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Author Topic: Maarika Sydan-Harmaa  (Read 2062 times)

Description: Black Widow Queen of your soul

Offline Maarika Sydan-Harmaa

  • Character Account
    • rose2opal
    • bwq
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      Ruling Queen

    • Faction

      Nharkava Territory Court

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    • Black Widow Caste is hidden

Maarika Sydan-Harmaa
« on: Mar 24, 14, 09:19:46 PM »

Anitra Lindquist
High Seer
Opal to Sapphire
Black Widow

Severin Raine
First Escort
Opal to Red
Warlord Prince

Finn Hallman
Master of the Guard
Opal to Red

Ebba Dahl
High Healer
Opal to Red

Hjordis Nurmi
High Priestess
Purple Dusk to Sapphire

Haakon Gunvaldsson
Territory Steward
Opal to Red

• • • • • • • Notable Connections: • • • • • • •

Jonothan Harmaa
Estranged husband. OTP (One true psychopath). Bound.

Jonas Paaras
Underground Smuggler and resident heart. Bound.

Klaus Savela
Midnight Keeper Patriarch. Bound.

Richard Marko
Black market creep and spy. Bound.

Tahvo Nilsson
Murdered former First Escort. Bound.

Jari Sydan
Jewel-less Blood brother. Estranged.

Magdalena Sydan
Twin and current hostage of Vaasa.

Lydia Kalas
Glacian Priestess appointed by Vaasa.
• • • • • • • Court Circles: • • • • • • •
•[ First Circle ]•
Klaus Savela, Green to Gray Warlord
• Trond Christensen, Summer Sky to Opal Warlord*
• Wilhelmina Carlsson, Summer Sky to Blood Opal Priestess*
• Jonna Haugen, Purple Dusk to Opal Witch*
Dirk Klasson, Purple Dusk to Green Prince
• Rugaar Lang, Purple Dusk to Blood Opal Warlord*

•[ Second Circle ]•
• Inga Aalstrom, Purple Dusk - Opal Witch* (Head housekeeper)
• Tove Svendson, Opal to Green Witch, head cook.*
• Brit Halvorson, Purple Dusk to Blood Opal Hearth Witch, lady in waiting.*
• Unspecified NPC x 9
•[ Third Circle ]•
Jonas Paaras, Rose to Purple Dusk Warlord
Richard Marko, Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Warlord
• Calvin Morgensen, Rose to Summer Sky Prince (Head Butler)
• Unspecified NPC x 9

•[ Lower Circles  & Property Staff ]•
• Unspecified NPC x 12

Offline Maarika Sydan-Harmaa

  • Character Account
    • rose2opal
    • bwq
    • Role

      Ruling Queen

    • Faction

      Nharkava Territory Court

    • Territory


    • Character Sheet


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    • Black Widow Caste is hidden

Re: Maarika Sydan-Harmaa
« Reply #1 on: Jul 14, 16, 07:20:54 PM »
• • • • • • • Summary: • • • • • • •
Maarika grew up with a Rose birthright. In Glacia, that meant a childhood of constant worrying about whether she'd measure up to her full potential. This, along with the influence of an overbearing mother and a beloved twin sister who would eventually fail to descend to a Dark Jewel, very definitely shaped the woman Maarika would become. Ever concerned with status and influence, she has made ruthless choices in her life which have required her to trade happiness and contentment for power and security. Maarika lived a large portion of her life on the highwire between being successful and being dismissed completely. Once she landed on the successful side, it was entirely too easy to forget the other side existed. For a time, at least.

Eventually, as Elisif Brenden's version of the Dark Religion began to press even the most sacred social boundaries, even Maarika was been forced to take note of some of the imbalances around her. The Darkness blessed her with two new Queen Bonds, both with men she couldn't accept fully without also covertly embracing the necessity of the Underground.

Meanwhile, understanding that Maarika's relationship with her First Escort and first Bonded male was beginning to change, Maarika's estranged and jealous husband arranged to have him killed through shadowy means. Jonothan then killed the very man he'd manipulated into killing Tahvo, despite the fact that the man was none other than Otso Oskari - Elisif Brenden's own first Bonded. Though what looked to Maarika like his act of devotion won him a closeness with her Jonothan had not enjoyed prior, the consequences of his actions rained down heavy on the Black Widow Queen.

In an effort to injure the suddenly-impossible-to-find Jonothan, Elisif secretly ordered Maarika's court relocated away from the Tornio Province seat from which she'd ruled. The tri-casted Queen burned the estate to the ground and let the word spread that Maarika and her people had been killed. In truth, Maarika was sent to Orissa in Nharkava, to replace the demolished court Elisif's males had murdered as a show of strength.

