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Author Topic: Puja Khatri  (Read 608 times)

Description: Walking through fire like I'll never learn

Offline Puja Khatri

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    • A strike of lightning in the storm.

Puja Khatri
« on: Jun 28, 17, 04:18:20 PM »

Puja Khatri

Walking through fire like I'll never learn



With an itch for mischief, Puja always seems to find her way into trouble only to prove she can find her way back out again. Her playful demeanor and ready smile can be disarming and may cause some to think her less capable or dependable--which suits her just fine.

With nothing but orphans and the destitute to choose from, she's pieced together her own army of street rats who follow her lead. Everything about them is impressive: the size of their network, their expertise despite adolescence, their ability to work as a unit as well as their ability to completely disappear. Their numbers are fluid making the group difficult to pin down. Participants come and go, pulled from the vast count of homeless that make up the Children of the Rebellion. They idolize Puja and she cherishes each of them as family.

Most who know her, know her by name, but she has many aliases, either chosen or given. Renown for her exploits, she has earned the name Shikara in some areas, uttered both in deference and disdain depending on who uses it. It is rarely used to address her in the flesh. As a nod to this pseudonym, she adopted the name Kara for the times that she moonlights as a wealthy socialite. Few people have connected her as the single possessor of all her personas.

Often following the Caravan of Maninder, Puja is migrant and always on the move. Some of her makeshift tribe accompany her on most of her travels, others maintain a much smaller patrol around their own havens. She can be found most anywhere in Nharkava, even pushing into other territories at times, but for the sake of the Rebellion, she is never gone long.

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