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Author Topic: Undine Licenius  (Read 422 times)


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Undine Licenius
« on: Nov 17, 16, 02:02:56 AM »
Undine Licenius
The Blind Queen


Born into wealth and privilege Undine should be a proud member of the elite society in Hayll. A queen born into the 100 families; except for one small detail- she was born blind. Instead she has been shipped off to rule two small villages in the Mutina Province of Faro.

Her days are routine and , outside of missing her bonded prince, fulfilling.  That is until Hayll's own turmoil spills into her carefully controlled world....

~Coming Soon~


Small Hands are Ok... Winter of 191
  • Undine's solo thread:  Just a thread getting into her head and figuring out what makes her tick.
Takes the Day offWinter of 191
  • Characters: Undine Licenius, Danae Agrippa, Leviticus Agrippa
  • Plot Summary: Invited to the last place she needs to be Undine spends a free afternoon with Senator Agrippa's sister. Here she finds an ally to her cause and the chance to poke at the Senator a bit more with her own sense of twisted humor and political maneuverings.
In Search of New Dreams Winter of 191
  • Characters: Undine Licenius, Danae Agrippa, Leviticus Agrippa, Aron Vallas, and Zephyrus Licenius
  • Plot Summary: Danae's charity ball where the elite rub elbows with hopes to rub a bit more later. Undine accidentally opens herself up to further social dealings with the Agrippa family and also makes an unexpected discovery.
Best Frienemies Forever Spring of 190
  • Characters: Undine Licenius & Michaela Augustus-Tibault
  • Plot Summary: Seeking the doubled edge advice of her former mentor and Queen of Faro; Undine delves further into her personal phobias about ruling as well as her position in Hayllian society.
Puppy Love Autumn of 191
  • Characters: Solo Thread / Mentions of Livius Licenius
  • Plot Summary: Undine's personal growth and development along with the way people often connect better with their pets through times of crisis. From purchasing the shepherd; through the trials of puppy life, and the comforts of having that one friend who won't share secrets this thread moves through the stages of Undine's transitioning from content shadow dweller to a new player in Hayll.
A Time For Lions Summer of 191
  • Characters: Undine Licenius & Terzo Ortana
  • Plot Summary: Sought out by Opus Populi leader Terzo Ortana during her weekly charity event Undine is exposed to the truths of her privileged. The sheltered curtain ripped away along with excuses she has made for her complacency.
Lady Brains Winter of 191
  • Characters: Undine Licenius, Danae Agrippa, and Livius Licenius (NPC)
  • Plot Summary: Spurred by her conversation with Prince Ortana; Undine has decided to venture into the political waters and make her caste work for her. Paired with Danae, the socialite and favored sister of rising Senator Agrippa, they discuss plans to enlist another prominent Senator to introduce legislation to the Senate and start making their own careers in the political field of Hayll.
Livius Licenius: Purple Dusk to Green Warlord Prince: (pending character completion) Her cousin and closest thing to a First Escort he has been her friend and tutor for decades.

Zephyrus Licenius: Rose to Opal Prince: Her twin brother, younger by mere moments and once closest friend. Since their Descent offering something has been strained in their relationship. Despite knowing they love each other the distance between them seems insurmountable.

Senator Gaetano Accorsi: Rose to Blood Opal Prince: Her bonded Prince despite the age and physical difference between them. Undine is determined to become a Queen deserving of the Senator and inspired by his mindful policies works towards improving her two villages as best she can.