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Author Topic: Innocent Galasrinion  (Read 529 times)

Description: Yellow to Summer Sky Healer. Dea al Mon. Played by Idariel

Offline Innocent Galasrinion

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Innocent Galasrinion
« on: Jun 25, 18, 12:10:15 AM »

Innocent Galasrinion’s Story so far.

180 ❧ Innocent is 26-years-old (Relative age 20 or so).
Kassel has just been ravaged by the Brood. Innocent has volunteered to help.
FallA Light in the Darkness ❧ Innocent meets Ransuer, who is badly scarred.

186 ❧ Innocent is 32-years-old (relative age 21 or so).
Some of the Kassel refugees have resisted relocation, but there is no hope for it. They must find other homes. Innocent now volunteers with refugees, and helps run a Charity with her mother.
WinterDon't Stand in my Way ❧ Innocent meets Dawn, a young Birthright Green Healer, at a refugee camp turned into village home.

187 ❧ Innocent is 33-years-old (relative age 21 or so).
The Waste begins to terrify Healers; no one can explain where it comes from, and there is still no cure. It slowly drains its victims of creativity, joy, life, initiative. Eventually, the sufferer twists and transforms into a mad beast, with no more recollection of being sentient. Usually, the process shatters their Jewels.

188 ❧ Innocent is 34-years-old (relative age 21 or so).
The Waste becomes widespread, and the Brood - those victims that become ravenous Beasts - have held on to Kassel. There is no reclaiming the lost land, especially as more and more of the Brood have managed to retain their Jewels and all the power that entails. Innocent adds volunteering at Temples and Sanatoriums to her rounds.

189 ❧ Innocent is 35-years-old (relative age 21 or so).
Innocent falls in love for the first time with a clever Prince. Unable to sense emotion directly as most of the Blood can do, she misreads the situation and ends up badly hurt.
FallInnocent GalasrinionInnocent's Character in Play from her Character Sheet.[/url] ❧ Innocent discovers her first love, Cyclone, is seeing             several ladies.
FallWhat's Love got to do With it ❧ Innocent and Cyclone have a brutal conversation.

190 ❧ Innocent is 36-years-old. (Relative age 21 or so).
Innocent’s sister Journey Menelwen becomes High Priestess at the Territory Court, and asks both Apple and Innocent to attend her there. Innocent’s childhood friend, Euphoria Norodel, a dual Caste Healer Black Widow is appointed High Seer and elected Coven Head.
SpringOur Reason co-Exists with our Insanity ❧ Innocent rescues Dawn and Victory. Dawn is the ward of her Uncle, Fulcrum.
SpringWar-wounds and Witch-hunts ❧ Innocent meets with Baelfire, River and Winter while pleading for Hero and Heron's freedom after             their high jinx in performing the Pig Prank gets them in deep trouble.
SpringWounds, Wars and Symphonies ❧ Innocent takes a job at Eddersea.
SpringWounds, Wars and Wishes ❧ Innocent saves Canyon, despite damage from Widow's Webs and heavy interrogation.
Summer   ❧ Flowers Competing for the Sun ❧ Innocent meets Allure and Storm.
SpringEasier to Fight for our Principles ❧ Innocent, Journey, Scion, Deluge and Larrikin fight angry tree spirits and twisted wolves in             their search for lost knowledge.
SummerA Smile is a Curve that sets Everything Straight ❧ Innocent and Rejoice move in together.
FallRoots, Remedies and Regrets ❧ Innocent is asked to assist Baelfire with Evergreen, one of the most disagreeable people in existence.
FallChance and Circumstance ❧ Innocent meets Prince Pike Revalyn, the second or third scariest person in Dea al Mon.
FallTrials, Tonics and Tension ❧ Innocent meets Barrow and Shale, does Baelfire's physical.
FallDesperation, Destiny and Desire ❧ Innocent seduces Baelfire.
FallLittle Ray of Sunshine ❧ Innocent catches up with Euphoria. She decides she may just be willing to learn how to walk in high heels.
WinterPolitics and Pitfalls ❧ Innocent comes across Pike and his Lady, Carnelian, at her Winsol charity event. Why are they here?

