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Author Topic: Tyella Chiaro  (Read 3503 times)

Description: The Theatre of a Broken Queen

Offline Tyella Chiaro

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Tyella Chiaro
« on: Jan 07, 12, 07:39:37 PM »
The Theatre of a Broken Queen


TOTM - June 2011 - Bright Lights that Cast a Shadow

Tyella is a Queen that was broken during the Purge. She had been slated to become the next Queen of Hayll had she survived that fateful day. Instead she was broken thoroughly from her Jewels and her chalice irrevocably damaged. Since then she had lived a quiet life within Draega, Hayll and is accompanied by her constant companion and former First Escort Terzo Ortega. Though she dabbles in politics when she's stable enough to follow them she has taken up a hobby of writing plays for a local theatre where she presents them. She's an odd witch who shows up in the strangest of places and without any sense of timing.

You Are More Than a Broken Doll, with Judas & Terzo
Tyella is visited by Judas Vidanic, Hayll's Shield, during opening night for one of her plays. Terzo's Warlord Prince instincts are triggered when he returns to his lady's box and discovers the scent of another Warlord Prince.

Broken Things, with Aloria Fidae
Tyella comes into contact with Aloria outside her theatre as the other woman escapes a poor date. The thread is incomplete.

The Hardest Gift, with Evelyn Vaca
Tyella comes into contact with Evelyn in the textile markets while she is escaping the leash of her ever present escort, Terzo. The thread is incomplete.

Bright Lights that Cast a Shadow, with Terzo Ortega
Terzo takes Tyella to the theatre for a night out. During the middle of the first act Tyella is upset over the fact that the play is one of her creations and was being presented without her approval. Her writing was something she considered to be truly private. After facing a confrontation with Terzo she learns that he has sold several plays to the theatre company to be performed. After viewing the backstage and the crowd's reaction she begins to see other's joy in her work and finally comes to terms with her private work being shown on stage.

Wanted Ads for Tyella:
Once and Futrue Court