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Author Topic: Jeremiah Mercer  (Read 1076 times)

Description: Black Widow Warlord Prince of Dena Nehele

Offline Jeremiah Mercer

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    • yellow2rose
    • bwwp
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      Queen's Shadow / Steward

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      Territory Court

    • Territory

      Dena Nehele

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    • into the darkness they go, the wise and the lovely

Jeremiah Mercer
« on: Sep 19, 17, 01:38:46 AM »
jeremiah mercer
yellow to rose ; black widow warlord prince
the queen's shadow ; steward of dena nehele

plot at a glance                             

     After being trapped by Black Widow webs at Purple Dusk, held down by compulsions that forced him to be the Warlord Prince Maker wanted, Jeremiah was eventually freed by Claudia Genadie. It was not before great harm was done, his brother-in-arms Sebastian Bane nearly killed by his own hands while he was under the Killing Edge having been pushed there by triggers left behind.

No longer a prisoner within his own mind, Jeremiah is having to learn how to navigate the world once again. His fears are no longer the same, having faced so many of them in short order, and then there's the training ...

Jeremiah must learn the ways of the Black Widow to not only protect himself but to protect others as well. His mind continues to wander the Twisted Kingdom and that cannot continue untrained. It puts too much in danger, especially those he cares for if he were to sink.

With Lady Arkadie Graveworthy, the Black Widow Queen of Brisaov, as his teacher he has hope. It's just a matter of adjusting to all these subtle shifts and figuring out why he is dreaming of a Red Jeweled male.

Offline Jeremiah Mercer

  • Character Account
    • yellow2rose
    • bwwp
    • Role

      Queen's Shadow / Steward

    • Faction

      Territory Court

    • Territory

      Dena Nehele

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      Rated Em

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    • into the darkness they go, the wise and the lovely

Re: Jeremiah Mercer
« Reply #1 on: Mar 11, 18, 12:15:48 AM »
infinite goodness, grace and mercy shewn;
     with darcia glassade; in progress

Rumors circulate about the return of Darcia Glassade, the Healer Queen. Jeremiah goes out to the gardens of Bidea and searches out the truth of these rumors and finds the Queen he had not thought he would see again.
a late return;
     with rilandra vlas; completed

After being kept longer than he expected, nearly three months, Jeremiah makes it back in time for a party that Riley was throwing to start working on playing the careful and calculating Game that the Aristo are so fond of. Makes it back in time is not entirely correct considering he showed up when the party was winding down but he was there to give Riley a chance to relax just a little bit.
rose out of chaos;
     with bianca dita; in progress

Lingering behind at the party after Riley's departure, Jeremiah catches a familiar scent but an unfamiliar face. That it's a young Blood woman surrounded by particularly handsy Aristos leads to him stepping in.
above or below the ground;
     with sebastian bane; completed

Having heard from their old mentor that Sebastian had been sold out to being the new Guilder Leader, Jeremiah pays him a visit. It turns out that Guild Leader wasn't the only position that was thrust upon his brother-in-arms when it's revealed that Traien Vlas was no longer the Master of the Guard.
look at the horizon;
     with sorinna roman; completed

In the evening following the party, Jeremiah hears familiar piano music and seeks out Sora. While practicing (and playing) the piano Sora admits her concerns in regards to Riley to him and then discuss her upcoming trip to Moesia.
one more soul to the call;
     with rilandra vlas; completed

Finding Riley in the garden, Jeremiah settles in next to her to work as well. What follows is a question asked of Riley to Jeremiah, not as Queen to bonded Warlord Prince. Agreeing to stay, he finds himself finally part of the First Circle and named the Queen's Shadow.
this sacred line;
     with dragos cutrov; completed

Learning that Drake has been named First Escort meant that Jeremiah needed to speak with him. Hearing that the Prince was actively looking for him meant he did so that much sooner. Riley is absolutely not prepared for two of the males in her life to start plotting against her to make sure she takes care of herself, whether she wants to or not.
it started long before;
     with valeriu dumitrescu; completed

Having already met two of Riley's Triangle - knowing Sebastian beforehand - Jeremiah goes to meet the Steward. The man he only saw the night of the party and who seems to have a rather glaring portion of Riley's mind he's better off not looking into.
block mind;
     with radu orfan; completed

