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Author Topic: BR Hunger Games II: More Blood  (Read 398 times)

Description: For 2018

Offline Dash

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BR Hunger Games II: More Blood
« on: Mar 12, 18, 02:48:43 PM »
All of your characters are locked in a room and want to kill each other. Who wins? Who dies first? Who falls in love with one of their rivals before HAVIN TO GIVE UP THEIR LIFE FOR THEIR LOVED ONE?!?!?!?!

Have fun, be mean to your own characters and consider who's your bad ass.
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Re: BR Hunger Games II: More Blood
« Reply #1 on: Mar 12, 18, 03:01:11 PM »
There's a lot of stuff and plotting and betrayals and double-crosses and colluding, but they don't end up doing much. See, Val makes a solid argument; we all need to work together to kill Endevar Ranosi. Agreeing with him, they make the attack.

The main problem they have is none of them are women to seduce Endevar, and also none of them had all the information, colluding with Senon on accident. Senon goes to Endevar and confides the plan.

Knowing its coming, and with his main weakness of sex out of the way, he power bolts Malcolm, Akan and then Cristian. Then I think he just Palpatine Lightnings everyone for having the audacity to stand against him, except Senon, who he leaves alone.

With Endevar's guard down, Senon forces a knife through his brother's back, and whispers he's sorry. As Endevar begins to bleed out, he clenches his hand in a fist, crushing Senon into a small ball of fleshy pulp. Endevar dies, cursing the Decastas for the last time.

Porter, hiding in his Faraday Cage, survives the electricity just fine, then looks around and realizes everyone else is dead. He vomits at the sight of all this blood, and then he thanks the judges for letting him leave, and goes back to work.

Final Count:
Endevar: 17
Senon Decasta: 1
Everyone else, including Porter: 0

Offline Dany

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Re: BR Hunger Games II: More Blood
« Reply #2 on: Mar 12, 18, 06:09:57 PM »
They all stand around uncomfortably for a long, tense moment.  Ranseur and Falx stare each other down, both waiting for the other to strike as Keels sits back, studying the room.

Aleia stands close to Keels, watching the room with her hands carefully tucked against the flat plain of her bodice as Darius and Boomslang stand side by side, Darius shushing Boomslang quietly.  Reem stands to Darius's left, a slow smile on her face.

Shaymus and Withnail look confused and scared as Archibald clears his throat for them to step forward.

While they are all standing around, waiting for someone to make the first move, Petal slips in and slits the throat of everyone in the room with a flick of her wrist and the rustle of leaves.

Standing amongst the pile of bodies and the saturated, slowly spreading puddle of blood, Petal turns to look at Keels who is still standing there, unharmed.

Both bow to each other.  Each depart through a separate door.
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Offline Lochlan

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Re: BR Hunger Games II: More Blood
« Reply #3 on: Mar 13, 18, 02:32:35 AM »
Tributes! Assemble!

 (Izil Jofari, Noah Langevin, Raziel Cavallero, Peter Nasarov and Maxim Constantin.)

Oh dear. So few. BEGIN!

- Minute 1 -

Izil (PD ~ S) tries to arrange an alliance with Raziel (BO ~ Red). While that happens Peter (Landen) and Noah (Landen) immediately declare an alliance. Raziel laughs. Maxim (SS ~ BO) likes Noah, sniffs at Peter and suspiciously eyes Izil. He gets nervous at the sight of Raziel.

The Izil/Raziel alliance immediately go after Maxim. Peter vanishes and Noah is left to scramble to a corner having no clue where Peter went. Maxim points out to Raziel that Izil deals in slaves and is a piece of shit. The Izil/Raziel alliance ends when Raz beheads Izil and uses the skull as a rock to bludgeon Maxim with.

- Minute 2 -

A big boom occurs and everyone is blinded. Peter backstabs Raziel with a knife stabbing twice in the armpit. Noah screams. Maxim blasts the direction of the scream but misses as Noah has already scrambled to another corner. Raziel unleashes his Red, Maxim breaks his Blood Opal to shield the landens breaking him back to Summer Sky.

