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Author Topic: Jonothan Harmaa  (Read 1264 times)

Description: I don't want ya, and I don't need ya

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Jonothan Harmaa
« on: Aug 11, 16, 12:31:54 AM »

Jon grew up in Tornio Province. While his parents were Light Jeweled, his older sister was given the Opal at her Birthright, and he and his sister were moved to life with his uncle, Kristoff. Kristoff was also a Midnight Summit, who took Jon into his charge to begin training him from a young age to become one of Glacia's premier assassins.

Whether it be from his training, genetics, the Dark Religion, or just an accident, Jonothan Harmaa became a Glacian a touch meaner than the rest. A killer who enjoyed his contracts with an almost carnal gratification, he began to commit himself to criminal enterprises while also serving in Queen Isyviel's Court. After murdering a man who recognized that Jon's activities meant he was connected to the smuggling of Light Jewels out of Glacia, Jon inadvertently found himself bound to the dead man's fiance, Maarika Sydan a Queen.

Working between his (somewhat) covert assassin position as a Summit, a tireless courtier to the wife that hated him, and the servant to the ambitions of Elisif Brenden, Jon's path lead him to a collision course of change that left a number of dead bodies in his wake. Having recently murdered not only Maarika's Consort, but Elisif's First Escort Otso Oskari in a scheme to win Maarika's heart, Jon has fled Glacia behind. With him, he brings Hayden Sheane, an outcast Sceltic witch who wears the Black.

Together they have destroyed the Court of Little Terreille, and through Hayden Jon plans to turn Little Terreille from a crime-infested tiny Territory into a power house that can stand at equal measure with any other Territory in Kaeleer, including Glacia.

He just has to not get himself killed first.

Team Jon:
Team Amerys:

First Circle: Hayden Sheane
Red to Black Witch
Part Sister, Part Student, Part Tool.
Hayden is Jon's biggest weapon
and his biggest liability.

Territory Queen: Amerys Tiernan
White to Tiger Eye Queen
Amerys is an uplifted Village Queen
with her own ideas of ruling. The
problem is that Jon is her
chief adviser and chief rival.

Court Seer:
Kelda Voll
Blood Opal to Sapphire
Black Widow

Glacian aristocrat turned drug kingpin,
Jon smuggled Kelda and her son
out of Glacia. She works for Jon,
but has her own goals.

High Priestess:
Emily Hawkins
Summer Sky to Blood Opal Priestess
Amerys's childhood best friend, Emily
is loyal and astute and her
first choice for advice.


Family and Friends:

Maarika Sydan-HarmaaRose to Opal Black Widow Queen. Jon's Queen, Maarika is the rightful ruler of the Tornio Province. Highly intelligent, she is as ruthless as she is beautiful and as mercurial as she is cunning. She and Jon have a very complicated relationship; one that is equal parts love as it is hate. That's kind of what happens when you murder a man and become bound to his fiance.

Yrian Winterton, Red to Ebon Gray Priest Warlord. Yrian is Jon's oldest and best friend. Both men grew up together, and though they would spend time with Aksel, Yrian's twin, Jon and Yrian grew close over a shared caste and a similar taste in women and drink. Yrian is now Elisif's Master of the Guard, the soon-to-be father of her child, and also the one who hired Jon to kill Sif's First Escort, Otso Oskari.

Rejia HarmaaOpal to Sapphire Priestess. Rejia is Jon's older sister and a devout member of the Dark Religion. She has long served in the Ivalo Province. A stark, aristocratic, and forthright woman, she is very different from Jon's personality, though the two were close when they were growing up. (NPC)

Svea HarmaaWhite to Rose Healer. Svea is Jon's much younger sister. Jon constantly looked over his Light Jeweled sister, and she is the primary reason why he dislikes the Dark Religion. Knowing that she would spend her life collared to his sister Rejia (who dislikes Svea deeply), he smuggled her out of Glacia into Nharkava and has lost contact with her since. (NPC)

Magdalena Sydan,  Rose to Purple Dusk Healer.Maarika's identical twin sister, Magdalena is certainly the sweeter of the two women. She lives with Maarika at the Provincal estate, where she spends most of her time. She is not seen at public functions, neither official nor unofficial, but it's well known to those on staff that the Healer and her Queen sister are extremely close.

