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Author Topic: Valor Tanithil  (Read 436 times)

Description: Reaper of the Black Court

Offline Valor Tanithil

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Valor Tanithil
« on: Jan 04, 17, 06:40:58 PM »
{Valor Tanithil}
{Reaper of the Black Court}



Valor Tanithil has spent much of his life in the service of his Queen, Gale Galoneth, as her shadowed killer. Without her, his life is meaningless. While he strives to be a good son, a compassionate friend, and a worthy lover, he can’t deny the beast lurking in his soul, lying in wait to spill fresh blood.

When his Queen places a name on the Red List, it is Valor’s job to cross it off.


Until the Hasting Day Has Run - When Charisma is kidnapped, Valor meets up with Innocent, Flair, and Baelfire to rescue her.

Goodbye doesn't have to mean forever - Valor encounters Innocent when she comes to remove her sister's possessions.

Black Bird Fly Away - The day after the Brood attack on the Territory Court, Valor arrives at home to find his parents in the middle of discussion.


I Live With My Justice - Valor is summoned by Blade Amdir, First Escort and Bond-Brother, to attend to the wickedness of the Untamed called Nemesis Sigurd and his family. (TOTM-December 2016)

Wisdom in Accord - Valor and Innocent meet with Dragon Raedrimn and Adamant Sindorei regarding the Brood and addressing his new position

Visions of the Wolf in Lambskin - Lady Charisma Larethis reports an attack on her person to Valor, the Master of the Guard...and takes his measure as a suitor for her sister.

Of Queens, Dragons, and Assassins - Valor and  Innocent Galasrinion meet with Lady Allure Alindolea in the course of fulfilling his duties to Lady Gale.

The True Born and the True Death - The Black Castle is attacked by the Brood of the Trueborn and Valor fights to save Zephyr, is old friend.

Assassin's Truths and Dragon's lairs - Valor goes to Eddersea and meets with Innocent and Baelfire.

I needed a friend and I thought of you - Valor goes to visit Zephyr and tell her about his promotion.

Changing of the Guard - In the wake of Raven Elbereth’s transition to Seeker, Gale elevates Valor to Master of the Guard for the Black Court.

Headed Home - Valor has a talk with his mother, Solace.

We Need a Resolution - Valor and Thorn meet after their previous encounter and attempt to understand each other. (Mature, NSFW)

Just dreaming of tearing you apart - Valor and Lady Thorn have an explosive encounter when she makes him consider things he’d rather not.