At the end of a sparring practice, Jeremiah meets the Blood Opal Warlord Prince Radu Orfan. The younger male definitely lives up to his reputation but can't seem to get any sort of emotional rise out of Jeremiah. Worse, or better as the case may be, he makes a decision to help ensure that Radu will learn a finer measure of control.
dangerous maneuvers;
     with victoria adam; in progress

Bringing gifts, Jeremiah stops by to visit Court Healer Victoria Adams after concocting a plan to fight with Radu Orfan. Sometimes the best way is just to knock sense into someone's head the hard way and he wants to make sure she knows that it is going to happen.
terminal show;
     with radu orfan; completed

The following day after their first official meeting, Jeremiah waits for Radu in the gym. It may not be the smartest thing to deliberately bait and antagonize a Blood Opal Warlord Prince but that's exactly what Jeremiah does. He's got a point to prove to Radu and this is the best way he can think of doing so.
a pink and yellow basket case;
     with claudia genadie; completed; tw: mind rape

BULL IN THE CHINA SHOP. Rather, what was supposed to be merely a routine check to further vet the Master of the Guard turns into something else entirely. Claudia discovers cracks in Jeremiah's inner barriers and goes past them without his permission, learning that what was thought to be an attack on him from the local wildlife was far, far worse.
every breath you take;
     with rilandra vlas completed

Riley seeks out Jeremiah in his room after the assault of his mind by her bonded Court Seer. Here they cling to each other, a pain worse than the damage done out of love and protection for Riley revealed. She learns just what Jeremiah has been hiding since his first Rut all those years ago and how much it has made him who he is and how it is now a lie that was meant to see him dead.
i am speaking of dread and hunger;
     with sebastian bane & nova marzena; completed

... so, uh, Riley, about your Master of the Guard? Did you know his Queen is that visiting Ebon-Gray? Oh and Sebastian also volunteered Jeremiah as Nova's sparring partner, there's that too ...
in this the region, this the soil, this the clime;
     with adamara pavel; in progress

When it is clear that Sora is going to be staying with the Moesia Court longer, Jeremiah brings more of her things for an extended stay. It also just so happens that there is something of a camaraderie between Adamara and Jeremiah even with the merry war of wit between the Queens. More than that: they are good friends and there is little to be hidden from someone so close.
the summer of ninety-two;
     with elisbeta viorel; in progress

On his way back from Moesia, after meeting with both Sora and Ada, Jeremiah stops with Iasi and runs into the Black Widow that rules there. While he is familiar with the Black Widow, they've never truly interacted and he still cannot shake the apprehensions that he has about that Caste.
FALL 192
take your time, consume all of it;
     with radu orfan and rilandra vlas; completed

Unwisely, Lord Ziga - Prince Orfan's Etiquette tutor - sees fit to summon Jeremiah during what is nap time. Not just his nap time but the one he shares with Riley to make sure she rests. Creating a stir along the way, Riley and Jeremiah descend upon the lesson to teach their own.
what a pair, me and you;
     with rilandra vlas; in progress

KITTEN ADVENTURES or the story of how Jeremiah realized his rescue kitten was not a regular house cat but actually a wildcat and enlists Riley to help him find him. Hellbine is a little terror but he's their little terror.
my trigger, your finger;
     with narcisa ciora & rilandra vlas; in progress

A letter from Claudia Genadie topples the short lived peace that they had and throws the Court into a war with itself. The death of Dalea Grigorie is revealed along with the name of the Myos assassin that is responsible for the contract on his and his mother's life. Never mind that Meredith Mercer might also be dead as well ...
in my darkest nightmare;
     with dragos cutrov; completed; thread of the month december 2017

Things have been pieced together, though Jeremiah is not meant to know what he does. Too many clues and the reaction of his Queen gives way to a truth: that Drake is not the bumbling drunkard he would have the world believe. With this in mind, knowing that he could be proven to be a danger with the holes in his mind, Jeremiah seeks him out before he leaves for Sweetbriar. If the worst comes to pass, he needs to know someone will kill him without hesitation.
how unlike the place;
     with meredith mercer (matka makoshna) ; completed; tw: mind rape

