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Author Topic: Judas Vidanic  (Read 703 times)

Description: A Thousand Battles, A Thousand Victories

Offline Judas Vidanic

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Judas Vidanic
« on: Jan 31, 12, 02:09:16 PM »
A Thousand Battles, A Thousand Victories


Character of the Month January 2012

Judas Vidanic is the Shield of Hayll's Coliseum. He carried the title of Champion for many years before being offered the position of Shield. He serves in Elettra's Third Circle, a kindness done to him by the dying Queen who understands the scars he still bears from his service to the former Queen Aleyia. Many of the fights in the Coliseum are fixed by either the Financier or the Judge, and Judas has earned his fair share of dirty money. He has recently started to refuse to take bribes against the current Champion, Arsenia Salvatore, stating the Champion fights should not be interfered with. In truth, he is involved in a secret affair with Arsenia, one that, if discovered, could cost them both their positions and more.

You are More to Me than a Broken Doll with Tyella Chiaro and Terzo Ortona
Judas visits Tyella at her private box at the theatre before a play she has written is about to be performed.

Addicted to your Allure with Arsenia Salvatore
Judas and Arsenia meet in secret at Judiah's Red Moon house. They fight over her feelings of not being good enough and then redirect that passion into other more enjoyable activities.

Broken Bodies, Broken Family with Gloriana Conti and Arsenia Salvatore
Judas is poisoned during a rigged Coliseum fight while protecting Arsenia and Glori must fight to heal him, setting aside her fears. 

The Longest Night with Durante Canalis
Judas and Durante run into each other at the Court's Winsol party and Durante takes issue with Judas' drunken state.

Who is the Real Hero? with Gloriana Conti
Judas locks Glori in her room after she overextends herself during a healing. The interaction takes a wrong turn when she realizes how dangerous being around Judas can actually be, creating a rift in their friendship.

A Night for Amazons and Leviathans with Arsenia Salvatore
Judas and Arsenia end up alone together after a Coliseum meet and greet. Arsenia comes on to Judas and he responds with zeal.

Champion's Challenge to First Blood with Arsenia Salvatore
Judas shields a fight for Arsenia, the first since their relationship became sexual. They meet up later at the after party and have a fight over the identity of the whore Arsenia saw Judas paying attention to and is mortified to discover it was his mother.

Blood for Blood with Arsenia Salvatore
Judas comes looking for Arsenia only to find her injured after a fight and refusing the attentions of a Healer. Arsenia learns for the first time what it looks like to trigger the protective instincts of a Warlord Prince.