Enemies and Tools:
Elisif Brenden,  Green to Gray Black Widow Priestess Queen.The Dark Queen of Glacia, Jon served in Elsif's Court ever since she became the ruler of the Territory. Serving in her Second Circle, he had long been seen as a dutiful, if eccentric member of her Court. All of that changed with the murder of Otso Oskari, her First Escort. Now Elisif wrecks havoc on Jon's loved ones to give him a fraction of the pain he has given her, in the hopes that she can drive him into her clutches so she can give him a very, very bad ending.

Shyloh KnightSapphire to Gray Black Widow. Part noblewoman and part vigilante, Shyloh's life was changed forever the night the Court of Little Terreille was destroyed. Losing her sister by choice, Hush, Shyloh now is on a crusade to destroy the Gangs of Goth who she holds responsible, and looks to Jon for aid.

Draven RookGreen to Gray Warlord Prince. Draven was born in Little Terreille but was sold into slavery through the Dark Gate to the Salt Mines of Pruul. There he suffered for 15 years and met his Queen, Lady Mad. After escaping from the mines he returned to Little Terreille to gather his sister and then join Erisian's Court, but found his sister (Hush) had family of her own. After almost being killed by Hayden, Draven is now at work for Jon and the LT Court, though the circumstances are less than ideal...

Rhyvati HeinrichsonRose to Summer Sky Prince. Rhyvati had worked for Jon for many years in Glacia as part of Jon's criminal enterprise. All of that changed when Elisif Brenden came to power and the message against the Light Jeweled intensified. Jon smuggled Rhy to Little Terreille, where he worked for Jon out of the smaller Territory as his Black Market contact. He now serves as Jon's Majordomo, helping him to sort through all of the various ledgers and accounts of the Territory. (NPC)

Alessa HeinrichsonTiger Eye to Rose Hearth Witch. The daughter of a Little Terreilllian Crime Lord, Alessa's father worked with Jon for years. After Rhyvati began to work for her father, Alessa fell in love with the smooth-talking Prince and married him. Though she is wary of Jon, she recognizes that Hayden saved the life of her husband and is willing to help the young woman in whatever way Alessa thinks is best; even if it is at times counter to Jon's goals. (NPC)

Winter 186 AP

Jon returns home from four months in Nharkava to find Glacia just as cold as it ever was. Maarika informs him that he's going to Vaasa to serve in Elisif Brenden's second circle. (Mature content)

Spring 187 AP

A Convenient Arrangement
Maarika summons back from Vaasa long enough to put him to task at killing her mother in retribution for Loviisa's continued harassment and torture of Magdalena. Jon complies, then returns to Vaasa.

Summer 187 AP

Putting Family to Rest
Jon's father has died unexpectedly. Maarika visits the funeral, and the two have a surprisingly civil moment.

Spring 188 AP

The Games we Play
Jon has been sleeping with Markus's wife, Mira. But he's a little perturbed when she comes home from a social dinner, finds him in her house, and tells him they're not going to continue the affair because she's pregnant. Also, she throws up on him.

the supreme irony of life
Otso assigns Jon to Mira as her escort. Jon finds it hilarious.

Summer 188 AP

You take but cannot be given
Jon meets the target of Lord Radu's love, a young Rose Jeweled Healer whom Jon charms into helping him knock Maarika up.

Autumn 188 AP

pinch this tiny heart of mine
Jon annoys Maarika's staff but charms her best friend, Sanna, and her twin, Magda.

