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Author Topic: Valeria Moreno  (Read 400 times)

Description: Dhemlanese Black Widow

Offline Valeria Moreno

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      Fashion Designer

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      Dhemlan, Kaeleer

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Valeria Moreno
« on: Jul 22, 17, 01:08:13 AM »
So I got edges that scratch...



Valeria is a fashion designer who hasn't reached her 400th year yet... but that doesn't prevent her from striving for greatness.  She will stop at nothing to make her mark in the world - even if it means coming to the attention of those she'd rather avoid in order to get her claws into the Courts.


She's No Cinderella
Early Summer, 192ap
Rodrigo brings his new 'maid', Valeska, to the Lady Moreno to obtain more appropriate clothing for her.  Valeria has not noticed the slave collar for what it is, but she is delighted to work on anything that will assist the Lady Barbero's Court.  She is also delighted to receive the dinner invitation that Rodrigo offers her, and doubly enjoys allowing him to think he is manipulating her while doing so.

Just a Pinprick
Early Summer, 192ap
Taxet Montecristo, the male Black Widow, has shown up at the Seville Court to conduct business with Elena.  Rodrigo, being the over-bearing brother, is trying to intervene.  Through a rather happy set of circumstances, Valeria finds herself delivering Rodrigo's suit at just the right moment for Taxet to use Compulsion -- and use Valeria as a way to distract Rodrigo from his sister and her dealings.

Silk is Terrific
Spring, 192ap
Valeria meets Gregorio Zamora, a Landen who despises using Blood products.  But Gregorio is in need of a Tux, and so he has swallowed his disdain to approach her for the suit he is in need of.  She enjoys the sight of him, and needles him a little with her questions, suggestions, and terminology.