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Author Topic: Omid al-Bali  (Read 569 times)

Description: Mineborn Prince

Offline Omid al-Bali

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    • Those who survive prophecy forge their own path.

Omid al-Bali
« on: Jul 11, 17, 09:57:57 AM »
{Omid al-Izar}
{Prince Dreamer of the Mineborn}


Bonded to: Zaehrah al-Bali



Omid al-Izar was born in the salt mines of Pruul, cared for by his adopted mother, Cadence Fellows. He grew to adulthood with the weight of prophecy on his shoulders, dreaming of a day when he might be free. Now that he is free, he finds that he is still bound to his "siblings" and chained beneath the weight of expectations he never asked for.

He prays to Mother Night that he can guide his siblings properly, but he also fears that his past and his Red Jewel will lead him down a dark path where none of them can follow.


Ocean in the Sand - After the Rains, Omid finds his Queen in Zaehrah al-Bali, ruler of Clan Bali. He realizes that his life is about to take a sharp turn away from the lives of his siblings.

That's not what I meant to say - Omid and Lucky talk out their differences and their varying approaches to life. (Immediately after i'll leave my love between the stars )


Bleed Drops of Prophecy, Bleed Drops of Change - The Mineborn are captured before they can rescue Ghanima! The ensuing battle alters Pruul and the Mineborn forever. (June 2017 TotM)

descend into the darkness to find our strengths - Omid, Roshan, and Hadjara undergo their Offering ceremonies in order to ready themselves to save Ghanima. Omid is surprised and afraid when he receives the Red, the becoming the darkest of his siblings.

The Heart Knows what it Wants - Omid and Rania admit their feelings and consummate their relationship. (NSFW: Sex)

Famous Last Words - Omid goes to Cadence and Rania to explain how the Mineborn will rescue Ghanima. He tries to tell the woman he loves and his mother to run, even when knows that they won't.

you're all that I've got - Immediately after the events of The True Lives We Live, Omid tries to be there for his errant sister, Zahira, even as he realizes that the he and the rest Mineborn have not shown her the same devotion that they've shown each other.

The True Lives We Live - Fin al-Sabbah gathers the Mineborn to explain the danger they are in from Adramelech. Even Omid realizes that fighting may be the only way out.

Exploitation - The Mineborn are made a tempting offer by Lord Abulurd, Voice of the Bali Clan.

Catching a sparrow(hawk) - Omid tends to Khadi after Hadjara's injury, trying to make his little sister feel better.

i'll leave my love between the stars - Omid and Lucky have a disagreement about a few things when Lucky brings up Cadence's crime.