Jeremiah speeds home to make sure that his mother is alive and, in her stead, finds the Myos assassin known as Maker. Here all those years of backdoors and holes within his mind are put to use and she breaks into Jeremiah's mind. The orders are simple, really: marry Minerva Tailor and die.
strongly to suffer and support;
     with minerva tailor; completed

There are more compulsions laid within his mind that anyone realizes, let alone the Healer that is to be his wife. Jeremiah meets Minerva for dinner and here it is that all the plan start together with no one the wiser.
the end came long ago;
     with the wards of the territory court and the adults; in progress; tw: violence, blood, trauma

Woken up by the feel of a bitter winter chill, Jeremiah and Riley come to a scene of horrible damage. No one harms a ward of the Court and lives to tell the tale but in this case the man is already dead. It's probably for the best, they would have done so much worse to him.
realize we weren't put on this earth to suffer and cry;
     with kale heartly; completed

After what happened that night, Jeremiah spends time in the Healing Rooms to be with his Queen and to keep an eye on young Kale Heartly as he heals.
i'm not scared of you;
     with quinten heartly; in progress

Sensing someone outside the door of the Queen's Quarters, Jeremiah did not expect to find Quinten Heartly lurking. Never mind he did not expect the young Warlord to approach him about, of all things, training with Combat Shields ...
the worst is yet to come;
     with laszlo quertis; completed

Ever the attentive and good Warlord Prince, Jeremiah searches out the more elusive pair of Wards: the Quertis twins. Yet he gets more than he bargains for in this meeting as Laszlo reacts far more strongly to his presence then either ever expected or anticipated.
winter and green;
     with laszlo quertis; in progress

Sought out by Neston, the day after he helped Prince Quertis back to his room, Jeremiah is not prepared to find the young male in such dire straits all because of him. There's issues that must be addressed, the least of them that Laszlo kisses Jeremiah.
signal when you can't breathe 'no more';
     with rilandra; completed

Sensing distress and something else along their shared bond, Jeremiah finds Riley in the aftermath of disastrous encounter with Prince Orfan. Yet he is pushed to the edge, trapped by designs of Maker, and forcibly removes himself. Caught between wanting to help his Queen and the dark compulsions, Jeremiah is beginning to crack.
WINTER 192 /
walk inside your circle;
     with phoebus aegle & minerva tailor; completed

It should have just been a normal visit. Nothing should have gone wrong. Instead Jeremiah finds something unexpected within Minerva's home and finds instinct in charge in a way he did not expect. The damage within his mind begins to spread to a dangerous point.
someone help me, please, i can still feel everything;
     with sebastian bane, nova marzena, rilandra vlas & ji yoon moon; completed; tw: violence, trauma

The worst comes to pass, that which Jeremiah always feared. Control snaps, the Killing Edge reached, and he lashes out at someone he holds dear. Except it isn't Riley, it's Sebastian, and there little to be done when he's trapped behind Maker's webs but accept the punishment that is coming. tread carefully and respectfully when a Queen is clearly angered.
float up from dream;
     solo chronicle; completed

Snapshots, dreams, nightmares and a steady stream of consciousness as Jeremiah copes and deals with the turmoil of his life as well as the slow descent into breaking due to Maker's webs.
inside my head is humming;
     with rilandra vlas; completed

Waking from the previous day, his slip to the Killing Edge, Jeremiah's weakened both in mind and body. His mind fracturing, he clings to Riley to try and ease the pain but that sets off alarms and reveals that not everything is at all what it seems.
to remain unchanged;
     with claudia genadie; completed

Claudia finally returns to Bidea, to the Territory Court, to do more than just fix what she found a season ago. She has to commit the very crime that saw her banished but there's little choice in the matter when she discovers just what Maker did to Jeremiah.
hearts a mess;
     with rilandra vlas; completed

For the first time in over a season, Jeremiah wakes and is once more himself and Riley is with him.
sharpen your knife;
     with claudia genadie, rilandra vlas, & dragos cutrov; in progress; mentions: blood & gore