When I'm God Everyone Dies
In the wake of Otso's brutalizing of Kaija Ali, Jon and Yrian plan drastic action for revenge.

I'll Make You A Believer
Jon "rescues" Indy after she gets her dumb-ass-self caught, all with the intent to make her a future operative in his operations.

Something Beautiful, Something Free
An accidental meet at a random bar in Randers turns interesting.

Let's Jump Upon the Sharp Swords
Indy and Jon meet up again and he sets his terms for how their arrangement is going to work. She agrees.

Lift you up like the sweetest angel
Jon takes Magdalena on a dinner date and offers to smuggle her out of Glacia.

Winter 188 AP

Dark Indulgences
Jon has sex with Matias's wife, the High Healer of Glacia. (Mature Content)

Watching Fate As It Flows
Maarika summons Jonothan to speak to him about the offer he made to Magdalena. He shows up days earlier than she expects and catches her a wee bit tipsy. The two have an explosive and yet strangely tender conversation. While in the garden, Maarika has the beginnings of her first vision since taking up study of the Black Widow caste. She does not recognize it as such, yet.

The cold never bothered me anyway
Jon sleeps with Sanna's evil sister. Damn bruh.

Winter 189 AP

There's no time to discriminate
Jon meets with Ra'yan Atassi, the Collar Maker of Glacia. He has lunch with the man, they talk of their history and their family, and then someone tries to kill Ra'yan. Fun times for all!

Spring 190 AP

An Insect Decaying in Your Little Trap
A mysterious tragedy strikes the Tornio Province Court.

The Farther I Fall, I'm Beside You
Jon shows up at the Kerava Keep to speak to Maarika and finds her sequestered in mourning. He challenges her to put away her grieving and get back to business, and Maarika begins to toy with the idea of bringing Jon in closer, despite how dangerous a prospect that seems to be.

Summer 190 AP

Once I start I cannot help myself
Jon murders Otso, buries his body in a mountain, and then meets a batty old Hearth Witch and a Red Jeweled witch.

Autumn 190 AP

Without the threat of death there's no reason to live at all.
Jon introduces Hayden to the smuggler's life.

You want to know what Zeus said to Narccisus.
Jon has a drink with Yrian and reminds him that Yri and Aksel owe him one for taking out Otso. They also talk about Glacia's future.

Winter 190 AP

Let's Cut Away Our Smiles
Hayden reveals her past to Jon, they also meet a Black Widow that Hayden wants to punch in the face.

Tear This Bitter Fruit to Mess
Jonothan visits Maarika to confess (in part) the lengths he's gone to for her sake. Maarika is genuinely touched, and the two share an uncharacteristically close interlude.

Vilma discovers Otso's signet ring. Jon kills her to cover his tracks, burns down her house, then convinces Hayden to come with him to Little Terreille. Hayden gets her Offering and Jon freaks out.

Spring 191 AP

Flies Will Lay Their Eggs
Jon and Hayden talk about their pasts and their future. They begin to make plans that will go sideways

The worms will live in every host.
Little Terreille has an explosive altercation with Jon and Hayden (mostly Hayden).

Summer 191 AP

The Weak Ones Are There To Justify The Strong.
Jon and Hayden begin to build a new beginning from the ashes of Little Terreille's old court. Jon also gets emotional about Maarika.

method not objective.
Jon and Shyloh meet and come to an agreement (sorta).

Dont you need some of this
Jon approaches Kelda to join the new LT Court and make him a Gray WP puppet.

All fucked up and dead to the world
Kelda wakes up Draven and finds he's a little harder to handle than she thought. Jon talks to Hayden after of his plans for the Dark Gate.

Autumn 191 AP

Truth or Dare
Jon and Amerys get to know each-other with a timely interruption.

Winter 191 AP

Your world is an ashtray
Hayden breaks the news to Jon that Maarika has been killed.

