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Author Topic: Kelda Voll  (Read 1719 times)

Description: Mama said, mama said

Offline Kelda Voll

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Kelda Voll
« on: Jan 21, 18, 03:58:16 PM »
  Once upon a time, Kelda Voll was
one of Glacia's most favored Black
Widows. Aristocratic, Dark Jeweled,
a darling of the Coven, she
gave it all up when it
became clear her beloved
son Geir was fated to
meet a violent end. She
fled to Little Terreille
to avoid that grim
fate, and has since
worked towards
creating a life for
herself and
her son.
Of course, living in
exile isn't easy. Kelda
learned fast that
Little Terreille isn't
all that different
from Glacia's high
society: the weak
get eaten, and the
strong trhive.
She has worked
hard to buid a
reputation that
serves her
well: Don't
fuck with
Kelda Voll.

Izzy Sheane
White to Rose

Gier Voll
Tiger Eye to Summer Sky

Kiersten Danielsen
Rose to Purple Dusk
Black Widow

Jonothan Harmaa
Purple Dusk to Green

Violet Kaos
Descent Yellow

Travis Desmarais
Rose to Purple Dusk

Megan O'Shea
Blood Opal to Green
Black Widow

Draven Rook
Green to Gray
Warlord Prince

Wisteria Sloane
Purple Dusk to Green
Black Widow
the world is a vampire
Kelda, Machlan, Kiersten

speed the collapse
Kelda, Izzy, thugs

don't you need some of this
Kelda, Jon

all fucked up and dead to the world
Kelda, Jon, Hayden, Draven

stick around kid, you might learn something
Kelda, Kiersten

right, then. time to get to work.
Kelda, Carrig, Morris Knox

some things lost and some things found
Kelda, Travis

nod and watch your lips move
Kelda, Travis, Ilsaandra Hummel

ain't got nothin' but too much to lose
Kelda, Travis, Kiersten

don't pretend to be a victim
Kelda, Jon, Einar, Hayden

ghosts that we knew and must know
Kelda, Travis, Violet

she leaves a trail of honey
Kelda, Violet, Morris Knox

i don't need another friend
Kelda, Jon

curious finds
Kelda, Hayden, Breck, Lysander

just underneath her skin
Kelda, Travis

ride the lightning
Kelda, Draven, Megan O'Shea

they know who we are by now
Kelda, Ripley

interview with a thief
Kelda, Travis, Hayden, Amerys

mama said, mama said
Kelda, Kiersten

There's a road that takes me home
Kelda, Geir

The sting beneath my skin
Kelda, Kiersten

A place to unwind
Kelda, Kiersten, the Bodleian

Gotta find me a future
Kelda, Travis

Right where it bleongs
Kelda, Rayner

Offline Dash

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Re: Kelda Voll
« Reply #1 on: Jan 21, 18, 08:38:04 PM »


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Offline Bowie

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Re: Kelda Voll
« Reply #2 on: Jan 21, 18, 10:31:57 PM »
They both do. I gushed over this. Then so did Travis.

Offline Zen

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Re: Kelda Voll
« Reply #3 on: Jan 21, 18, 11:27:39 PM »
This is freaking amazing, I love it!

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Online Gavin

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Re: Kelda Voll
« Reply #4 on: Jan 22, 18, 09:37:24 AM »
Is it wrong that I'm fixated on the spider?

I mean, I love the whole thing, but I keep coming back for the spider.

Offline Rated Em

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      Rated Em

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Re: Kelda Voll
« Reply #5 on: Jan 22, 18, 04:00:50 PM »
nah, i keep coming back for the spider and because i can read all the alt text for the character connections, <___<.