Now, Maarika and her court are faced with establishing the dominance of Glacia over a Nharkava that hates them. Elisif has Maarika's beloved twin Magdalena as a hostage against Maarika's good behavior in Orissa, so openly defying Glacia's edict is not an option. With so many of her Bonded bearing sympathy for the plight of the Light Jeweled and the Rebellion, however, allowing herself to be used as Elisif's puppet seems just as impossible. Once more, Maarika walks a tightrope, and the stakes now are higher than ever. 

• • • • • • • Threads: • • • • • • •

• [ Winter, 186 AP ] •

Jon returns home from four months in Nharkava to find Glacia just as cold as it ever was. Maarika informs him that he's going to Vaasa to serve in Elisif Brenden's second circle. (Mature content)

• [ Spring, 187 AP ] •
A Convenient Arrangement
Maarika summons back from Vaasa long enough to put him to task at killing her mother in retribution for Loviisa's continued harassment and torture of Magdalena. Jon complies, then returns to Vaasa.

• [ Summer, 187 AP ] •
Putting Family to Rest
Jon's father has died unexpectedly. Maarika visits the funeral, and the two have a surprisingly civil moment.

• [ Spring, 188 AP ] •
Flowers Through the Snow
Elisif Brenden, Queen of Glacia, visits Tornio for the Spring Rites. She dines with Maarika and informs her of her plans to send the Raejian collar maker to Tornio once the court families in Vaasa have been fitted.

Grey Would Be the Color
Maarika and her First Escort Tahvo discuss Elisif's visit.

• [ Summer, 188 AP ] •
The Dance Begins
Maarika speaks with her Court Seer, Anitra Lindquist, about creating webs for Maarika to use to disguise herself while investigating rumors of Underground activity in Tornio. Ostensibly this is to win favor with Elisif, though Maarika secretly intends to search for ways to get Magdalena out of Glacia before she is collared.

• [ Autumn, 188 AP ] •
I'm Down to Just One Thing
Maarika returns from a disguised jaunt to the house of a Glacian suspected to be involved in the Underground, having unexpectedly seen Jonothan nearby the house. Tahvo takes issue with having been left behind as escort when he realized Maarika had left with Finn, the Master of the Guard. Maarika and Tahvo then discuss his feelings. (Mature content)

Maarika invites her court Healer, Sanna Omdahl, to Vaasa for some recreating following an appointment Maarika's made with Karpella Linna. En route, Maarika tells Sanna about the disguise webs Anitra has made, and asks her to find an escort and then go in Maarika's place to investigate rumors of Underground activity.

The First Step of Many
After beginning to consider smuggling her sister out of the territory, Maarika realizes the potential value of learning the Black Widow caste. She visits Karpella Linna to request an apprenticeship. Karpella agrees to consider it. (Offscreen: Maarika begins training under Kaija Ali when Karpella eventually declines.)

• [ Winter, 188 AP ] •
Turning My Cheek for the Sake of the Show
Maarika and Sanna catch up. Maarika is concerned about Magdalena's refusal to flee Glacia in anticipation of the collar-maker's arrival, as well as about a damning offering Jonothan apparently made to Magdalena himself. Sanna has her own issues to contend with. The pair admit for the first time aloud to each other that collaring the lighter jeweled Glacians is wrong, but Maarika insists it is too dangerous to try and do anything about it right now.

Feel you beating in my chest
Maarika tries to talk Magdalena into fleeing Glacia to avoid being collared once Ra'yan Atassi arrives at Tornio. Magdalena refuses, insists on staying to be near Maarika.

Watching Fate As It Flows
Maarika summons Jonothan to speak to him about the offer he made to Magdalena. He shows up days earlier than she expects and catches her a wee bit tipsy. The two have an explosive and yet strangely tender conversation. While in the garden, Maarika has the beginnings of her first vision since taking up study of the Black Widow caste. She does not recognize it as such, yet.

• [ Spring, 189 AP ] •
Send In Your Skeletons
Maarika seeks the counsel of the High Priestess of Tornio... and also her friend. The two women discover that there's a very fine line between prayer and treason.

There's No Time to Deny That I Need You
Maarika prepares to host a gala to celebrate the coming of Spring. Sanna's ill-fated love, Severin Raine, shows up to speak with Sanna before the gala begins. Emotionally unstable and fragile, Severin is both comforted and horrified to find that he belongs to Maarika.

