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Author Topic: Voda  (Read 1232 times)

Description: Meet Joe Black.

Offline Ciprian Voda

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    • Yes, but why's the rum gone?!

« on: Feb 22, 15, 12:24:57 AM »

Ciprian Voda, known to most simply as Voda, is a Prince with a Green Offering who serves as the Steward in the First Circle of Caecian, a district in the Tulzbrujah Province of Dena Nehele. While this summation is one hundred percent true, it is lightyears from the truth of whom the man is. He is a reformed alcoholic, a man who had to learn to drink whiskey instead of his sorrows in order to survive, and then water instead of whiskey in order to truly live. The Queen to whom the Darkness bound him was killed when he was just entering manhood, and the scar of her loss still weighs heavily on his heart now, even more than a decade later. He is a man who set aside everything that society told him should matter when that same society stole from him the only thing that he felt did matter. He is a Myos Guildsman, a man extensively trained to discretely answer society's thirst for blood, one assassination contract at a time. He is a man adrift, torn now between the muted colors of the life he built for himself as a Guildsman, and the more vibrant, more painful, but more fulfilling life he is learning to inhabit as a member of Sheyla Grey's court.

He is a man caught between the harshness of reality and the seductive lure of potential, between the gritty streets of Bidea and the fine trappings of the Caecian estate, where Sheyla Grey promises to be the Queen that Dena Nehele has been starving for. Skillful ruses have thus far kept the two halves of his life from crossing one another, but he cannot juggle both the Myos and a Queen like Sheyla forever, not to mention the Shaos woman from Sheyla's court whom he's taken as a lover. Some days it feels like Voda has won the chance to start over, to begin a new life with Celina and Sheyla in Caecian. But Voda knows better than anyone that life is not that romantic, and that some day soon, his secrets will no longer be content to remain safely hidden away.

The Modern Man's Hustle.
The murder business is a thriving one in Dena Nehele. So much so that Ciprian Voda - in the guise of Ghost, a Myos assassin - has farmed out some information-gathering work to the Shaos Guild. In this thread, Ghost shows up to pick up his intel only to find that the Shaos have sent him an unorthodox courier.

The Dangers Of A Double Life.
Lucien Glassade, father of the missing territory queen Darcia Glassade, schedules a pair of meetings in the same night. One with the Prince of ill-repute Ciprian Voda, and one with the shady Myos called Ghost. He makes propositions to both, unaware that they are, in fact, the same man.

The Candles Blew And Then Disappeared.
Though Ghost accepted both of Lucien Glassade's contracts, they bother him. He makes the unusual decision to subvert one of the contracts instead of completing it, and commissions one of Rilandra Vlas' loyal men to help him do it.

The Curtains Flew And Then He Appeared.
Ghost reluctantly carries out Glassade's second contract, one demanding the life of the High Priestess Flavia Beklea. The Priestess and Ghost converse for a time before the deed, and strike a deal wherein Ghost obtains permission from Flavia to make a statement with her corpse once the matter is done.

She Had Become Like They Are.
Darcia Glassade has been returned to Bidea, and a Winsol feast has been devoted to the celebration of that fact. The revelry of the Bidean aristos is abruptly halted, however, when the main course is revealed. An anonymous statement from Ghost leaves a foul taste in the mouths of many.

It's A Celebration, Witches!
Ciprian Voda travels to Vaslui, the seat of Little Caecian, to attend the coronation gala of the new Queen there. The district is near to his family's home but more importantly, it's the new home of Sheyla Grey, the young queen whom Lucien Glassade has hired Voda to spy upon. Voda and Sheyla meet for the first time.

But The Ghosts That We Knew Will Flicker From View.
Intrigued by the mysterious past of Sheyla Grey and her court, Ghost returns to Bidea to commission the young Shaos Jayden Matthews on a matter he prefers to keep out of the hands of the guild at large.

Don't Cry For Me, Dena Nehele.
Voda is becoming increasingly aware of his discontent with his life as an assassin. Dena Nehele needs more from her people than what they have been giving, and Voda knows this includes himself as much as anyone else. While his loyalty to the Myos is too strong for him to attempt to walk away, he petitions the Myos Guildmaster, Shade, for a leave of absence while he sorts out his personal issues.

Silence Lends A Face To The Soul.
Jayden Matthews, the Shaos apprentice Voda had contracted to dig up information about Sheyla's people, meets with Voda to relay all that he's found. The two have a tense moment when Jayden is reluctant to mention the involvement of a disgraced ex-Shaos named Celina Voss, who disappeared with Sheyla after having been contracted to kidnap the young queen years ago. The conversation also reveals that the young Matthews has apparently found his queen in Sheyla Grey.

Cemetary Stones.
Sheyla Grey sends her third circle courtier Illyana Page to the Voda family estate, where she is to sample the offerings from the vineyards there in hopes of finding a vintage suitable to be named the official libation of Sheyla's reign. Simultaneously, Sheyla sends her ex-Shaos guardian and caretaker Celina Voss to the Voda family estate to try and suss out the answers to the questions Ciprian Voda left mysteriously unanswered at his first meeting with the Queen. Both Illyana and Celina are enchanted by the Voda estate and its welcoming air, and perhaps as well by the family's handsome heirs.

All These Promises, These Promises And Lies.
After deducing that Illyana (whom Jayden's research had made Voda consider might in fact be Voss in disguise) had only come to his family's estate to try and snoop into his personal affairs, Voda decides to cut out the middle-woman. While Illyana sleeps in at the Voda estate, Voda makes an early morning trip back to Vaslui, where he and Sheyla talk, and eventually agree that he will serve as her Steward. Voda confesses that he was initially sent by a Bidean aristo to spy on Sheyla, but asserts that it is nothing aside from Sheyla herself and the hope she inspires that has convinced him to stay. Voda surprises himself with how true the words are.

