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Author Topic: Saiph al-Kaid  (Read 540 times)


Offline Saiph al-Kaid

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Saiph al-Kaid
« on: Oct 18, 17, 07:46:11 PM »
purple dusk birthright black widow priestess queen

Errai al-Tabur
Platonic soulmate
Ghanima al-Izar
Romantic soulmate
Yasmin Sayed
Mother surrogate
Iskander Khaldun
Older pseudo-brother
Rakha al-Nasrim
Guardian and sister
Syeira Neferet
Queen Mentor
Liam Noor
Cool pseudo-brother
Abulurd ibn Bali
Who the fuck knows??
Cutter al-Sabbah
Ghanima's male
Sayyida al-Lashin
Cool older sister
Saif Nassor
Qasim al-Shibd
Isn't he dead?
Erisian Maboya
Fellow Mother
Sabine Vicentius
Queen friend
Odji Khaldun
Honored host

Spring 187
Underneath the Stars, solo
Saiph considers the future.
The Fate You've Carved On Me, with Errai
Far apart, the Queen and her Warlord Prince think of each other.
Light and Shadow, with Shahar
Shahar saves Saiph from a fatal mistake.
The Sky Clears, with Errai * TOTM, april 2012
Saiph and Errai meet again.
Changing Winds, with Errai and Rakha
Rakha is appointed to her position as Saiph's Steward.
In'Shallah, with Errai and Shahar
Shahar is appointed to her position as Saiph's Lord Warrior and dedicated protector.
Peace Makes Plenty, solo
The execution of the Geiba.
early though the laurels grow, with Gulbehar
Settling in at Onn.
Bright Lights, Big City, with Gulbehar
Still settling. It's a very new place.

Winter 187
Snakes Nest in the Mouth, with Shahar
Saiph and Shahar catch some snakes.
shallow water, channel and tide, with Errai
Plans for the future.
something we couldn't stop, with Iskander, Syeira, Erisian, Akan, Eve, Jean-Isidore, Errai, Catina, Marcel, Odji * TOTM winner, January 2013
Saiph meets Iskander, her male! He's getting married. To another Priestess Queen. In whose Court he will serve. :(
The Mother's Elder, with Solivar and Errai
Saiph meets the Voice of the Kalurops.
lost children far from home, with Errai
Saiph learns of the mineborn. Errai meets Saiph's snake.

Spring 188
passing odd for kindness, with Solivar
Solivar is appointed Ambassador to Askavi.
the glass-hearted girls, with Ghanima
Saiph meets her destiny Ghanima, the mineborn Queen.
baptized by a bad star, with Errai, Lucky, Ghanima, Cutter, Faroula, Hadjara * TOTM winner, April 2013
Saiph meets the mineborn, and then adopts them.
appointments made, with Namri
Namri is appointed Master of the Guard.
something wanting in your nature, with Cutter
Saiph asks Cutter a favor.
lived, lives, will live, with Lucky
Things with Lucky take a bit of a gross turn.
take these hands and hold me close
Saiph says goodbye to Ghanima before she leaves Onn.
violet sister, solo/with Namri
Saiph undergoes the Trials of the Water of Life.

Summer 188
it's such a shame for us to part, with Ghanima
A collison of dreams.
on first seeing jhirit, Shahar guided solo
Saiph and Shahar share visions.

Winter 188
i thought he was with you, with Shahar
Saiph wakes up.
there will come soft rains, solo
Saiph finds the rains spell, and pays the price due it.