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Author Topic: Kaderian Yrisia  (Read 460 times)

Description: Hell Wings

Offline Kaderian Yrisia

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Kaderian Yrisia
« on: Jun 02, 17, 03:49:31 PM »
Kaderian Yrisia
At night we still hear the screams.


Kaderian is a fiery tempered, fierce little female proud of her people and her heritage -  and she is infuriated by the weakness that she sees resulting from the actions of the current Territory Court.   Paying reparations to territories because her people ruled the territories they conquered?  Letting most of the land suffer drought and famine because the Queens are hoarding their gifts for their own tiny corners?  Enough is enough.  She wants to see her territory Healed, her People renewed... and the hubris of the other territories taken down a notch for DARING to take advantage of Askavi's mercies after the Purge.


Black Blade, Bright Heart
Kaderian enters the Court after Drakkar is stabbed and poisoned, putting her anger to the side in order to ensure that he is actually doing better - and that her People are not being fed pig shit by the weak and back stabbing court of the Territory.

Seeking The Lost
They have arrived in Raej, and in an effort to avoid causing a Territory-Wide upset, they have chosen to present themselves to the Heir of Raej, rather than the Ruler.  Apparently, this was the incorrect thing to do.  That being said, they have managed to get a hint as to where Tavar Andros may actually be... they have been pointed towards Pruul. 

Found In The Last Place You Thought To Look
Kaderian has arranged to meet with the Voice of the Sabbah in order to request permission to seek Tavar Andros.  She has no idea that the Voice is the very male she seeks, and he has no idea that the female is he due to meet is there to drag him back to Askavi.