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Author Topic: Kesare Fuentes  (Read 521 times)

Description: White to Rose Healer Black Widow Priestss, the Mind Healer. Played by Idariel.

Offline Kesare Fuentes

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Kesare Fuentes
« on: Jul 22, 17, 12:56:19 AM »



Kesare Fuentes’s life is a study in contradictions. A coming of age in the Great War, fighting in the Resistance, she is deeply devoted to Dhemlan. Yet, she spends much of her time traveling to other, wealthier Territories, bartering her skills for the wealth to feed her people, and the knowledge to Heal Dhemlan. Desiring only peace and Healing, she is constantly embroiled in the bitterest turmoil and strife.

She has powerful ties to the newly empowered Mineborn of Pruul, is part of the Rebellion in Hayll, and has alliances with Landen in many Territories. Yet she still returns faithfully to Dhemlan, each and every season, to tend to her needs and her people.

She constantly seeks both new farming techniques to restore all of Dhemlan, old allies from the Resistance, and those who require her unique capacity for re-building a person, instead of overwriting who they were.

Please feel free to reach me on Discord if you would like Kesare plots!

THREADS, in Chronological order, to better follow her story and track her movements:

190, the year in which Kesare begins Healing Lucky in Pruul, reconnects with Judiah and Filomena.

Winter, 190
Pruul: Deep in the Darkness where the Children Play. Kesare first meets Lucky, Fall, 189, and begins laying the foundation for the deep, pervasive Healing he needs. Sections of this Thread bleed into her second trip to heal Lucky, in Spring of 190.
Pruul: The Chapter has Ended. On her way out of Pruul, Kesare meets Babak, Kurush and Chani. This is actually her second trip to Heal lucky. Timeline slip up.
Dhemlan: Hope and History. Filomena, Dean of the Academy, helps Kesare with Kurush and his Brithright.
Dhemlan: Pray not be sheltered. Kesare meets distant kin.
Dhemlan: Regretting Tomorrow. Kesare meets young Queens at the Academy.
Dhemlan: Once upon a Season. Kesare’s seasonal State of the Union letters.

191, the year in which Kesare takes up Priestess training again, rediscovers Khashar.

Spring, 191
Hyall: We’ll Rise to the Height of our Halos Gideon meets Kesare and Khashar, agrees to teach Priestess Caste to Kesare.
Hyall: The Morningstar and the Nightengale Kesare and Judiah reunite.
Hyall: My Witness, My Eyes, My Evidence Gideon spiritually Heals Kesare
Hyall: Your little piece of the Divine Kesare seduces Gideon at last.
Hyall: With all Due Respect (Written, never posted) Kesare seeks to inform Judas that Judiah is traveling to Pruul with her.

Pruul’s Spring Festival, and the brining of the Rains, Kesare is there for all two weeks, has a short trip to the desert for trade purposes, and returns before heading to Dhemlan. Her third trip to heal Lucky. See Pruul’s thread tracker for a complete list of Festival Threads.
Pruul: Festival of Onn - Shattering the Silence Kesare meets Zenja, Gideon arrives.
Pruul: Festival of Onn - Incense and Wonder Khadi and Hadjara meet Gideon.
Pruul: Festival of Onn - Of Sand and Shadow Khadi and Gideon spar in the desert.
Pruul: Festival of Onn - Whispers in the Clouds Lucky attacks Kesare, Gideon and Lucky Fight. Lucky breaks a building.
Pruul: Festival of Onn - Storms from Above Kesare attempts to keep the building from falling on the Sabbah Clan; everyone responds to the disaster.
Pruul: Festival of Onn - The Heart of the Storm Gideon and Kesare fight.
Pruul: Festival of Onn - Windshear Roshan lost in the Twisted Kingdom; Kesare, Khadi and Gideon help her.
Pruul: Festival of Onn - Aftermath Lucky and Kesare make peace.
Pruul: Festival of Onn - Talismans and Truth (Written, never posted) Kesare’s Firedance
Pruul: Festival of Onn - Shifting Sands Kesare speaks with Finn
Pruul: Festival of Onn - Shadows in the Night Kesare’s Jewel training with Hadjara
Pruul: Festival of Onn - A Breath of Hope Kesare finally heals Lucky’s Mind.

Rest of Spring:
Pruul: Raindrops on the Tangled Web
Dhemlan: Echoes of the Past, Whispers of the Future Caelisine heals Benat, her Chalice is healed by Kesare.

Summer, 191
Pruul: Suntouched Kesare, Khadi and Finn meet with Zaehrah over trade agreements. Foil attack.
Raej:  Kesare meets with Landen from Raej, Pruul and Askavi to discuss farming. (Upcoming)
Raej: Kesare checks on twins she’s healed. (Upcoming)
Dhemlan: Letters to a Friend Fiolmena and Kesare correspond.

Fall, 191
Hyall: Sleep now in the Fire Kesare and Gideon are summoned to Hyall to incite rebellion.
Hyall: Remember to Breathe (most current thread chronologically as of July 2017)