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Author Topic: Tairi Kesket  (Read 560 times)

Description: Raejian Witch

Offline Tairi Kesket

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Tairi Kesket
« on: Feb 02, 17, 06:55:23 AM »
Justice is not always clean, but always is it beautiful.


  Tairi Kesket is half Pruulian, half Raejian.  While she has chosen to remain in Raej, she often travels to Pruul with her father at certain times of year to visit with his clan and see her brother.  She's a free spirit who dedicates herself to protecting Blood Children while their families work or study.
  She also has a secret that so far she has safely kept to herself... and few would ever suspect her of having a secret at all, let alone one so bloody as the one she has held to herself for the last seven years.

A Soul From Out The Shadow
It's been a few months since Tairi was approached by Saif Nassor, and she has used the ledger a few times to remove those she deems unworthy of breathing - and those he would like to see dead.  Her reflexes have improved, as have her tactics.  She's not nearly so blunt as she appears to be... at least not for those she will kill.

To Dance is to Court the Beast Inside...
A solo post wherein Tairi gleefully visits the Pruulian caravan that her father travels with, and results in dancing.  And perhaps obtain a new bedmate for the evening.

Not a Lot of Money in Revenge
For 3 months Tairi has been stewing on the problem she discovered was not just hyperbole -  some slavers DO go after those they can't be sure aren't native Raejians.  She'd killed that one... and she had witnesses to prove she had cause.  But what of the others?  There is no chance she could remove slavery from Raej, no matter how corrupt it might be.

So perhaps it's time to start killing off the slavers that break the rules.  That's her thought, and she's on the verge of making that choice when Rais Thuban manages to catch her attention and divert her before she makes a costly mistake.

Not All Poisons Are Deadly
It's amazing what can happen when the Rattlesnake, the Head of Imports himself, decides to take notice of you.  Tairi and Saif come to an... arrangement.  She doesn't get turned in, and he gets to have a witch who is all too willing to clean up the slave markets... even if she doesn't know WHY he is willing to allow her to do it.