Raziel suddenly bursts into flames from a tincture from Peter's vest pocket. Maxim grabs Peter, who is dodging Raziel and faceplants him onto the ground and begins to ground and pound. Raziel flails from the fire and Noah scurries to yet another corner, picking up Peter's knife as he does and throws it at Maxim. Maxim gets konked on the head, drops Peter and runs in circles around the room after Noah. Peter is KOed.

- Minute 3 -

Raziel, putting the fire out, reaches the Killing Edge and uses Izil's decapitated corpse as a baseball bat and haymakers Maxim while the latter chases after Noah. Maxim kicks in Raziel's kneecap and breaks the bone sending the Warlord Prince to the ground. Raziel uses his Blood Opal against Maxim who shields himself and alternate ground and pounds. Noah recessitates Peter.

- Minute 4 -

Raziel manages to overwhelm Maxim and breaks his neck. Peter and Noah regain their footing and use the time the Blood are fighting to plan their next move.

- Minute 5 -

Raziel fixates on Peter who explodes him in another gulf of flame from a tincture in his pocket. Raziel tries to blow up Peter with his Blood Opal but fails to be knocked out by a konk by Noah who is too weak to 1 hit-KO even with the butt of a knife. Raziel's quarry shifts to Noah, who shrieks and hides behind Maxim's dead body which Raziel immediately disintegrates. Peter backstabs Raziel by slicing through his leg tendons but doesn't phase Raziel. Raziel bear hugs Peter who is now engulfed in flames.

- Minute 6 -

Peter Stop, Drop and Rolls (tm) but his face is crushed by Raziel's foot. Noah hides under Izil's discarded corpse. Raziel descends from the edge back to normalcy.

- Minute 7 -

Noah offers Raziel a truce to find the Staffers responsible for locking them up and making them kill each other stating that it's illegal under Blood Law in their respective Territories to force them to do so. Raziel blows out the room wall and goes hunting for Dash. Noah escapes.

WINNER: ....Noah?

Online Reid

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Re: BR Hunger Games II: More Blood
« Reply #4 on: Mar 13, 18, 07:02:20 AM »
Lyoshka goes first, because while he really wants everyone in the room dead it's not ethical to murder people just because he doesn't like them, so basically yeah bye bish.

Tyr offs himself because he doesn't want to hurt anybody and also, he's old. Melany gets upset and offs Scar because Eyriens are terrible and it's clearly his fault, but not before Scar offs Kibeth, Dare, and Kostya. He was going to go after Saiph because Queens are the greatest threat, but Melany got him first, which is good, because if she hadn't gotten him, Iskander would have.

Everyone is pretty blindsided by the fact that the Black went so easy so nobody's really on the ball to stop Claudia fucking up their shit, goaded on by Artur. She's not good at combat Craft but a Sapphire Black Widow can make a pretty deep dent. She takes out Aria (teach YOU to halfheartedly plot murder on Riley) Erika, Marie-Odile, Tanner, and Sebastian (to spare him the pain obviously) before the Saiph-Iskander duo takes her down.

While all this has been going down, Anamelech has been trying to make an alliance happen with Cora, Clark, Juliet, and Obscenity. Which backfires because she's Sabbah and Saiph wants her dead, so, dead. Cora, Juliet, and Clark go too. So does Obscenity, but she takes Iskander with her.

Jean-Isidore had therapy and doesn't feel so great about doing ultraviolence, but he doesn't want to die so he goes toe-to-toe with Pisces, who previously thought this was Awesome and Artistic and Cultured, and wins it. That reminds him what's what and he takes out Schulyer, Eve, and Kaatje. He hesitates when it comes to Judith, because he doesn't want to hurt a Healer. She breaks his nose and then his neck for his trouble.

Judith has teamed up with Minerva for the moment. Saiph is solo now but as a Sapphire Black Widow Priestess Queen she's one of the scariest people on the field. Melany fucked off somewhere after killing Scar. Still unaccounted for: Seung, Nova, Arkadie, Artur, Aleksy, Haneul, and Dana.

