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Author Topic: Trinetta Carreau  (Read 515 times)

Description: Bastia Representative - Chaillot

Offline Trinetta Carreau

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      Bastia Representative

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Trinetta Carreau
« on: Oct 25, 17, 05:32:32 PM »
Trinetta Carreau
Ahem... Gentlemen, please.  Decorum.


Trinetta is the professional and caring representative of the Bastia people, within the Southern part of the Isle.  She cares more about ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to work and eat than about who rules what - and she is quickly losing patience with their 'benevolent' rulers amongst the Blood.

Can We Come To An Accord
Basile Prejean has won the Rouen seat on the Council - and Trinetta is moving to congratulate him while also making tentative probes to determine just how much of a pain he might be to work with.  She's fairly certain that she won't like him much - but that isn't as important as finding a way to care for the Landen and Jewelless of Chaillot in this time of war.

War is Peace
Trinetta is attending a Council session, which she helped orchestrate, in order to attempt to find a way to deal with the crisis caused by the Blood's stupid civil war.  Dealing with both Basile and Daniel, however, proves to be more aggravating than she had expected. 

War Crimes!!
She has had quite enough of the hardships that the Civil War brings to the Landen and Jewelless, people who for the most part are innocent of anything having to do with this war.  Their food supply is dwindling as crops start to fail from the lack of the Queen's blessings, and the tithes have not been reduced in number despite the drop in production.  For this reason, Trinetta will sit down with the greatest Legal mind of their time... and perhaps find a way to cut both sides off at the knees.