191 ❧ Innocent is 37-years-old (relative age 22 or so).
Saffron Galoneth, only hale and healthy daughter of the Territory Queen, is offered as a reward for those willing to leave the isolated safety of Dea al Mon in search of fully trained Priestesses.  These Seekers risk death to save Dea al Mon; yet all of the Ebon Wood is at risk with the breaking of the barriers that have isolated them since the Purge. In addition, during this year The Brood attack the Black Castle successfully, and conquer yet another District, Bad Wildungeon. During the Brood attack, Innocent’s best friend Euphoria goes missing. In addition, this is the year that her sister Journey is murdered. Baelfire’s Bonded Queen is revealed, and is granted a Province Seat to Rule.
SpringCotton-buds and Courage ❧ Innocent comes across Ransuer and his Queen daughter, Petal, after he is Broken of his Opal.
SpringHow Lucky I Am ❧ Baelfire confesses to Innocent that he loves Allure, and that she is his Bonded Queen.
SpringFractured Souls ❧ Innocent goes out with River and Winter; meets Charisma who chooses to help heal Innocent’s emotional wounds.
SpringAssassin's Truths and Dragon's Lairs ❧ Innocent meets Valor and introduces him to Baelfire.
SpringQueens, Dragons and Assassins ❧ Innocent, Baelfire, Allure and Storm meet Valor.
SpringWisdom in Accord ❧ Innocent and Valor go meet Dragon and Adamant. Dragon’s wife is exceedingly withdrawn.
SpringCarry on, My Wayward Son ❧ Innocent discovers her foster-father, Clay, is going to be a Seeker.
Summer   ❧ Hello, Darkness My Old Friend ❧ Nemesis leads Rakal, Scion, Larrikin, Deluge, Journey and Innocent face Balmung, an             ancient evil spirit. Nemesis tricks Journey into freeing it. Journey dies, and Rakal's sword is possessed by the evil spirit.
Summer   ❧Goodbye doesn't have to mean forever ❧ Innocent cleans out Journey's Office at the Black Castle, just after the Brood attack.
Summer   ❧ The Gift, the Gease, and Sacrifice ❧ The Queen binds the Seekers with a gease, and sends them off.
             (Included so we know when the Seekers leave and because its a beautiful thread).
Summer   ❧ the Last Rose of Summer ❧ Innocent faces Allure, before allure's posting.
FallHeart in Hand for all Eyes to see. ❧ Charisma introduces Flair to Innocent.
FallHasting’s Day. ❧ Charisma is attacked and kidnapped. Valor, Flair, Baelfire and Innocent pursue her to Bad Wildungon and rescue her.
FallHeartbreak, Hazard and Hope ❧ Innocent tells Baelfire about Balmung and the truth of Journey’s death. Learns he will be a Seeker too.

192 ❧ Innocent is 38-years-old (relative age of 22 or so).
The Seekers head out. Threats come in from the open Borders. Innocent gets mind, Chalice and body Healed from the stresses of the many personal losses she suffered and the attack of Balmung. Most of these threads are about her family, as she didn’t do much.
SpringOmega Company: Welcome to the Last Stand. ❧ Innocent’s baby sister, Requiem, meets with Flair to discuss how her unusual             skills are best used.
SummerOmega Company: Cloak and Dagger, Mill and Stone. ❧ Innocent’s cousin, Tarn, meets the new Queen of Glory Glade.
FallIntelligence and Insight. ❧ Innocent’s cousin-in-law, Surreal, meets with Quietus Dalaran, a clever courtier.
WinterI’ve got all I need. ❧ Innocent meets one of the deadliest ladies in the Territory, Lady Thorn, High Seer and Valor’s betrothed.
WinterPrecious Divinity of Love. ❧ Innocent’s cousin Tarn falls in love at first sight, and then realized he’s Bonded his Queen, Charisma.
Winter ❧ (upcoming) The Law of Unintended Consequences. ❧ Innocent’s soon to be cousin-in-law, Cherish, discovers how her erstwhile             suitors broke then family Landing Pad ... and then the public Landing Pad.

193 ❧ Innocent is 39-years-old (relative age of 23 or so).
The Seekers are due back at any time. The Brood have been stopped at Bad Wildungon. The Untamed have been (mostly?) contained at the borders. Here are the story arcs I foresee this year. I’m always looking for more!
  • Lady Thorn is the Territory High Seer and betrothed to Prince Valor, the Territory Master of the Guard. She is pursuing Innocent, on behalf of her betrothed. Much to Innocent’s confused surprise.
  • Lady Surreal is making plans to be Territory High Priestess, in order to learn from and study the Untamed Priestesses. She has slowly filled the spiritual void in Innocent’s life left by her sister’s horrible death.
  • Lady Solace, Innocent’s Mind Healer, is making a bid to become Coven Head. Can Innocent Protect her?
  • Lady Cherish is finally acknowledged the heir to Lithinor, but of course ... at a Price. She and her cousin (Charisma) may well be asked to serve in other ways first. What will Tarn, Valor and Innocent do if Charisma has to accept a posting at a District level?
  • Prince Flair remains in ultimate authority over the tasks and assignments sent to Omega Company ... will Innocent and Flair be at odds over what risks Innocent’s baby sister Requiem faces?
  • How will Innocent respond as so many of her friends and family who are Seekers return ... or fail to return ... from their quest?
  • Will Innocent be content with her former life of volunteering at the front, running Charities, writing books on surgery and Healing? Or will the need to see a proper Price paid for the death of her sister drive down other paths?
  • Will Innocent get to investigate the Sanitoriums, and what will she find?
WinterEvery Life has a Price. ❧ Innocent visits Valor to ascertain the nature of his relationship with Thorn, and find out what he’s thinking.
WinterCrimson and Clover. ❧ Innocent’s cousin, Tarn, meets with her sister, Requiem, in Glory Glade.