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Author Topic: Leif Tostain  (Read 434 times)

Description: Collared Prince

Offline Leif Tostain

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Leif Tostain
« on: Oct 22, 17, 02:15:37 PM »
Leif Tostain
When this madness stops, maybe you'll be alone...


Leif Tostain endures, not only for himself but for his twin sister.  He takes the punishments that Glacia deems fit to dole out to the Light Jewelled like himself, and he gets his feet beneath him anyways.  He accepts the hatred of his declared Father, and he strives to prove that he is more than just a Cursed Child.

Mesh The Light Of Sun and Moon
Leif and his sister have just obtained a very large arm cuff order - and while his sister is overjoyed at the business victory Leif is rather annoyed at WHAT the order is for.  As blasphemous as it is, he views the collaring of his fellow Light Jewelled to be humiliating - but he will do it anyways.  Because he would rather not give Davyn Belsteig a reason to plunder his thoughts if he does not have to. 

The terrifying, and beautiful, Lydia Kalas has come to the store.  Apparently, she wants gifts for her bridesmaids.  But Leif is all too aware that as much prestige as her becoming a client could give their family, it could also bring terror and ruin.  After all, the two faces for the store are Light Jewelled, and Lydia has a way of looking at the collars that makes his skin crawl in aggression.