You Must Spit Out The Seeds
Shyloh collects Jon to help her kill the gangs, as he agreed to. While he's lethargic to act because he's still grieving, she cajoles him to help. Things get a bit more intense than planned, and Hayden follows along to rain on their murder parade.

Can't See the Forest for the Trees
Jon announces to Amerys and Roland that he murdered the Hell Lords. Amerys surprises both Jon and Hayden with just how ruthless their puppet Queen can be.

Don't Let Yourself Fall In Too Hard
Jon and Hayden talk about their meeting with Amerys and Roland and their future together, as well as try to give each-other advice.

Trade Them In For Dollar Bills
Voda comes calling on Jon to work out a deal before Sheyla can mess it all up.

Got a Pocket Full of Rainbows
Sheyla, Voda, Jon, and Aleksy negotiate the construction of the Little Vaasa Court.

Time to Bring This Fire Down
Shyloh comes to visit Jon during business hours and they have a talk about where to go from here.

Show Myself How to Make a Noose
Jon and Laurel Gold face off.

Winter 192 AP

The Wheel Is Come Full Circle
Davos and Steel come to Little Terreille, but run into Jon and Hayden. Davos discovers that Hayden is in Little Terreille and working with Jon and a confrontation ensues.

We Know Just Who We Are
Hayden and Jon have dinner in Dhemlan to get away for a little bit and talk.

No Salvation, No Forgiveness
Marisol Calderon, one of the Cathedra Abyssa, has come to Goth for an accounting of the loss of one of their priestesses. Jon starts talking Kelda's drugs beforehand to calm himself before their meeting. A tense stand-off happens between the two powers before Jon shows a colder side.

Spring 192 AP

Filled With My Old Wounds
Jon receives a letter from Yrian that Maarika is still alive and in Nharkava. Bringing Hayden with him, Jon hopes to reunite with Maarika and try and rekindle their relationship. What happens instead is a brutal reunion and an irreversible change to their relationship.

Cupid Carries a Gun
Jon talks to Amerys about Maarika and her plans for the future for Little Terreille and her Court. He introduces her to Davos and Steel, the former bonding to her and the latter wishing he was in a different Realm.

Your Star Is So Sharp It Leaves Me Jagged Holes
Jon and the Little Terreille Court meet Marchesa Talbot, the Queen of Courtland Province, and Eydis Winters, the Queen of Midland District. Dinner and arguments ensue.

Don't Pretend to Be A Victim (NSFW, Smut)
Kelda visits Jon, who is no longer taking Kelda's drugs. She and him start to have sex and are interrupted by Einar, Jon's brother in law, who tries to kill him.

I don't need another friend
Kelda approaches Jon to tell him that she's starting on some shady business. She also tells him he should see about Hayden getting laid. He calls for 2% of her business, and reaffirms his support for her efforts.

from the heaven I've had to the hell I've been through
Hayden goes to visit Jon in the wee hours of the night. They talk about her travels and Kalvar, the Black Prince of Rihland. After making a pass at her, they reaffirm their relationship.

These Friends, They Don't Love You
Jon and Amerys go to visit Sheyla Grey and her Court. Jon secures Voda for a more permanent assignment.

Wrap it Up In Soiled Twine
Jon has a conversation with Breck to ascertain his stance and his commitment to be loyal to Jon. He then shares his plans with the man.

Make Myself Sick Just To Poison You
Jon invites Reija over to find a way to bury the hatchet. They come to an agreement and he returns Einar to her.[/url]

Wonder If They Knew What They Would Grow To Become
Jon and Roland talk shop and the future.

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Re: Jonothan Harmaa
« Reply #1 on: Aug 11, 16, 12:36:47 AM »
Credit to phinneas for giving me the tracker code and the thread date fonts =)
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Re: Jonothan Harmaa
« Reply #2 on: Aug 11, 16, 01:39:19 AM »
It's beautiful!

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Re: Jonothan Harmaa
« Reply #3 on: Aug 11, 16, 11:26:43 AM »
Very nice!