I'll Be There When There's Nothing Left.
Severin and Maarika have a chance to discuss their newly-found Bond and what it means to each of them. Maarika finds herself uncharacteristically overcome by desire once she's close to Severin, and the two share an intimate few hours together.

• [ Summer, 189 AP ] •

This Is How It Begins
Having made some progress in her Black Widow training, Maarika is disturbed by some of the portents she has begun to see. She travels to the home of her mentor, Kaija Ali, to seek the more experienced Widow's help in interpretation. Kaija is not at home, but her lover Aksel Winterton is. He and Maarika meet. 

• [ Winter, 189 AP ] •

Unbreakable Bonds
Tahvo retrieves a suspected smuggler from Randers, and brings Jonas Paaras to Kerava to face judgment for his sins. There is little evidence against him aside from suspicious timing and Lord Kalevi's rabid accusations. Still, recent conversations with Tahvo make Maarika wary of appearing too lenient on a possible smuggler. No small complication is the fact that Jonas and Maarika discover they are unexpectedly linked through the Queen's Bond.

Sing As Their Bones Go Marching In.
Kerava hosts a gala to introduce the collar-maker and his handiwork. As a demonstration of the court's support of Elisif's program, Maarika's sister Magdalena will be displayed happily wearing a collar. The Priestess Esteri Makela, a very popular Light-Jewel Apologist, will accept her collar before the gathered court. During the ceremony, Maarika is troubled slightly by a vision triggered by something Esteri says to her.

One is Silver and the Other's Gold.
Maarika and Sanna talk about the gala and its proceedings. With her heart still torn by Severin's new devotion to his Queen, Sanna decides a post away from the court might be more comfortable for her, for a while. Maarika conscripts her to set up a shop somewhere among the people, to get a feel for the temperament of the general populace.

I Got My Head But My Head is Unraveling
Maarika checks in on Jonas to find the aftermath of Indy's attempt to "rescue" him. Severin is delivered to Anitra for healing, and Maarika and Jonas retire to the Queen's quarters in order to have a long-overdue conversation and get to know one another better.

• [ Spring, 190 AP ] •

An Insect Decaying in Your Little Trap
A mysterious tragedy strikes the Tornio Province Court.

The Farther I Fall, I'm Beside You
Jon shows up at the Kerava Keep to speak to Maarika and finds her sequestered in mourning. He challenges her to put away her grieving and get back to business, and Maarika begins to toy with the idea of bringing Jon in closer, despite how dangerous a prospect that seems to be.

• [ Summer, 190 AP ] •

Wipe Off All These Lies For Me, My Love
Maarika and her court move on after their loss. Severin is still coming to terms with what it means to be bound. Maarika entrusts him with some intelligence she acquired from her connection to the higher courts.

• [ Fall, 190 AP ] •

If I Really Am A Queen, I Shall Manage it Quite Well In Time
The young Queen Loviisa Varala has been entrusted to the Province Court after failing to descend to a Dark Jewel as her parents had hoped. Upon arrival to the Tornio Court she is fitted with a collar and introduced to the woman who would hold the corresponding ring: Queen Maarika.

• [ Winter, 190 AP ] •

Tear This Bitter Fruit to Mess
Jonothan visits Maarika to confess (in part) the lengths he's gone to for her sake. Maarika is genuinely touched, and the two share an uncharacteristically close interlude.

Nunc obdurat et tunc curat
A courier from Kenna's court visits Maarika and succumbs to the Queen's Bond. Resistant to it, he leaves without yielding or sharing his name.

• [ Spring, 191 AP ] •

Port of Call
When Sanna receives an invitation to the Territory Court for an interview, Maarika hires a Patriach to escort her. Klaus Savela responds, and finds himself unexpectedly bound to the Tornio Queen.

Sors Salutis et Virtutis Michi Nunc Contraria
The mysterious courier returns, this time drawn back to Maarika by a desperate situation. He is revealed to be Haakon Gunvaldsson, and after he and Severin come to an understanding, Haakon and the Light Jeweled family he's brought with him are given sanctuary inside the Kerava estate.

No light in your bright blue eyes
Haakon wakes after healing at the Kerava estate, and he and Maarika come to terms with the particularly potent Bond between them.

Keeping the Old
Sanna visits Kerava, and she and Maarika discuss her progress in Randers, her invitation to Vaasa, and the Patriarch who will be escorting her. Afterwards, Maarika introduces Sanna to Klaus, and leaves the two to get acquainted when she senses that Jonas is in some sort of distress.

