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Author Topic: Melany Kriemhild  (Read 425 times)

Description: Rihlander Skald

Offline Melany Kriemhild

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Melany Kriemhild
« on: Sep 25, 17, 08:27:47 PM »

Gudrun Jollenbeck, Purple Dusk to Green Queen of Vyrkov Province in Rihland. A Reclaimer sympathizer, but not a proper Reclaimer, because she's too fucking close to Kalvar. Melany has entrusted Gudrun with quite a bit: the foreknowledge of moots and their locations and the well-being of Melany's apprentice Erwin. It's a calculated risk, and Gudrun hasn't let Melany down yet. Melany considers Gudrun a fair candidate for a future Queen of Rihland.
Signe Drachlan, Tiger Eye to Summer-sky Queen of Avorla Province. OHHHH, THIS BITCH, Melany would gladly trip her into a deep, cold lake if she thought she could fucking get away with it. Melany considers Signe annoying and condescending and has no desire to interact with her ever again.
Killian Ibsen, Purple Dusk to Green Prince, Steward of Belaya Province. Melany thinks of Killian as a slightly irritating brother, but also is willing to risk his life and well-being for the cause in ways she might not be willing to risk an actual brother. They trade Rihlander foodstuffs 'cause they're bros.
Ryder Nordskov, Summer-sky to Green Warlord Prince. Melany loves Ryder; she used to babysit him. Not unlike Killian, she considers Ryder a brother and a valuable member of the Reclaimers, but unlike Killian she is much more circumspect about what duties Ryder takes on. He bankrolls the enterprise; if he dies she loses access to some valuable cash flow. (In Progress)
Tyraz Madsen, White to broken Tiger Eye Warlord. Tyr is Melany's second-father, a Rihlander cultural concept like a godparent. They no longer see eye-to-eye on many important topics, but Melany still cares deeply for him and entrusted him with the care of a secret library of Rihlander cultural stories and rituals.

Summer 192APNo graveyard monument required With Signe, complete.
Melany is called to meet with the Queen of Avorla on the topic of Kalvar Elbremov's library of Rihlander culture. Melany shares her perspective on why this is stupid.
A moot point With Gudrun, in progress.
Melany meets with Gudrun on the first day of the autumn moot to discuss topics germane to both of them.
Let's not run amoot here with Killian, in progress.
Melany and Killian share bread and disturbing news: Mia Kollen has bonded an Eyrien. At least one Eyrien.


I honestly am just leaving this here so I can like, not have to recode this later.