Sweet Turning Sour And Untouchable.
Celina returns to Vaslui to find that Voda has beaten her there, and that Voda and Sheyla have all but reached a decision about his service without her. She is displeased.

If You Could Only See.
A bit of verbal sparring turns into actual sparring between Voda and Celina. Celina says something that crosses a line with Voda, who must then deal with a sharper influx of anger than he's experienced in some time.

The Beast You've Made Of Me.
Overcome by the sudden flood of emotion summoned by Celina's comments, Voda discovers that there is much about his own past that he has not dealt with as properly as he should have. He nearly loses control of himself, but seeks out Sheyla instead. Despite not being bound to her, her Queen's Touch is enough to easily pull him back from teetering next to the Killing Edge.

With Words We Build And Words We Break.
Voda and Celina make amends after their tense last parting.

Running To Ground.
Intuition leads Voda to discover a mysterious spy hidden in the Vaslui estate. While investigating, he finds that Celina has been drawn in to investigate as well. One of two conspirators is caught, but a Black Widow referred to only as Irina manages to escape. In the aftermath, Voda reveals to Celina that he is aware of her true identity, and the two resolve to work more cohesively together to protect Sheyla. Of course, because they are conversing for a length of time, someone eventually says something a little too snarky. The two leave with a slightly chilled air between them, despite a heated kiss earlier in the evening.

I Was Searching For A Breath of Life.
A set of glyphs is found carved into the wood of the cellar where the spies had been working, and Voda calls Celina in to see if anything from her training can help her decipher them. After establishing that that isn't the case, Voda and Celina's conversation turns (again) to a disagreement. For once, though they finally argue long enough to get to some sensitive truths about their interest in one-another.

Never Even Heard A Word I Said.
Sheyla returns from a trip to Bidea with frightening news of her time there. She and Voda share a rare tender moment while she explains that she met her first bonded male while in Bidea, and subsequently had to rescue him from a perilous situation involving a torturer and a building on fire. Celina and the boy were left with a private healer in Bidea, and Sheyla tasks Voda with looking out for their safety while they recover. Oh, and also with planning a Winsol gala the likes of which Caecian had not yet seen.

Visiting Hours.
Voda goes to Bidea to check on the recovering Celina and the mysterious new male of Sheyla's. He discovers that the male is none other than Jayden Matthews, the Shaos apprentice he'd contracted as Ghost.

Scars From Battles Nobody Won.
Celina and Voda finally quit bickering long enough to have sex.

Seasons Don't Fear The Reaper.
Voda's position as Sheyla's Steward puts him in the position of preparing the young Shaos male her Sheyla's care for the necessities of court.

Sneaking Gets You Nowhere But Ahead.
Jayden's snooping nearly gets him the sort of life lesson he wouldn't soon forget.

I'm Just A Villain Vying For Attention
Sheyla throws a party at the Caecian estate, and a variety of Dena Nehelians attend to celebrate her ascension to the District throne.

You Are The Way That I Know
Voda runs into Sway, one of his old Myos mentors, and notes that she seems out of sorts. Since Sway is NEVER out of sorts as far as he knows, he takes this to mean something is quite amiss. Sway's too cool to accept help, but Voda leaves the offer of it on the table.

The Mirror Has Two Faces
Voda approaches Celina about some suspicions of his, and she confesses her recent conscriptiong into service as the Hand of the Guild Master. The two then discuss what that development will mean in regards to protecting Sheyla.

We Survived The Flames, You And I
Voda is tasked with transporting Sway from safehouse to safehouse, and on the way he gets a little caught up on what's going on with the wily Myos.

The Strength Of A Thousand Jewels
Rilandra Vlas has stepped up to claim the Territory throne of Dena Nehele. She and the Guild Master summon the courts and the guilds all, and it's revealed that the Guild Master and Riley have reached an accord and will work together to support her rule.

Make Like A Tree.
When Riley's decree for the guilds to no longer accept contracts on the lives of Queens fails to stop the Myos from making an attempt on Sheyla's life, Voda is rocked. Though the first such attempt is thwarted, Voda understands the court will not enjoy such wins indefinitely. He sets a bold plan in action to save Sheyla's life, one that may wind up alienating him permanently from the Queen he's vowed to protect.

Trade Them In For Dollar Bills
Once Voda has procured an escort for Sheyla in an old friend named Toma, Voda seeks out the Little Terreillian Steward to try and arrange an expedited process to get Sheyla out of Gate City.

Got A Pocket Full Of Rainbows
Sheyla, Aleksy, Voda and Toma meet with Jonothan Harmaa, the Steward of Little Terreille. Harmaa agrees to appoint Sheyla to a District seat, and the refugees escape Gate City at last.

Ghost-makers And Ghosts
While waiting for their exit from Gate City, Voda and Aleksy have a conversation about what's happened and what is yet to come. Aleksy asks Voda to teach her to kill so that she will be better equipped to help protect Sheyla, and Voda agrees.

Inject Sunshine In My Veins
The tension between Sheyla and Voda comes to a head, and the pair address some unresolved issues between them. Confessions are made on both sides, with Sheyla revealing the twisted history of her family, and Voda finally confessing his attachment to the Myos Guild.

These Friends, They Don't Love You
Sheyla and her triangle receive a visit from the Jonothan Harmaa and the Queen of Little Terreille, Amerys Tiernan. The Queens discuss their hopes for Little Terreille and Little Vaasa, and Voda and Harmaa discuss Voda's taking-on of some extra-curricular activities as a favor to the court.

The Worse You, Do The Better It Gets
Aleksy seeks out Voda to make good on his promise to help her learn how to make ghosts.