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Author Topic: Juliette D'omeil  (Read 427 times)

Description: Red Shipwrecked Queen

Offline Juliette Domeil

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Juliette D'omeil
« on: Jun 20, 17, 04:42:13 AM »
Juliette D'omeil
The lights in the harbor don't shine for me.

Chaillotians believe that anyone who descends to a depth below the Opal will be inherently unstable.  They believe that anyone darker than an Opal is a ticking time bomb.  But Juliette believes herself living proof that a Dark Jewel is no more insane than a White.  Jewel was born to the Opal, and she has never used her Craft to lash out and harm another living person. 

Of course, that may be a moot point.  Now that she's been found out by the Chaillotian population, now that she has woken in the prison her nightmares, Dark Haven... she may prove them right. 

Or maybe she wont'.  Who can say?

And I'd Promise You Anything For Another Shot At Life
Jewel learned of his crime, and now she is intent on finding a way to help bring him some stability in an effort to keep people from demanding his death.  She isn't sure she'd be able to remain sane if he died - not after the talk they'd had in his drugged stupor. 


Darkness From the Lurid Sea
Juliette has been shipwrecked and dragged herself bleeding on a beach, unable to muster up the clarity of mind to keep her scent hidden.  When she wakes after being drugged for days, she finds herself collared, Jewel-less, and within the walls of Dark Haven.  Will she snap for the first time in her life, or will she be able to prove to Lenore that there is at least one Dark Jewel born of Chaillot that isn't insane?

It's time to get to work, to see her new 'home' for at least two years.  Here she gets her first look at some of the patients, and the gardens. Of course, then she gets to have her first run in with the Head Physician, a black widow.  And she has her first 'real' conversation with Lenore, where Lenore gets information she might not have found for some time... it's an eventful day.

Dim Fireflies Held in Glass Jars
Regarte, poor Reggie, is a wounded little bird trapped in a dark and morbid cage.  But with the sparkling lights that fall from Jewel's lips, perhaps they can be friends.  Perhaps, just perhaps, they can huddle around a torch of sanity in an insane place.[/url]

Doc There's a Hole Where Something Was
Let's go down for breakfast, and then let's get our first taste of the madness that is Dark Haven.  Meeting her first Bonded should be a wonderful experience - sadly neither of them handle it well.  Jewel gets her first taste of drug-happy Orderlies, and Jean-Baptiste shows just how willing he is to defend his Queen.

Detox Love, Detox Just To Retox
Juliette wakes from her first real Drugging in Dark Haven (other than her arrival), and stumbles through Jean-Baptiste's path.  They have their first chat, and Juliette believes that she may actually have someone to lean on in this hellhole.  Of course, by the end of the conversation her heart is crushed as Jean Baptiste walks away from her.

So You Want To Survive Dark Haven
Jean-Isidore confronts Juliette about her 'woeful lack' of Protocol and knowledge.  Learning that she has no training, and has hidden all her life, he gives her much needed 'advice'... in his own brusque and rough way.

What a Match, I'm Half-Doomed and You're Semi-Sweet
Distracted from her painting by the emotional tug of her male upstairs, Jewel hunts Jean down to see if she can try to help.  She has no idea what has gotten him drugged this time - and she doesn't care.  She wants to bring him some peace, even if he doesn't want her.  To her surprise, he DOES want her in his drugged state.  They speak, and they actually cuddle a little.  It gives her some hope.

Down To The Doctor
Juliette finally cracks and asks for her Opal in order to feed the Gardens.  She makes it quick, unwilling to put off the pain of having to hand her Opal back - but she also learns of the crime Jean-Baptiste committed against Lenore Noir. 

Drawn Towards Hope
She has been reading, and learning - and she has decided to reach out to the Judiciary Oversight Committee to appeal for the removal of her collar.  She knows it is a long shot - she knows her letter might not ever leave Dark Haven's walls... but even if it does not, she will have won on at least one point.  To her surprise, they allowed her letter out.  Perhaps they believe that no one will give her cry for assistance much weight.  Perhaps they believe that even if a Jurist is appointed, she cannot win.  She hopes to prove them wrong.