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Author Topic: Kharisande Lehmda  (Read 451 times)

Description: Landen on the Move

Offline Kharisande Lehmda

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Kharisande Lehmda
« on: Mar 06, 17, 03:51:14 PM »
Kharisande Lehmda
Bend in the wind, else you'll snap.


Sande was taken at the age of 16 and forced into slavery in order to pay off the debts of the light jeweled Blood that had taken a liking to her.  After a few years of her slavery and a number of horrors that she found the will to survive, she was forced to witness his death when he hunted her down to protest the situation.  From there, she was sold off to an outsider, a short lived Nharkavan, and shipped outside the borders of her Territory. 

Things went surprisingly well in her new home.  She was not treated as she was used to, and found that the new owner preferred to treat her as a servant rather than as a slave -  though he certainly had no problems using her for the usual purposes either.  Regardless, it was an amenable relationship.

Then Devesh Acharya came to the estate, and her master was sent away.  Now what will she do?

Life Of The Party
Devesh Acharya has taken nearly his entire household to the massive party being thrown on the Bal estate.  He has supplied his ladies new gowns.. and to her surprise, she was included in that number.  Despite her nervousness, she finds Kiara has a way of helping her enjoy being surrounded by so many people, so many Blood.

No Friend Like a New Friend
Early Summer, 192
Kharisande has grown accustomed to life on Prince Acharya's estate as a free woman, and is making a proper Welcome for the Healer he has brought to attend the women who will bare his children. 

This One's Not on the Logs
Summer, 191
  Devesh has spent the last six days going through the logbooks of who works for the estate and has kindly released a third of the Blood that worked for the family.  Now he walks into the staff section of the house, where he once lived as a child, and finds Kharisande cleaning his old room.  After all, this is where she has lived for the last few seasons.  Now it's time to face the music and find out what the Darkness has in store for her this year.