Y'all know that Seung isn't cool with killing women and especially not Queens. He's also not okay with killing his son. So he fucks off to duke it out with Artur. Artur's got the Jewel edge but that's it. Seung's rusty but all the skill in the world can't overcome a difference of 1100 years of warrioring, so Artur puts up a great fight and then he fucking dies. He groups back up with Haneul, who in the meantime handled Dana, who had been low-key covering for Aleksy, who is still nowhere to be seen because sight shields are Useful.

Arkadie has used her time wisely and set up a trap. It turns Haneul on Seung. Seung's already weakened from fucking up a Red Jewel earlier and Haneul kills his dad, then gets brain-nuked by the web Arkadie used. Saiph reacts to this nonsense by offing Arkadie using her superior Jewel strength and some Priestessy tricks. Only she's still blind and doesn't see Nova coming.

Judith and Minerva have been biding their time. Melany is still around. Nova seems like the clear winner, except Aleksy is still not there.

Obviously Nova nukes Melany, Judith, and Minerva. She goes to leave, obviously they won't let her out because she's not the last one alive. Touching the doorknob activated Aleksy's trap-web, which siphons off Nova's Jewels, breaks them, and then Aleksy cuts her throat from behind.

So: Aleksy wins! Thanks Voda for the murder lessons!

Melany: 1
Judith: 1
Seung: 1
Solo Saiph: 1
Haneul: 1.5
Arkadie: 1.5
Scar Kills: 3
Jean-Isidore: 4
Nova: 4
Claudia: 5
Saiphkander: 7

Online DragonGirl

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Re: BR Hunger Games II: More Blood
« Reply #5 on: Mar 13, 18, 01:42:42 PM »
1st few minutes:

Elenor uses her special vanishing act to become invisible and undetectable. No one realizes she was even here. Mehdi and Naya make an alliance and are immediately killed by Petra who has no interest in the puny Pruuligans. Jasper takes to the sky to observe the situation behind a Red Shield. Alis shields Arietta and pulls her off into the woods. Moe convinces Petra he can be useful to her.

Next few days:

Alis and Arietta end up hiding in a cave. Jasper decides he wants nothing to do with any of this, but Petra decides she wants to go after him. Moe helps her plot and together they trap Jasper by pinning his wings. Petra breaks his shields after a long battle and Moe kills him, then turns around and backstabs Petra while her Jewels are drained fighting Jasper.

Moe goes hunting. Finds Alis and Arietta and instead of trying to kill him puts up his hands and asks for an alliance. Elenor, who has been watching all this from the shadows and saw him betray Petra gives Alis warning over a psychic thread. Alis kills Moe.

The three remaining women call a truce and try to break the system by refusing to fight each other.

The environment starts trying to kill them. Alis dies first by eating something poisonous. Arietta and ELneor survive a bit longer, but in the end, Arietta almost gets killed by a killer vine until Elenor tries to protect her and gets caught instead.

Arietta thinks she's won, and cheers and the vines catch her too.

End result:

Arietta's monkey survives as the victor!

Petra: 3
Jasper: 0
Moe: 1
Mehdi: 0
Naya: 0
Alis: 1
Arietta: 0

Monkey: always wins.
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Re: BR Hunger Games II: More Blood
« Reply #6 on: Mar 14, 18, 09:54:32 AM »
-- I realized while writing this that I have far too many pacifists in this group --

Adam tries to use entangling vines or some spell like that to keep Ash away from him but fails. Ash eats Adam and then attacks Jakob. Jakob manages to keep him away but Tariq sneaks up from behind and skewers Jakob, apologizing with, "It's nothing personal." Willow repays the sneakiness by stabbing Tariq with her snake tooth. She then casts a Seduction spell on Zephyrus that makes him horny for EVERYTHING and laughs as she watches him try to hump Solstice, who screams in uncharacteristic panic and runs. Her scream causes Eskandar to whirl around and Solstice impales herself on Eskandar's khanjar.

