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Author Topic: Kiandra "Shade" Mondragon  (Read 888 times)

Description: The Myos Guild Leader & The Ice Priestess

Offline Kiandra Mondragon

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Kiandra "Shade" Mondragon
« on: Apr 15, 12, 10:26:59 AM »
The Myos Guild Leader & The Ice Priestess


TOTM - August 2011 - Heads Will Roll

Kiandra Mondragon was born a wealthy heiress to the aristocratic circles of Dena Nehele. Due to her father's machinations during her childhood she became a cold bitch and within the aristocracy is known as the Ice Priestess.

Shade, Kiandra's alter Myos ego, was created at a young age when she was taken underneath the wing of her Uncle, the leader of the Myos guild. Over time she made a strong name for herself within the Guild and combined with her Jewels she was an unstoppable force. She broke her Uncle from his Jewels to claim control of the Guild and has been ruling it ever since.

Heads Will Roll, as Shade with Ryker, Sway, and the Myos Guild
  • The Myos Guild is given a contract to eradicate an rival service of the guilds. Shade chooses Sway and Shadowstrike (NPC) as her leads to help her oversee the outcome of the cleansing. The Myos Guild takes several days to train, perform surveillance and brief for the strike mission.
Shadows in the Night, as Shade with Savi
  • Shade decides to kill two birds with one stone; she can further satisfy her curiosity of Savi while ordering a contract against Sway. She hires Savi to watch Sway and gather information on the Myos member who is suddenly spiraling out of control.
Beware the Ice Priestess, as Kiandra with Savi
  • An unsuspecting member of the Jacks Guild is hired to oversee a contract of intimidation against Kiandra Mondragon; the attempts of a jealous woman to warn Kiandra away from her current suitor. Kia finds the Jack, Savi, to be entertaining and slyly hires him to turn the tables on the jealous woman; hiring Savi to perform an intimidating contract against the man to marry the other woman.
The Ice Priestess's Lair, as Kiandra with Savi
  • Following the completion of his contract Savi enters the lair of the Ice Priestess to return her token and receive payment. Kiandra plays a bit more with Savi for her entertainment and admits to herself that he is far more interesting than the men of Court she is forced to associate with.