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Author Topic: Shahrzad "Zadi" al-Tarazed  (Read 746 times)

Description: Accidental Pruulian Librarian

Offline Shahrzad al-Tarazed

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Shahrzad "Zadi" al-Tarazed
« on: Dec 29, 17, 02:56:15 PM »
· · · Sharzad al-Tarazed · · ·
Librarians are subversive. You think they're just sitting there at the desk, all quiet and everything. They're plotting the revolution. I wouldn’t mess with them.
Purple Dusk to Green Queen
· · ·
Proprietor and Head Librarian of Onn Public Library
· · ·
Born disabled to a nomadic people, Zadi’s parents took her to Onn to raise her in relative safety. Since she could not travel, they fed her curiosity with stories and books. Her collection grew and grew, until a wealthy benefactor gave her startup money for a real library. Now Zadi spends her days behind the service desk in her library, trying to show people how to love reading as much as she does.
· Threads ·
In Progress
Keystone Thread
Winter 191
we've all got feelings that we can't explain (we're all a little bit the same)
with Adel · Zadi gets to know Adel after his Significant Haircut. – title song.
Fall 192
Libraries Are Full of Ideas
with Vera · Zadi meets the Voice of the Jinan.
The Time Has Come to Talk of Many Things
with Elenor · The Queen of the Sabbah returns books.
A Scarcity of Options
with Ferria · Ferria Perfossor accidentally insults the library. Repeatedly.
with Saladin · The Voice of the Tabur comes looking for information.
Winter 192
Suddenly the Air Smells Much Greener Now
with Elenor & Matin · A visit to Elenor's garden goes terribly awry. – title song.
Mines, Maps, and Memories
with Elenor · Zadi finds out about El's plan for the mines.
with Dinah & Elenor · The meeting of the Queens.
Spring 193
Like Tripping Over a Pile of Books
with Khosro · Zadi and Kho bond and get to know each other.
calling old friends to make sure they're real
with Aahad · Reconnecting with an old friend. – title song.
Summer 193
These Sirocco Winds Ahead
with Everyone · The sandworms attack during the High Summer Festival
Freely Given in Times of Need
with Elenor, Matin, Danyal · Elenor responds to the sandworm attack
You were right when you told me I was wrong
with Adel · Zadi performs Adel's Virgin Night
· Relationships ·
Zand al-Tarazed · lover/bonded  ·  ❤❤❤❤❤
in progress by mu · Zadi's Bonded Prince.
Masuod ibn Geiba · geiba orphan  ·  ❤❤❤❤❤
NPC · Sweet 9yo orphan Prince
Khosro al-Hague · bonded  ·  ❤❤❤❤
by DragonGirl · Still getting to know each other.
Adel al-Sabbah · friend  ·  ❤❤❤
by mu · A little protective.
Elenor al-Sabbah · clan queen  ·  ❤❤
by DragonGirl · Queenfriends.
Adavera al-Jinan · friend  · 
by Erica · A kindred spirit?
Aahad al-Situla · friend  · 
by Lochlan · Weirdos together
Matin al-Sabbah · jerk  ·  ✗✗
by mu · What an asshole.
· Medical Info ·
Modernly, Zadi would be diagnosed with Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy. In her case, oxygen deprivation during birth resulted in brain damage, causing some of her muscles to be intensely chronically tight, making movement difficult or impossible. Zadi’s legs and hips are the most affected, while her hands are clumsy but semi-functional. She also has frequent muscle spasms, scoliosis, and arthritis - a by-product of being chronically tense.

Because the muscles in her face and mouth are also affected, Zadi has a minor speech impediment. For an idea of her speech patterns, watch this video on 0.75% speed.
· Awards ·

Updated 2018-09-07

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a note about language: modernly, "cripple" is a slur. I use it here in the context of a pre-disability rights culture.