With Maker's treachery revealed, they head to Sweetbriar to comfort the Myos Black Widow but find a blood bath instead and more than one body. It seems that it was not just his mother that Jeremiah has lost.
we'll modernize 'til our hell is a good life;
     with rilandra vlas & arkadie graveworthy; in progress

With the return of Arkadie Graveworthy, Jeremiah joins Riley in going to the Priory to seek out the young Black Widow Queen and see if she would rule. When the meeting goes well, camaraderie hit off, another topic comes up as well ...
replacing the prodigal son;
     with aron vallas; in progress

A surprise meeting comes in the form of Aron Vallas, a Rose Jeweled Warlord Prince from Hayll.
 He wishes to offer his services to the Territory Court and thought that Jeremiah would be the best way to approach that ...
wolves sleep amidst the trees;
     with arkadie graveworthy; completed

Jeremiah goes to meet with Arkadie Graveworthy to begin his Black Widow training. It is not at all what he expects, especially when Arkadie pulls them to the Twisted Kingdom. Within they discover a presence, something that calls to Jeremiah in a way that was inexplicably familiar ... That it turns out his greatest challenge in all of this will be control and letting go is not really a surprise.
     with lyoshka no ariake; completed

Wandering in his dreams, the ones that lead him to the Twisted Kingdom, are no longer so terrifying when he knows what it means. Jeremiah finds himself lured again to the place he found with Arkadie and cross over once more. This time he does not leave, he stays, and discovers a kindred soul that calls to his ...
the dreadfully delightful existence of semi-spectral things;
     with claudia genadie; completed

With a reminder on his hand, a sign that wandering truly is not in his best interest, Jeremiah finds himself unable to focus on things. Meanwhile, Claudia psychic senses are keen and she knows someone apparently dove headfirst into the Twisted Kingdom and positively reeks of it.
a crack in the slab;
     with lyoshka no ariake; completed

No longer stinking of the Twisted Kingdom and reminded that he was late for a luncheon, Jeremiah discovers that Claudia was right. There was someone fascinating. He discovers Lyoshka in the real world, not the one tied to the Twisted Kingdom. Try as he might, he cannot turn away from the boy-Healer and instead sits and speaks with him an apology for his previous trespass on his lips.
it had seemed an innocent pleasure;
     with arkadie graveworthy; completed

Knowing that he will find himself in trouble, Jeremiah returns to his lessons with Arkadie Graveworthy. While angry with him, her reprimands are not as harsh as they could be, but their words still make their point upon the burgeoning Black Widow Warlord Prince. Here, Jeremiah speaks to Arkadie about the boy-Healer. While working on improving his webs, through making lace pancakes, plans to help temper the potential damage done to Lyoshka during his time of enslavement as help as best they can.
rebel just for kicks;
     with liana volkov; in progress;

Arkadie's Steward, an old friend and the Jacks Master of Aechia, Liana Volkov catches Jeremiah before he leaves for the evening. It turns out that she is not only serving Arkadie but Bonded to her. Which means, of course, she's very much interested in why a Warlord Prince - who is heartbound to another Queen - spends a full day every week with her Queen.
chasing a starlight;
     with sorinna roman; ---; thread of the month february 2018

Sora returns home from Moesia and there are so many things that she must be told. The least of all is that her grandmother, his mother, has been slain and just what has happened in her absence.
a dinner date with destiny;
     with sorinna roman, benson endland, & rilandra vlas; in progress;

Not long after Sora's return home she meets Benson Endland, a Gray-Jewel Warlord Prince who is hers. Wanting her new Bonded to "meet the parents", Sora returns to court and talks with Riley and Jeremiah. So begins Meet the Parents: Dena Nehele edition.
broken people;
     with rilandra vlas & niccolo faa; completed; mentions: blood & gore

Woken in the middle of the night by the guard, a blood covered Green Jeweled Warlord Prince makes his appearance. Niccolo Faa has survived what appears to be an attack upon his entire family and is the only survivor. Riley and Jeremiah both take to the young Warlord Prince and promise him safety and security and a place, if he wants it.
different than the rest;
     with rilandra vlas & niccolo faa; completed

