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Author Topic: Signe Drachlan  (Read 584 times)

Description: the Queen of Flowers

Offline Signe Drachlan

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    • the Queen of Flowers

Signe Drachlan
« on: Sep 24, 17, 04:51:37 PM »
Signe Drachlan
the Queen of Flowers


Signe Drachlan has been in Rihland for over two decades, an unwilling exile who has decided to create a haven for people like her in the district of Avorla. Her life has not been easy but Signe possesses an enduring and resourceful spirit that has enabled her to carve out a special place in the shifting climate of Rihland.

Despite living in Rihland, Signe's estate, like most of Avorla, maintains a Glacian style of architecture, with multiple buildings used for various purposes, formal and informal, and lavish gardens surrounding the property.

Steward: Khiar Samara, Eyrien, Rose to Purple Dusk Warlord
First Escort: Lorens, White to Tiger Eye Warlord
Master of the Guard: Thoren, Summer Sky to Opal Warlord Prince
Court Seer: Thyra Danielsen, Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Black Widow (played by Gavin)
Court Healer: Rika, Yellow to Rose Healer

First Circle members:
Brenen, White to Rose Prince
Arne, White to Rose Prince
Ingvar, Rose to Opal Warlord Prince
Rikard, Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Warlord
Hjalmar Lindgren, Opal to Sapphire Warlord (played by halyonix)

Anders: butler, descent Yellow Warlord
Ebbe and Arvid: groundskeepers/stablehands
Bjarne: huntsman
Eira and Hanna: maids
Agneta and Lottie: cooks

*all Court positions are up for adoption unless otherwise noted*

Annika, Tiger Eye to Rose witch (age 23, born 169 AP);
Niels, White to Yellow Prince (age 19, born 173 AP);
Willem, Purple Dusk to later Sapphire Warlord (age 14, born 178 AP)
Petra Bos, Opal Birthright Queen (niece of Evony Bos, played by Erica)


191 AP

Obsidian Flowers
- in which Signe and Kalvar discuss plans for Avorla over dinner

192 AP
Cultural Literacy
- in which Signe discusses the construction of the Rihland library with Lady Katrien Raske

From Darkness, Hope
- in which Signe attends Petra's Birthright Ceremony

Mothers in Every Other Sense of the Word
- in which Signe and Evony discuss their plans to make Petra Signe's ward

This Life Ain't For Me
- in which Signe interviews Thyra for the position of Court Seer

No Graveyard Moment Required
- in which Signe and Melany Kreimhild discuss the building of the Rihland library

Home Is Where You Make It
- in which Signe invites Evony for a family dinner to see how her niece is doing

Let Me In
- in which Signe discusses Odinar's next visit to Avorla

Let Us Work Together
- in which Signe discusses future plans with Queen Kibeth Mistborn

Illiterate and Intolerant Minds
- in which Signe tries to discuss a matter with Kalvar Elbremov but is dismissed

Happy Cultural Appropriation Day
- in which Signe and Thyra attend the Winsol moot

193 AP

Our Lady of Summer Skies and Succor
- in which Signe appears at Ebon Varos to help with the devastation

We Scrub And Still The Walls Bleed
- in which Signe appears at Ebon Varos to help with the devastation of a different kind

One Ember Feeds A Flame
- in which Thyra warns Signe about a vision of Glacia