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Author Topic: Kale Heartly  (Read 397 times)


Offline Kale Heartly

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Kale Heartly
« on: Jun 30, 17, 11:29:35 AM »
Kale Heartly

Dena Nehele, Terrielle
Character Sheet


A young street urchin struggling to survive the city's darkness alongside his brother, Kale is a surprisingly lighthearted young man with big dreams of becoming a stage magician and an actor. He wants to fill the world with joy and laughter and stories (but not the kind that you have to read because ugh) and also somehow be able to bring home food so he and his brother aren't forced to scrape by and risk starvation every other day. He's still right in the middle of his own self-discovery, figuring out who he is and what his potential is, and at the same time is struggling to hold on to his brother - who keeps slipping further and further away from him.

Active Scenes

Sick, Tired, and Kicked in the Ribs
featuring: Radu Orfan and Quinten Heartly
Spring 192
  • When Moppet runs away, Kale follows her. This wouldn't be such a big deal if Kale wasn't sick - and a sickness that only seems to be getting worse and worse each day. Breathing is hard and his whole body is weak. This isn't made any easier when in his pursuit of the errant canine he runs afoul of a few jerks that have little problem beating on a sick kid whose only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Life Changes in a Heartbeat
featuring: Quinten Heartly, Rilandra Vlass, and Victoria Adam
Spring 192
  • Takes place a day or two after Brothers: The Shifting Tides. Quinten bring Kale to see Radu and meet this Queen who apparently "didn't" kidnap their friend - and also to see the Court's Healer, as Kale's sickness still has not passed.
Timing is Everything
featuring: Quinten Heartly and Radu Orfan
Spring 192
  • Takes place directly following the boys' exit in Moesian White, Tulzbruja Red. When the boys' little prank doesn't go over well with the Court, Radu drags them off to lay out the reality of the situation.
Consequences: A Choice
featuring: Rilandra Vlass, Quinten Heartly and Radu Orfan
Spring 192
  • Takes place the morning after Timing is Everything. Riley has managed to keep the boys alive after their little stunt, but has served them an ultimatum: join the Court as full wards, or leave and never come back. A choice that should be easy is complicated by Quinten's connection to his heart Queen.

Completed Scenes

Brothers: The Shifting Tides
featuring: Quinten Heartly (Spring 192)
  • Radu has gone missing and Quinten finally got a lead on what happened to him. Since Kale has been suffering from illness for several weeks now - the younger of the brothers has been restricted to the odious task of waiting. When it takes Q until almost dawn to return, though, Kale is beside himself with worry. It doesn't get any better when Quinten finally shows up and tells his brother exactly what's happened to Radu.
Moesian White, Tulzbruja Red
featuring: Basically everyone... (Spring 192)
  • Rilandra Vlas - Territory Queen - is throwing a party. Kale decides that he'll go, but only to cause some trouble for the jerks that are fucking up his life.

Notable Affiliates

Quinten Heartly
Summer Sky Warlord
  • Kale is 100% devoted to his older brother and is desperate to somehow keep a hold of him and protect him like Quinten has protected him since they were both small. He is constantly frustrated with all of the changes that Q is making, and how their relationship seems to be lower and lower on Q's priority list. Still, he loves his brother dearly and will do just about anything for him.
Radu Orfan
Blood Opal Warlord Prince -- Ward of the Dena Nehele Territory Court
  • Radu is only a little bit older than the brothers but has been protecting them for years. He has become somewhat of another brother to Kale, and while he isn't as fascinated and enamored with the Warlord Prince as his older brother is, Kale loves him like family all the same - even though he doesn't always understand him, and even though the Warlord Prince scares him sometimes.