Before seeing him to bed, knowing that he's expended his energy, Jeremiah sees to cooking a meal for Nick (along with Riley and himself). Here Nick begins to realize just how different the Queen and her Shadow are from others he has dealt with.
all that was good;
     with niccolo faa, sebastian bane & orianna aegle; completed

The morning following Nick's arrival, Jeremiah takes him to meet with Sebastian (despite that things are still on edge between the two of them) and cover some of what will be expected as a Ward of the Court. Orianna is there as well, having had a nightmare during the night, and also meets the new Warlord Prince for the first time.
gently weeps;
     with niccolo faa & sorinna roman; ---

Hearing the sounds of a guitar being played within the conservatory, Jeremiah discovers more of Nick suspected past. They converse about music, the release that it can offer, and other things before Sora arrives and Jeremiah introduces them properly to each other.
     with niccolo faa & rilandra vlas; completed

A moment in the morning, testing Nick and his ability to spar with others. It quickly turns into something else when Jeremiah steps upon the mat. Riley watches with quiet pride as two strong combatants do not fight one another but instead play.
quid pro quo;
     with archimedes belmont; in progress

With so many Wards it's become apparent that they truly need individuals to look after them. It was just that Jeremiah did not expect that Uncle Archie would be one of them, let alone that he would have to - again - be the bearer of bad news ...
goslings in need of a goose;
     with aleia sala & rilandra vlas; in progress

It would make sense that it would take an Ebon-Gray Hearth Witch to be Matron of the Wards. Especially given all the trouble that can come from being part of the Territory Court. There is no one better suited for the job.
let me catch my breath;
     with aleia sala; in progress

Knowing her history with Laszlo Quertis, Jeremiah seeks out Lada Sala to converse about the Prince and see if he can learn more about his history. Hopefully he'll find more answers than questions and a way to help.
but the pages all are torn and frayed;
     with sebastian bane; completed

Things cannot remain this way between Sebastian and Jeremiah. They must sort what has happened between them, the damage done by Jeremiah to Sebastian under the effects of Maker's webs and the Killing Edge. Except there's been too much damage and for now, they are not truly brothers anymore.
may be a sinner ...;
     with radu orfan; in progress

Sought out by the Blood Opal Warlord Prince, Jeremiah answers the call to speak with him. There is something eating at the young Prince and it's never been more obvious than now.
about nothing and everything;
     with sofia vasile; in progress

With everything that has happened, Jeremiah has not been able to put as much time and attention into the City Gardens as he would like. Finally finding time, he heads there to check on the dahlias that he had transplanted into a new location. What he did not expect, however, was for another Queen beside Darcia to make an appearance.
coup de grace as a philosophy of life;
     with lyoshka no ariake; completed

Time had passed but Jeremiah found himself pulled once more to Lisichya's dreamhaven. Within he learns more of what had transpired, the actions that the Healer has carried out under L'Voide's control. Concerned, he offers the token that Arkadie made and continued to reinforced. Yet neither the Healer or the Black Widow Warlord Prince in training anticipated the feeling that would come as the token took hold and sheltered Lyoshka's Chalice. Words are said that cannot be taken back.
this line affected by the innocent;
     with minerva tailor; in progress

Long overdue, Jeremiah seeks an audience with Minerva Tailor. Their marriage arrangement was dissolved the moment Maker's treachery was discovery but there was still the matter of speaking of the investigation. It turns out that Minerva has a few things that need to be discussed as well ...
nightmare fuel;
     with laszlo quertis & aleia sala; in progress

A dream comes to life as Jeremiah wakes to Laszlo panicked and scratching at his door. What he thinks is one of his normal episodes turns out to be far, far worse. It isn't something he can handle on his own but thankfully he knows just who he can call for help ...
trust themselves to fear no second fate;
     with artemisia xenopol; in progress

Learning that he has another sibling, shared through the dead Myos Piers Ionescu that was his father, Jeremiah meets with her after talking with Minerva. Thankfully it turns out that Artemisia is just as interested in talking to him as he is in talking to her.
bet you didn't know that i was dangerous;
     with the wards & the adults; completed; thread of the month may 2018

