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Author Topic: Hayden Sheane  (Read 884 times)

Description: your venomous heroine

Offline Hayden Sheane

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Hayden Sheane
« on: Jan 10, 17, 06:42:14 PM »
After killing Otso Oskari in the mountains near Hvila, Jonothan Harmaa stops in at a local inn and happens to overhear a conversation between the innkeeper and a local Hearth Witch named Vilma Ahgren. Curious about why she has such a sudden need for such a great deal of food, Jon follows Vilma home and ingratiates himself with the Hearth Witch and her ward, an enigmatic young witch named Hayden. Jobless and looking for a way to help Vilma pay for the food she requires, Hayden reveals her Red Jewel to Jon and asks him to help her learn the business of Smuggling.

Jon has been showing Hayden the ropes of mountain climbing and smuggling. On this particular outing, Hayden has to make a difficult decision that will have lasting implications.

Hayden deals with the aftermath of the violence on the mountainside. When Jon visits, she takes him to see the remains of her childhood home, and explains why she's so against violence. When they return to Vilma's place, they're met by a representative from the District Court who is taking a census to prepare for the incoming Obedience Collars. Her visit prompts a tense conversation between Hayden and Vilma.

Hayden and Vilma meet Svala Elkshaarn, an injured huntress who barely makes it to the farmhouse door before collapsing. Vilma tends to her wounds and Hayden helps nurse her back to health before Svala takes off again.

Hayden returns from a run to find Vilma's house on fire, with Vilma dead inside. Jon shows up and convinces Hayden that the Territory Court killed Vilma after she found Otso Oskari's ring somewhere on the mountain. Jon and Hayden flee to Little Terreille, but pass an altar on the way to see to Vilma's ashes. Hayden is finally unable to resist making her Offering to the Darkness, and walks away with a Black Jewel.

Jon and Hayden arrive in Little Terreille, and bunk with some old associates of Jon's while Jon makes a plan for how to proceed.

When Jon doesn't return one night, Hayden uses the shard of her Black she'd given him to track him down. When she realizes he's locked up inside Logain Morr's Territory mansion, she resolves to get him out. She meets a Gray Warlord Prince named Draven Rook who offers to help get her in discreetly and safely, but all Hell breaks loose before they get out again. Hayden saves Jon, but most of the Territory court is decimated.

Hayden spends some time getting to know Little Terreille. In her exploring, she comes across a Queen named Amerys Tiernan, and the two spend an afternoon exploring Amerys' district.

Hayden meets Isibeal Sheane, and discovers a kinship she thought lost to her forever. The two share a drink and some conversation.

Hayden runs into Izzy while Izzy's "at work", and has a hard time reconciling the dirty truth of life in Goth with the woman she'd taken as her newest friend.

Jon and Hayden talk about the future of Little Terreille. They agree to abolish slave collars in the Territory. When Jon puts forward a few Queens he's considering for the Territory throne, Hayden recognizes Amerys and expresses her favor. The two then go to interview the potential new Queen.

With Hayden shielded nearby for safety, Kelda wakes Draven from his forced coma. Draven catches the scent of a Black nearby though, and assumes Eris is present and being hidden from him. He nearly kills Kelda before Jon and Hayden can put him back to sleep.

A quiet afternoon read is paused when Amerys' youngest Bonded male shows up to introduce himself.

Hayden runs into Izzy unexpectedly at the manor. They discuss their recent static and resolve it, and Hayden confesses some truths to Izzy.

Hayden has been vetting Jon's suggestion's for Amerys' court. She meets Algernon Breckenridge at his shop in Goth, and tries to discern whether or not he would make a decent Master of the Guard.

Draven wakes up. Kelda has rewritten his memories so that he believes Hayden is his sister and he has forgotten about his Queen entirely. Hayden tells herself that selling the lie is best for Draven's mental health.

Hayden must deliver the news to Jon that the Provincial estate in Kerava has burned, and Maarika and her Court are thought dead.

Hayden realizes Jon's left his sick room without her knowledge. She tracks him down to find him in the midst of the carnage Shyloh Knight has wrought on the Hell Lords. Shyloh makes a less-than-perfect first impression.

Jon and Hayden meet with Roland and Amerys after Jon's three days of seclusion. The budding court discusses what to do about the gangs, and tension rises between Amerys and Roland.

Hayden and Jon discuss the meeting with Amerys and Roland, and talk briefly about Jon's recent choices.

At Amerys' request, Hayden accompanies her and other members of the First Circle as they walk through Goth to explore some of the recent damage.

A few days after the meeting with the First Circle, Hayden runs into a maudlin Amerys in the observatory. The two speak at length about Amerys' trouble with Roland, how the new Court is forming, and other matters.

Jon takes Hayden and Draven along as his escorts when he goes to meet Laurel Gold, the Queen of Portland Province. While Jon and Laurel discuss working together, Hayden takes the opportunity to speak with Roland.

Izzy reaches out to Hayden for support on a family matter at the last minute. Hayden skips out on a working breakfast to stand with Izzy while Duncan undergoes his Birthright Ceremony. 

