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Author Topic: Roland Cade  (Read 562 times)

Description: First Escort of Little Terreille

Offline Roland Cade

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      First Escort

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      Little Terreille

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Roland Cade
« on: Jan 25, 17, 09:43:53 AM »
{Roland Cade}
{First Escort of Little Terreille}




Roland Cade is a rags-to-riches story come true. He grew up an orphan on the streets of Little Terreille and was destined to become just another statistic of that hive of scum and villainy. Fortunately, fate intervened in the form of two entrepreneurs who saw potential in the wild young Prince. Years of struggle and training shaped him from a young man barely suitable for polite company into a businessman with a million-mark smile and a charming personality.

Yet Roland still has his demons. He struggles to understand his Queen, Amerys Tiernan, and where he fits into her life. He's also wary of the new Steward of Little Terreille, Jonothan Harmaa and his right-hand woman, Hayden Sheane. Little Terreille has tipped into the Abyss and Roland isn't sure if they can bring it back.

But nothing worth doing is ever easy.


reminded me of everything they deprived me - Roland and Ripley run into the Gatekeepers and a fight breaks out. But they're about to get some unexpected back-up. (Occurs immediately after
First things first )

Punch Drunk and Saved by Bells - Roland pays a visit to Breck, the Master of the Guard, to discuss their working relationship as members of the Triangle.


First things first -Roland visits an old friend for information on a local gang.

wonder if they knew what they would grow to become - Roland flags down Jon to discuss a few projects for the Territory and take his measure.

Bite My Tongue and Hold My Breath - Roland and Amerys sit down and really talk out their issues, leading to a mending of their relationship.

your star is so sharp it leaves me jagged holes - Amerys and her Triangle visit Marchesa Talbot, Queen of Courtland Province, to take their measure.

Teachable Moments - Amerys and Roland meet Gustav Fyers, applicant for Territory Court Protocol Instructor.

A Moment of Your Time - Emily visits Roland to vent about their roles within the Territory Court.

Sort It Out - Roland and Amerys discuss their issues, leading to a new understanding between them.

can't see the forest for the trees - Roland sits in on a meeting with Jon, Amerys, and Hayden to decide the direction of Little Terreille going forward.

Sort It Out - Roland and Amerys discuss their issues, leading to a new understanding between them.

Money Between Friends - Roland goes to a business meeting expecting to gain a new asset. He finds his former employer, Laurel Gold, instead. Can the smooth-talking First Escort walk out of this one with his life (and his pride) intact?

not the homecoming I'd hoped for - A call for help leads Roland to discovering Mani's sister, who'd been sold into captivity looking for work. Roland is forced to confront his own demons while figuring out a way to help Lana.

where are we going to bury the bodies? - Roland, Amerys, and Emily go over the current situation.

Stone Hearts - Mani Omani, bonded male of Amerys Tiernan, has been kidnapped! It's up to Roland to find him while keeping Amerys calm.

Come at Me - Roland and Mani get to know each other.

The Mess We're In Now - Roland is incensed that he and Amerys have been "chosen" to lead Little Terreille as little more than puppets by Lord Harmaa.

the weak ones are there to justify the strong - Jonothan Harmaa has taken over Little Terreille. He arrives at Amerys's village to offer her, and Roland by extension, the opportunity of a lifetime.

Stopping by to Say... - In the aftermath of Logain Morr's fall, Roland is playing the angles and readying himself to elevate Amerys to a place he's always wanted her to be. They discuss how they'll relate to each other while not discussing the feelings between them.