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Author Topic: Lysander Kane  (Read 511 times)


Offline Lysander Kane

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Lysander Kane
« on: Jun 30, 17, 10:56:04 AM »
    Lysander Kane

    Little Terrielle, Kaeleer
    Character Sheet


    An ex-pirate literally raised on the deck of a ship, Lysander has known only the sea with brief jaunts to land for the entirety of his life. After a devastating tragedy took the life of his former captain and destroyed their ship, Lysander decided to turn his life in a different direction. Determined to stick to the straight and narrow and begin anew, Lysander has recently opened a quaint little bookshop in Portcity - filled not only with books but all sorts of oddities that he's... erm... collected over decades of pirating. Will he be able to keep his hands clean - or will his tendency toward adventure just naturally bring him full circle to the life of crime he's attempting to leave behind him?

    Active Scenes

    Children at Heart
    featuring: Mani Omani
    Spring 192
    • On a visit to the Territory Seat to delivery a book to his friend Hayden, Lysander stumbles across an interesting scene between a couple of children in the gardens. Not a fan of bullies (he was a pirate not a bully), Ly decides to intervene - and perhaps have a bit of fun on this little detour.
    Calling All Adventurers
    featuring: Tylmandra Ahlberg, Hrodi Boesson, and Lisbet Weaver
    Summer 192
    Hello Fate, You're Looking Lovely Today
    featuring: Kiersten Danielsen
    Summer 192

    Completed Scenes

    SPRING 192
    Spoiler (click to show/hide)

    Notable Affiliates

    Peter Nasarov
    Landen Male
    • Peter is the former Master of the Tops from when they both served aboard the Fury. They split ways after surviving a mutiny and torching of the ship and haven't seen each other since. In Why Say Goodbye? they reunite when Peter shows up at Ly's shop with some information on the man who killed Tanner and some of Tanner's affects rescued from the Fury as it burned.