Basile convinces Jean-Baptiste that Bashir is a threat because of that foul mouth. Bashir wounds JB but is ultimately no contest against the enraged Warlord Prince.

Lydia refuses to get her hands dirty and Shields herself with her Red during the initial fracas, calmly filing her nails. Andrei leans against a wall and does the same thing, except he smokes a cigarette.

Petre hides in a cabinet somewhere.

Svala and Sirrah duke it out with archery. Sirrah's falcon distracts Svala and she takes an arrow to the knee but Sirrah catches one in her ribs and falls.

Valeska tries to hide in the same cabinet that Petre is in but is found by Rodrigo, who zaps her with the controlling ring. He then finds Petre and melts his little Landen brain with one flick of Craft.

Vengeance and Tempest team up to kill Ash (because he's Brood), then Rodrigo (because he's a misogynistic jerk), and then a rampaging JB (because he's rabid).

Tempest puts an arrow through Basile's throat for calling her "dear".

Shaula saunters up to Andrei and tries to seduce him because he has the most AMAZING hair. Andrei entertains her and tricks her into getting high. Willow makes a beeline towards the pair (because OMG DRUGS!) to join in. Andrei convinces the two women to have sex with each other and compels Willow to poison Shaula at the height of orgasm. A very high Willow then turns her sexual sights on a still surprised Eskandar. Andrei watches with malevolent glee as Willow poison-fucks poor Eskandar. 

Signe attempts to organize either an alliance or an escape, gathering the poor unfortunate souls of Dinah, Cassian, Magdalena, and Itzelian behind her. Yserian says "FUCK YOU GLACIAN!" and kills Signe. Cassian tries to punish Yserian for killing a Queen by reverse healing her but Yserian blasts her apart. Itzelian, surprisingly, manages to split Yserian open (oops?), though she wails, "GROSS!" just like any teenager does.

Zephyrus is still trying to hump anything that's still moving. Poor Magdalena. Svala tries to shoot Zephyrus, misses, and hits Magdalena instead. Zephyrus, unfazed, tries to go after Svala, who lodges an arrow in his groin first, and then one in his rib cage.

Azar calls Falen a winged monstrosity and gets turned into a pillar of salt. And then set on fire.

Lydia is still filing her nails. As Vengeance turns on her, she weaves a pleasant little compulsion spell and orders Vengeance to attack Svala, because fuck the Underground. Svala put up a valiant fight but eventually falls. Tempest, realizing that she has no choice, kills Vengeance to stop her from being Lydia's evil minion.

Itzelian tries to take on Lydia because how dare she force someone like that but falls to the same spell. Dinah is slaughtered by the young Shaladorian Queen. Then, smiling with perverse amusement, Lydia commands Itzelian to slit her own throat because Eyriens are disgusting creatures.

Falen attacks Lydia with Tempest assisting. Lydia baits Falen into a power blast that sideswipes Tempest instead, knocking her into Andrei, who has gone back to fucking Willow. Annoyed at the interruption, Andrei tosses Tempest across the room, cracking her skull against the wall.

Lydia and Falen continue to duke it out until Lydia manages to wrap a seduction spell around him, thinking to lure him into sex and then killing him. Falen stabs himself, preferring death to having sex with Lydia.

Almost done with Willow, Andrei chokes her before she can snake tooth stab him. As she crumples to the floor, Lydia hits him with a seduction spell. Andrei lures her into thinking that he's really into her, countering her spells with his own. Since the Priestess has never had any sort of drugs before, Andrei manages to slip something into her (hell if I know everything he deals in), and gets the upper hand of the situation.

Andrei convinces her that she should suck him off and then go jump out a window to her death because she now has wings (drugs are fun mmkay?) and can fly. After she does so, he lights a cigarette and notices that he has blood on his shiny shoes.

"Son of a bitch," he mutters, as he glides out.

Vengeance won the body count with 4.
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