What was meant to be an early night on the town, to accommodate the younger Wards, turns into something far more dangerous. Taking advantage of the distraction the performances put on by Tantalus provided, an attack is made upon Sora. There will be nothing left to chance, the attackers will be caught and while the Queen will live that does not mean there isn't great damage done.
when your heart is tired;
     with rilandra vlas; in progress

In the aftermath of what happened at the Tantalus Playhouse, Jeremiah struggles not with the life that ended at his hands but with coming down from the emotional highs (another shift, another change brought by his Black Widow training). From having existed so close to the Killing Edge without falling over. Back within Court, he goes to find Riley and clean himself up, hoping that being around his Queen will bring him back down.
we have come too far to ever turn away;
     with elenor lirion al-sabbah; in progress

Dreams are interesting things, especially when it's the dreams of another that wake Jeremiah up. Following such, he discovers the visiting Pruulian Queen, Elenor, within the garden of the Territory Court. Except it appears that it is not just nightmares that are the problem ...
a case of mistaken identity;
     with territory court; completed

Toyani no Kagen did not take kindly to Garen L'Voide, his actions, what he said, and the fact that he holds a Birthright Red Healer that is exactly the Tacean Aristo they were thought to be. Brought before the Territory Queen, there's only one way this can go and it is not the way that Jeremiah hopes because freedom cannot come yet for Lyoshka.
a sudden point of convergence;
     with lyoshka no ariake; completed

Ordered to do so by Riley, Jeremiah escorts Lyoshka to get cleaned up and see that he eats. Things come to a head between the Warlord Prince and the Healer, especially when Lyoshka points out that either he cares or he does not. There is no point in hiding it. Not when Prince L'Voide knows everything simply because of the collar around Lyoshka's neck.
i often fall prey to the popular fallacy known as positive thinking;
     with ji yoon moon; in progress

Jeremiah seeks out Lady Ji Yoon Moon, a Tacean Healer that is part of the Territory Court's Second Circle and holds a clinic within Bidea. More than that: she is familiar with Lyoshka - Yua no Ariake - and is a potential ally.
red rose, yellow sun;
     with lyoshka no ariake & others; drabble solos

Moments caught between Lyoshka and Jeremiah, spanning across the spring and summer. Some mean more than others, some mean nothing at all, but each interaction continues to define the nature of their relationship.
build that bridge when you get there;
     with phoebus aegle & arkadie graveworthy; in progress

What it was supposed to be was another day like any other when Jeremiah trains with Arkadie. What it turned out to be was something else entirely when Arkadie brought Phoebus Aegle into the room. Having not seen one another since the previous winter - when Jeremiah had been under Maker's influence and invaded his personal space - what followed was a tense meeting. Apologies aside, Jeremiah spoke to Phoebus about what he might be able to do to help Lyoshka. Nothing more than that was achieved before Jeremiah left the room and goes to see Arkadie. Who is, of course, not happy with him. There is an entire territory on the line! Why can't they just trust Arkadie?
i get a little genghis khan;
     with territory court & draco tenebrius & sibylla traianus & alexandra luceau; in progress

A Black-Jeweled Hayllian Black Widow makes her appearance within Dena Nehele, coming to the Territory Court to offer her talents for the betterment of the territory. The questions that follow are where will she be placed, who will hold the contract, and how to do all this without losing the connections and alliances already formed.
something tries to hide its own heartbeat;
     with lyoshka no ariake; completed

There comes a time when one cannot deny any longer what exists. That moment is now but what will the cost be? What will become of Lyoshka? What will become of Jeremiah when the Healer does what he believes is to protect the Warlord Prince?
in the dark i rest unready for the light which dawns;
     abyssal solos; completed

Pushed out into the Red, Jeremiah is unable to tell the difference. Not able to awaken himself, or recognize that he's been left securely in the Red, he dreams again and again and again.
simple as shaving soap;
     with arkadie graveworthy; completed

There is nothing that can be left to chance and Jeremiah cannot dally within his dreams forever. Arkadie awakens Jeremiah only to do something to him that must be done. To stop a second catastrophe, this is the only way.
defiantly effervescent in the face of extinction;
     twisted kingdom solos; completed

Are you a Black Widow? Are you a Warlord Prince? What are you, Jeremiah Percival? No time remains for what was, there is only time for what will be.