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Author Topic: Indaara Ericksson  (Read 1023 times)

Description: you got a piece of me // but it's just a little piece of me

Offline Indaara Ericksson

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Indaara Ericksson
« on: Mar 31, 16, 10:37:15 PM »
The Odd Couple
Indy meets Tahti

Cherry Bombs & Spider Bites
Indy meets Kirsi-Marja

Just the Bare Necessities of Life
Indy mistakes Jonas for an attacker at Tahti's place and GETS him.

Just About to Break
Tahti tells Indy about her upcoming marriage

Guaranteed On-Time Delivery
Indy gives Jonas a job, then realizes it's a set-up and rescues him

Well, Better Late Than Never, Right?
Indy and Jonas bang at the lodge after their adventure. They discuss who could've set them up

Does it Almost Feel Like Nothing's Changed At All?
Jonas and Indy confront Setti

I'll Make You A Believer
Indy gets got! Jono lets her go though.

Let's Jump Upon the Sharp Swords
Indy goes to Jono looking for work since Setti's gone

Cause What's In A Name, Oh
Indy goes to Severin to get a message to Jonas, has to dose Sev.

We Might Be Hollow But We're Brave
Jonas answers Indy's message by meeting her on Widow's Peak

Pulses Can Drive From Here
Jonas asks Indy for a meet to get help for Sev

Something Beautiful, Something Free
Jon hits on Laila, not knowing it's Indy.

Bye, Glacia
One of Jon's first contracts for Indy turns out to be a small family containing a Warlord Prince, a Queen, and a kid. Indy is less than enthused, but guides them out of Glacia and into freedom.

Seems Like I Should Be Getting Somewhere
Amalia Kalevi is collared and needs help getting over the mountain. Indy refuses the job because of the added difficulty presented by the collar, but when she passes off Amelia to her Climber, she realizes it's Jonas that's been saddled with the run. She opts to go along and help to raise his chances of surviving.

But Somehow I'm Neither Here Nor There
Jonas and Indy have a moment during the descent after Amalia's flight

Indy is hired to escort a trio of Blood over the mountains and out of Glacia. She meets Sixten, Silje, and Jakob Frisk, and the four have a less-than-smooth flight away from Kaeleer's Star.
In the Fell Clutch of Circumstance
Jonas gets pinched by Amalia's brother & Tahvo

The Curves of Your Lips Rewrite History
Indy goes to Kirsi-Marja for help saving Jonas.

Sing As Their Bones Go Marching In
Indy disguises herself to sneak into a Kerava ball to rescue Jonas

Got Alot To Not Do
Indy tries to rescue Jonas and fails miserably.

The Death of Indaara Ericksson
Indy has a mental breakdown after losing Jonas, Tahti, and KM in one swoop. Meets Thor.

Resurrections & Ghosts
Thor's party is compromised, only he and Indy survive to make it to Nharkava

There's no patron saint of silent restraint
Indy gets Thor to a Healer in Nharkava, and the two have some disagreements over what to do next.

We're beasts of blame by nature
Thor and Indy talk further about how they got where they are and where they ought to go from here. Indy has doubts about returning to Glacia, but Thor convinces her that she's not done fighting yet.

The Best of Bad Ideas
Indy and Thor return to Glacia, and get closer along the way.

I'm Better Off When I Hit Rock Bottom
Indy & Thor meet up with Sister and find out Thor's cell has been demolished

The Veins Run Red and Blue
Jonas calls Indy to a meet at the lodge for the first time since Maarika

Find the Drowning and the Drowned
Indy returns from meeting Jonas to find that Thorvuld is recklessly determined to DO SOMETHING. He storms out only to return later with a Red Jeweled Prince from Kenna Anderson's First Circle that he's kidnapped and brought back to the safehouse. He asks Indy to rifle through the unconscious man's mind for evidence of Dagna's fate, and Indy begrudgingly attempts it. Before she finishes her work, however, Haakon awakes and lashes out, nearly killing Indy before Thor bludgeons him to sleep once more.

There's No Sword In Our Lake, Just A Funeral Wake
After Thorvuld's plan goes awry and Indy is hurt, he flees with her to a nearby village where they find an Underground-sympathetic Healer named Ace. She heals Indy as much as she can, though is unable to fully repair the damage done to one of Indy's hands.

Digging Up Bones
Astrid, Indy, and Thor have cooked up more than soggy oatmeal. Knowing that the Raejian collar maker is currently at the Tornio Province court gives them a chance to try a daring effort to change the future of the oppressed. But to put their plan into action they'll need help. Indy calls on an old flame with a particular set of skills.

You were the coldest star in the sky
Indy and Thorvuld talk, and Indy manages to forgive him for being impatient and reckless and getting her hurt. The two make decisions about what comes next.

Building a better bridge
Indy disguises herself as Sister/Josefina Saari and visits the Kerava estate to fill Jonas in and solicit his help in launching the plot against the Raejian. As usual, she winds up revealing more than she intends to Jonas.

The Familiar Sting
Thorvuld and Indy talk while Thor's laying low after his attack on Haakon.

Frozen Scars
Indy returns to Ace's home to find her already hosting another Black Widow: Thyra. After learning that Thyra is on the run after an altercation with a Midnight Keeper, Indy and Astrid devise a plan to help deal with the problem. After, the women plot to get Thyra out of the territory.

Trygg sends Indy and Svala after a missing climber that he suspects has run into some trouble on a job. One of these ladies is less enthused about the rescue mission than the other.

Nearly Every Inch of Us is On the Line
Indy turns up in Nharkava, where she's gone undercover as a Landen amidst some Rebellion extremists in an attempt to find a missing friend. Instead she uncovers a plot to kidnap a local Queen, who turns out to be Silje Frisk. Indy helps Silje escape and takes her back to Padmalaya.

Ekto Gamat
Indy gets reacquainted with Sixten Frisk.