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Author Topic: Sri Miller  (Read 410 times)


Offline Sri Miller

  • Character Account: Inactive
    • landen
    • female
    • Role

      "Assistant Cook"

    • Faction

      Ackley Academy

    • Territory

      Little Terreille

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Sri Miller
« on: Apr 16, 18, 05:49:10 PM »
· · · Sri Miller · · ·
To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.
Landen Female
· · ·
Spy Assistant Cook
· · ·
Sri is observant, detail-oriented, and nonverbal. After years of trying and failing to fit in with her family, she's found a place at Ackley Academy in Rockland Province– officially as the school's assistant cook, unofficially as a spy. It turns out that being underestimated is a powerful skill.
· Threads ·
In Progress
Keystone Thread
Spring 193
A Meeting With the Boss
with Moe · Sri is called into Moe's office to be talked at.
Summer 193
tu me parles, tu me suis, sans un geste, sans un bruit
with Vevina · Sri and Vevina are the same. title song.
An Introductory Course in WTF!
with Moe, Lisbet, Peter · The Great Winsol Caper: part one.
We are the Lucky Ones
with Casper · the best way to make friends is clearly to crash their music practice.
· Relationships ·
Vevina O'Clery · colleague  ·  ❤❤❤❤
by mu · Sri is 100% sure that she and Vevina are going to be best friends. Now she just has to convince Vevina.
Moe Striker · boss  ·  ❤❤❤
by DragonGirl · Sri is eternally grateful to Moe. But also a little scared of him.

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