Davos Sheane returns to Kaeleer via the Dark Gate, and takes issue with the new immigration policy. The Territory Steward is summoned to address the matter, and Hayden goes with him. Davos and Hayden meet for the first time in years. Though there is initially discord, Jon mediates the pair of them into a working calm by inviting Davos to work with the Court to make a safe place inside Little Terreille for the exiled Sheanes to live and work.

After taking a few hours to herself to come to terms with the sudden reintroduction of Davos Sheane into her life, Hayden returns to Goth and she and Jonothan agree to get some dinner so they can talk. Hayden takes Jon to Amdarh in Dhemlan, where Hayden runs into some extended family and Jon runs into a bottle of Dhemlanese Rum.

After Davos and his friend are formally contracted to the Little Terreille Court, Hayden takes off to give Izzy the news about Davos and the forthcoming invitation to the Sheanes of Scelt.

While enjoying her coffee in the Askavi mountains early one morning, Hayden encounters Kalvar Elbremov, the Black Jeweled Prince currently ruling over the Territory he calls Rihland. She accepts an invitation to breakfast, and the two have a conversation exchanging thoughts and concerns that are unique to those saddled with the gift and burden of the Black.

After ghosting through a meeting with a Dhemlanese delegate, Hayden talks with Jon about some concerns she has over his mental state and how he's coping with the loss of his Queen.

Jon receives word that his Queen is alive and in Nharkava. He summons Hayden and urges her to take him there at once. Hayden does so, and then witnesses the breaking of something sacred.

A chance visit to a newly-opened bookshop winds up creating something of an adventure. Hayden meets Lysander Kane, a charming ex-pirate who inherits some bad luck along with a mysterious package.

Hayden runs into Jon just after he's survived an assassination attempt. She is displeased, but decides to channel her aggravation into seeing the new Court building finished ASAP.

Once she finds out Davos has found his Queen in Amerys, Hayden visits her clan-mate to see if she can talk him into not revealing to Amerys or anyone else that Hayden has Jewels. He agrees, though the two Scelts have no shortage of static between them, still.

Angered by her conversation with Davos, Hayden flees to the mountains of Rihland for some stress relief. She inadvertantly summons Kalvar's attention, and the two have an enlightening conversation that stretches into the next day.

Hayden returns to Goth after having been absent a few days to work through her anger after the conversation with Davos.
 She finds Jon still in bed, and the two share a quiet conversation about oddly intimate topics.

In an attempt to hold on to some normalcy, Hayden arranges to go with Amerys for a walk through a nearby park. The women talk about refreshingly mundane things, such as wardrobes and romance. Hayden narrowly avoids supporting the hiring of a court matchmaker.

Hayden and Amerys' walk through the park has them run into Lysander, as well as a new friend who will wind up working at the court.

Draven seeks out Hayden with questions about Kelda's methods. As Hayden is suffering through her moontime when he finds her, he spends some time comforting her while they talk.

Hayden goes with the rest of Amerys' entourage to visit the Rockland Province Court.

Hayden helps Izzy rescue Duncan, who was kidnapped in retribution by people Izzy had pissed off in the course of her work for Kelda. Hayden has a moment where she has to confront the darkness inside of her, and then she andIzzy have a falling out over how Izzy spends her time.

Davos reaches out to Hayden to try and mend the schism between them. Though the conversation has its jagged edges, the two eventually agree to try and make peace.

Kalvar attempts to teach Hayden to meditate via kata, part of the lessons he's been giving her to help her manage her excess energy. While there, Hayden confronts how much she hates hiding herself, and Kalvar challenges her to step into the light.

After spending some time on the mountain in Rihland, Hayden returns to Little Terreille to tell Jon about a dinner invitation Kalvar has extended to the two of them. While there, Jon's wife shows up unannounced. Though Hayden's initial reaction is to send her away (in pieces, preferably), Jon asks that Hayden give him and Maarika some time to talk. Hayden leaves as asked, though unhappily.

While sulking after Jon's dismissal, Hayden gets drunk. She encounters Breck, and the two have a heart to heart where several tightly-held secrets are shared.

Hayden and Jonothan attend a "family dinner" in Rihland, wherein they meet Kalvar's children and some of their friends.

Lysander visits Hayden at the new Territory Keep, and delivers a Winsol gift. En route to a meal, the two are sidelined by the discovery of a dead Landen and a wounded Blood man.

Kalvar introduces Hayden to his High Healer, Liese Skovgaard, in hopes that the Healer will teach Hayden some Healing Craft.

Hayden and Amerys discuss Winsol gifts and catch up. Amerys reveals that she's had a secret pen pal for the entirety of her life, someone who's now in Little Terreille and wants to meet her.

Emboldened by the success of her conversation with Breck, Hayden meets up with Lysander to give him his Winsol gifts. She takes him to Nharkava for dinner, and reveals her identity as Lord Black to him. Lysander is delightfully unbothered by it.