anyways, there's no reason not to. Trust me on this.

I've purposefully not gone into too much detail because things are prone to change and because the most reliable sources of information are the official threads. I'm not site staff; I'm just another writer and an information junkie who would have been glad to read some of this before going into it last year.

My name is Starling and I approve of this message.

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Re: Winter of Writers Guide for Newbies
« Reply #1 on: Dec 08, 17, 08:00:47 PM »
My name is Dash and I approve this message.

Very helpful information!
Email:   Discord: Dash#6159


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Re: Winter of Writers Guide for Newbies
« Reply #2 on: Oct 30, 18, 10:30:33 AM »
This is still good info!  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker