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Author Topic: Min Liu  (Read 575 times)


Offline Min Liu

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Min Liu
« on: Apr 27, 18, 04:14:55 PM »
· · · Min Liu · · ·
What greater sorrow than being forced to leave behind my native earth?
Summer Sky to Blood Opal Queen
· · ·
Ruling Queen of the Tang
· · ·
The twin islands of Zhong have been devastated by the eruption of Mt. Mago. Min is fighting to keep the surviving 10% of her people safe and alive, despite incredible odds.
· · · Tang Court WANTED ADS · · ·
· Threads ·
In Progress
Keystone Thread
Spring 193
Tunnel Vision
with Nuan · Min meets Nuan to beg her to help the refugees.
an inheritance that you can't deny
with Zhihao · Zhihao vets Min, Min tries to secure political power. – title song.
pale ghosts that bend between us
with Haruka · the Thousand Swords come to the refugee camps for a census and recruitment.
Light on the Horizon
with Hae Jun · the Hanwa Queen writes Min.
Summer 193
In Time Our Soul Untold
with Toyani · Toyan reaches out from Dena Nehele
Bright Sisters
with Yumi, Hae Jun · Queen meeting.

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