A Cord of Three Strands
Maarika invites Klaus back to the estate to introduce him to some of the other males, beginning with Haakon.

Owed and Owned.
Conflicted about a number of recent developments, Jonas seeks out his Queen for a much-needed conversation.

• [ Summer, 191 AP ] •

Heavy is the Head
Maarika receives an unexpected visit from Elisif Brenden and Aksel Winterton. Unable to find Jon, despite being convinced of his guilt in Otso Oskari's death, Elisif has a mind to take out her anger on his Queen.

Broken Hearted But My Beat's in Time.
Elisif and Aksel leave the Tornio estate, and a heartbroken Maarika discusses the implications of Elisif's decree with Magdalena.

The Killer in the Crowd.
Immediately following the visit from Elisif, Maarika deals with soothing her males and making plans for the future of her court.

So Heavy in Your Arms.
Maarika speaks with Haakon to address his reservations about all that's happened. The evening turns therapeutic for more than just the Prince.

• [ Autumn, 191 AP ] •

Row Through the Nighttime.
Maarika's court has relocated to Orissa in Nharkava. Once there, Maarika meets some of the staff and tries to help her people adjust to the change.

• [ Winter, 192 AP ] •

Control is taken, not given.
Maarika holds court in Orissa, where a Glacia-supporting, Dark Jeweled Nharkavan Priestess has brought forth Jabin Bhattacharya, a Light Jeweled Warlord Prince she claims has been mismanaging the Province in his care.

We only live to serve
After delving his mind and discovering a thread of dissidence, Maarika meets with Jabin in private, though to what end, Jabin is left to wonder.

Pick Up the Pieces.
Klaus finally receives word that his Queen is not dead. He goes to Nharkava to see Maarika, who is thrilled to see him.

• [ Spring, 192 AP ] •

Filled With My Old Wounds
Jonothan finally learns that Maarika was not killed, but relocated in secret to Nharkava. He visits her at once, eager to see that she's safe. When he receives a typically less-than-warm reception, it is perhaps the straw that breaks the camel's back.

The New Normal
In the wake of Jonothan's dramatic visit and exit, Maarika seeks comfort from Haakon. (NSFW)

• [ Summer, 192 AP ] •

Off the Hook
A Landen man shows up at the Orissa court demanding to see the Queen. It is revealed that he is Severi Lori, a Glacian Landen who was sent to Nharkava as a spy by Karpelle Linna. As Karpella was the only one aware of his assignment, he received no contact or support since her death, and sought out the highest ranking Glacian he could find in Nharkava for help.

I Spy With My Little Eye....
Ostensibly sent by Elisif to monitor the situation in Orissa, Adelina Tuomi arrives at the Territory Court unannounced. After some initial friction with the Master of the Guard, Adelina meets with Maarika and the women discuss the Priestess' arrival.

O Fortuna, Velut Luna, Statu Variabilis.
Haakon escorts his cousin, Hjordis Nurmi, to the Orissa estate where she has consented to dwell for a time. Upon meeting, she and Maarika discover an unexpected gift from the Darkness.

Matters of Utmost Discretion.
Maarika sends for Finn, and in the ensuing meeting she instructs him to assist the Underground as best he can while pretending to do it against her wishes.

I Will Serve
Klaus arrives in Orissa after having been sent away from Vaasa after conflicts with some of the males there. He and Maarika take a walk and discuss the safety of his family and finding a place for Klaus in the Orissa court.

Ensuring Security.
Maarika and Finn discuss potential additions to the Queen's security retinue for her upcoming visit to Vaasa.

• [ Autumn, 192 AP ] •

Nature of my Circuitry
Jonothan sends a messenger to Maarika's court under the guise of helping her.
 When his messenger uncovers a Queen's Bond with Maarika, he confesses he was meant to do more than merely help.

Because you make me hate you today
Maarika travels with Marko and Ebba to Little Terreille, where she makes an unscheduled visit to the Territory Steward, also known as her estranged husband.

The liar in your bed
Maarika and Jon reconcile, in a sense. (NSFW)

The liar in your bed
A poist-coital Jon and Maarika discuss their past and their futures. (NSFW)

No such thing as a walk of shame
On the trip back to Orissa, Maarika and Ebba discuss the trip and new friends Ebba has made.

• [ Summer, 193 AP ] •

In this cold reality
Klaus and Maarika attend Elisif Brenden's funeral in Glacia.

Pearl of the stars
While in Vaasa, Maarika visits with Magdalena, under the watchful, unwelcome eye of Ulric Lindgren.