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Author Topic: Mia Kollen  (Read 435 times)

Description: Province Queen of Belaya, Rihland

Offline Mia Kollen

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Mia Kollen
« on: Sep 25, 17, 11:18:17 PM »
Mia Kollen
Queen of Belaya Province, Rihland


Mia's residence

Court of Belaya:

All characters available for adoption, names are changeable unless already used in a post,

Steward: Killian Ibsen - Purple Dusk to Green Prince 
Master of the Guard:  Nicolaus Holt **
First Escort:  Lorens Fabian**
Consort: - If you are interested in pursuing a Consort character, speak to me first about what you have in mind.
Court Healer:   Karin Marquardt**
High Priestess: Viola Darmstat **
Court Seer:  Elva Mannheim**

First Circle Members:
Falen Halindor Opal to Red Warlord Prince 
Magnivar Ramius - Descent Yellow Warlord 

Household members:
Butler:  Albert Wirt**
Cook:  Sera Wirt**
Maid:   Invid Wirt**

** Denotes Adoptable


{Summarize the major plot points of the Arc.}


  • Summoned before the Black   - Mia/Kalvar.  Mia is summoned to meet with the new Ruler of Rihland and is offered an interesting proposition.

  • Pyres of Varanasi  Mia/Falen.  Mia meets the Enforcer assigned to her court and things do not go as planned.

  • Cut that ivory into skinny pieces    Mia/Magnivar - A menacing threat appears during one of Mia’s visits in the Province.

  • Different persons      Mia/Killian - After the death of her Steward, Mia is interviewing potential candidates for the vacancy.

  • With Torn and Bleeding Hearts We Smile  -Killian/Falen/Mia - The Steward of Belaya confronts the Queen’s new bonded male as Mia is recovering from an attack.

    {Include Link, featured Characters, and a summary of what occurred}